Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things I’m learning with this Weekly Goal so far…

Honestly saying that you’re on a Diet is just a recipe for disaster. People say that if you label it, the pressure starts on you, the temptations begin to gnaw at you, and you start hating your fellow co-worker is sitting in front of you right now with Taco Bell for lunch. (seriously Scott your killing me right now with the smell…grrr). So instead of using that “D” word I set this weekly goal to be: Go Back to the Gym & Watch what I eat. Simple right? Well actually it’s been more successful so far then I thought it would be!

Monday & Tuesday I actually did get to the gym. Seriously I’m patting myself on the back right now. I didn’t over do it too which rocks cuz I’m not even in pain just a lil sore. I walked 2 miles each day & used some machines & did some stretches. I wish I could run it but having 2 fibroid removal surgeries from my right breast kinda puts a damper on that & having had my gall bladder removed almost a year ago. But it’s okay I’m actually getting a profitable work-out going on.

Here are a few things I’ve learned at the Gym that might help you out to do a lil something if you want to return to the gym.

1.) On Treadmills there is a button to increase “Incline”. DO IT! If you are on an incline you will actually burn more calories.

2.) Vary your speeds. For a quarter of a mile do fast then slow it up, then increase, then slow down. You will feel like your doing different things.

3.) You are not Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s okay on the machines not to be able to lift 50lbs or so. Do not strain yourself.

4.) 15 reps, 3 times is more than enough on a machine without overdoing it.

5.) Music. You need it. Enough said.

6.) If your are at a weight machine & the weights clash down with a loud noise after a rep, the weight is too heavy for you.

7.) For a girl: Find a cute guy focal point. For a guy: Find a cute girl focal point. Watch them work-out & it’ll make the time go by real fast cuz you’ll be daydreaming.

8.) It’s okay to only go for 30 minutes. The notion you have to spend hours at the gym is really false. You’re not a body-builder so anytime spent at the gym is worth it.

9.) Stretching after you work-out let’s your muscles relax so you don’t get cramps.

10.) Just because you’re going to the gym doesn’t mean you can then eat more of bad foods. It should be a combo effort.

Just thought I’d share those few things with you while I had a break at work. I’m not going to the gym today because I think you do need time of rest. Tomorrow I’ll go back. Okay…just breathe…

Do you have any tips at the gym &/or eating to help me out sticking to my weekly goal?


ching said...

haha i love your list! especially 5 and 7.. :D

Livi said...

great list! I go to the gym in the morning around 5:30am and its so nice cause you are done and over with it for the day. it just getting out of bed that is hard, but you feel good and energized all day :) weekly goals are so much easier then setting long term goals. keep up the good work!

Annemarie said...

I agree- going to the gym and watching what we eat is much better than saying "Diet!" But you're right- so much easier said than done! Keep it up though- it does pay off! xoxo

Shannon said...

I work out 5 days a week and I count calories, so I may be on the more extreme end of this, but you hit #10 right on. Even a solid 45 minute workout where you are sweating during the most of it, will normally only burn about 250-300 calories! So, if you eat a subway chocolate chip cookie or a small vending machine bag of doritos, you're back at square one. HEALTHY EATING and EXERCISE are best friends. But of course - everything in moderation. :) Keep up the fantastic work!

Pretty Zesty said...

For Number 6: ..or you are a complete tool!
Hate it when guys do that... haha

Diana Mieczan said...

That is a great list and nr.10 is so important:)...I dont use gym...I just swim but I really love all those tips:)...You are doing so great,sweetie

J said...

aw, i'm so proud of you. :) it can definitely be fun to work out when you feel like you're accomplishing something in the process.

P said...

I agree with the varying the speed thing as it sounds like a form of interval training - the workout dvd I am currently doing is based on interval training, which apparently keeps your metabolism going for like a day after you stop.

tess said...

these are good tips! I think the biggest one is knowing that getting in shape isn't instantaneous, but a gradual process you have to work t even when all that seems to mean is you wake up tired and sore the next day.

I have heard that people who workout outside maintain a better sense of calm, that or make sure you aren't trying to do 5 things at once: watch TV, check phone, listen to ipod haha

Leah said...

Oh now I feel really guilty I need to go to the gym bad! Loved reading your list!!!


drollgirl said...


i have been eating better and exercising more, and it feels great! it isn't easy, but then again it really isn't that hard -- just gotta commit and do it!

Jess said...

Great suggestions - thanks!!

Aixa said...

Number 7 is the best tip!!!!
Mel you can do it; one thing I have tricked my brain to do is that when I feel SATISFIED at the table, I stop eating regardless how yummy the whole thing is, I can have it tomorrow as well, when I do this in one week my stomach size have reduced; therefore I eat less....

Sugar said...

I agree with all your info! I have been doing pretty much the same thing :) I try to workout twice though..just because I need more cardio and those extra reps on different muscle groups.
I have a schedule that I try to follow, one day upper body, the next, lower body..that way your body can recover till the next time..if that makes sense.
I blast my ipod with fast, hard music when I want to push it..and slower songs when I'm cooling down.
Stretching is amazing for warm muscles..increases flexibility. :)
I'm proud of you for going! One day at a time is the best way!
Oh..try to keep a journal or track your progress somehow. It will make you smile to see results!


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