Monday, January 31, 2011

What’s in Store for this Awesome Week of Blogging!

Hey everyone! I had unfortunately left my camera at my parent’s house & got home super late from the Green Day American Idiot performance so I didn’t post last night. BUT this week I’m going to be jam-packed with rocking out Awesomeness! Here’s a quick post of what’s to come:

Weekend Stolen Moments: Mustachio Bashio Party!!

January Saving Money Tips – (Spent only $14 on over $42 of make-up!)
Review of the Green Day Broadway Show, “American Idiot”

Perhaps a Giveaway Preview from my Mom’s Almost Done Etsy Shop!

Maybe a Video Post from Me

A Different Feeing I’m learning from Love…

Minimalist vs. The Pack Rat…And I’m the Pack Rat!

Running into your old life in Live Technicolor…

Working as a Spy for Mars… (I’ll Explain)

Loot from Judy! (Free Sale)

The Next Review of Victoria Secret’s Lacie…

Actually I’ll probably spread these out over the next week and a half. There will be spontaneous posts as well. I gotta get back to work…See you later Tonight! Stay Tuned...

Oh yes and the Giveway Winner of the Surprise Cupcake Giveaway is

I will be mailing her a Cupcake styling kit, some cupcake covers, candy pearls, & maybe some other lil treats!

Congrats lady! Email me your mailing info to when you get a chance! =)

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mustachio Bashio on a Green Day!!

The other day I asked CJ where & what type of birthday party he wanted. To which his response in a mighty voice was,

 "I want a Mustachio Bashio! Everyone will wear mustaches as we do a bar crawl through Pearl River."

I replied, "Then a Mustachio Bashio it shall be." I've never gotten funnier looks from a Party City cashier buying 50 mustaches in January. She gave me that look of, "Please for the love of God DON'T tell me why your buying these..." so I kept my mouth shut, paid, and quickly ran through the door. As I looked at these silly mustaches sitting in the car next to me I smiled & laughed. Oh CJ...what am I going to do with you? =P

This week ruled actually, except for the snow. No joke that was the forecast for this week. Luckily I didn't have any full snow days but the height of snow mounds we have all over lower New York is getting ridicolous & a lil dangerous. When your turning onto a street you can't see over it. Hopefully it'll be a lil sunny so it will thaw out.
I also lost a pound this week. I'm really trying to embrace my New Year's resolutions. I'm more organized now & trying to eat healthier. It is starting to pay off. I started the diet Wednesday after a DELICIOUS dinner at the restaurant RUTH CHRIS on Tuesday night. Their fillet mignon butterflied is omg the best steak I've ever eaten. Anyone ever eaten there? Soo good!!

Well this weekend has one more treat in store! On Sunday night I'm going to see "Green Day's American Idiot" on Broadway. I don't know if it's got a story around the music or if it's more like a concert or what? Green Day is probably one of the first modern bands I started to listen to when i was uber little in the early 90's. I used to listen to alot of 50's & 60's songs. I CAN'T WAIT! Oh and Billy Joe is going to be in it!!! I wonder if they sign autographs afterwards?? How awesome would that be to get a signed Playbill???!! Eeek I'm excited!!

This weekend should be amazing. I hope! I'm going to the Green Day thing with CJ so it should definitely be a memory we'll talk about for years. =)

I have to get back to work but I hope everyone has a great weekend snow-free & kisses-full! *knock on wood*

Anyone have any cool plans?

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What an Education...

It's back again or rather it never left...It's been snowing now the whole entire day here in lower New what have I been doing? Cleaning, playing video games, and watching the movie, "An Education". The movie is not about the typical girl getting an education in school movie overcoming adveristy yada yada but an education in life. Meeting an older man & seeing a possible life ahead of her full of romance, music, fashion, status quo, and alot more. STAY IN SCHOOL btw readers under 18, but just know that sometimes your life begins after you've graduated high school & a complete different yet ever so real education will then begin.

It's so hard to pin point one or two things I've learned past high school but I began to truly live after it. My life did a 360 and who I really was broke free. I've gotten an education in how to really be there for a friend, how to survive a heartache, how to change a tire, how to save up enough money to finally live on your own, how to walk into a hospital fearless & know your going to be okay, how to pick up the phone to a long lost friend, how to fall in love with the right man, how to know when to leave a situation with a shred of dignity left, and learned how to decorate a cupcake. Just to name a few...

I don't know where I'd be without learning a few things along the road. But ohhh the things I have yet to learn. How to be a wife, how to be a mother, how to do the Apache, how to make a lemon meringue pie, or maybe how to drive a stick shift? Who knows who I'll become...

I do know one thing that if it doesn't stop snowing I'm going to go pretty stir crazy. Not Shining crazy but you can only clean your counter top so many times. hehe. We are supposed to get anywhere from 6 inches to 14 inches. At least it's almost the end of the week. I'm going to finish watching An Education. I really like it so far...

What Education besides school are you happy you learned? 
I'd love to hear...

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THANK YOU so much everyone for your birthday wishes to CJ! I showed him the post and he was so moved! He loved it!! He said it was one hell of an awesome day! =)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday CJ…I love You!

Somehow one night when I was mad as hell and sitting steamed at a bar I saw a friend of mine & started waving…however my friend, Brian didn’t see me BUT his friend did and they both walked towards me. CJ was his friend. We talked & parted ways. Next week, same time, same bar, almost same bar stool I sat unconsciously looking for something I didn’t even know I was desperately seeking. I looked up & there was CJ walking into the bar & showing the bouncer his ID. Our eyes met & he walked over to me…

Ever since that day in May we’ve been together. I can’t thank the twist of faith enough for making our paths cross. I have never met a guy who we just clicked right away & suddenly I was waiting for the rest of my life to start. After 8 months I still can’t believe that are parents work together in a small company & through them we never met. I’m glad we met…ever so glad.

Today is his 29th birthday & No he doesn’t read my blog on a daily basis but I will let him read this post because I love him with all my heart & would love to share this with him.

I love you because…

~You tell me you love me at least 5 times a day~

~When you get up in the middle of the night & come back to bed you will either put your arm around my waist to fall back asleep or put your back right up against mine.~

~When I hug you I somehow fit perfectly under the niche of your shoulders. It’s a perfect hug~

~That you went back to O’Malley’s that next weekend. I’m so happy you came back & asked me to dinner~

~You kept your cool when I accidentally locked us out that house when we were dog sitting. And you are AWESOME for somehow getting us BACK into the house. =)~

~That you held my hand all the way to Chicago & back because I’m afraid to fly.~

~When I mispronounce something or say something wrong you always think it’s cute~

~ You have a passion for life & music that amazes me & mesmerizes me~

~ That we wake up on the weekends and play video games.~

~ That we have conversations that can last for hours about anything…You’re my best friend~

~ You leave lil love notes on my eraser boards addressed to Melababe.~

~ You kept the lil Beanie Baby lobster I gave you at your desk. You’re my Lobster. Yes I love that Friends episode.~

~ That you’ll go to a dance class with me & twirl me around so I think we are the only two people in the room~

~You make me laugh for hours & make me feel special~

~ I love you lastly because you are your unique self & your one of kind.~

Happy Birthday CJ!! I love you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

That CAN’T Be Healthy for the Couple Who is Trying to Help Out…OR Is It?

Why is it that right before the holidays or rather right before Valentine’s Day relationships start to fade & the stress becomes too much & a break-up might be in the near distance future?  In the past few months a few of CJ’s couple friends have broken up with their significant others or have gotten to the point where they just don’t know where to turn with the problems. Well Cj & I’s door has been open for advice. But I have to ask…

Is it a good thing to be surrounded by all this drama or is it better to just stay out of the other people’s messes?

Lately CJ & I have had conversations that I really never thought we’d have. Like… “If you’re going to dump me can you not do it that way, please?”” If we get to that point can we start dating again because I wouldn’t want to lose you?” Don’t ever do the not answer your phone thing like she did because then it’s too obvious that you want out.” See the break-ups & the problems of the other couples have been huge & of course CJ & I answered each other’s questions & were like geez why are we even discussing this stuff…oh…right yeah they asked us for help.

Neither him or me would leave a friend upset so we’d want to help but is it healthy in a relationship to be the one everyone constantly goes to with their dilemmas? So far it’s making us I think a lil stronger as a couple. We can without a pause talk about the friend’s issues which is a good thing but what if we disagree on the advice that is given? We could then get in a fight & then everyone is all over the place then. I don’t know & I’m a bit torn on this situation.

I want to help out but isn’t evidently up to that couple to work on things or decide that it is time to break-up? We could give advice but who knows if they’ll take it too. I guess this is why my final words to people in break-ups or problem situations is “Are you Happy? Make sure your happy because if you’re not…then what the hell are you doing?”. 

I think this is all a learning process...I love CJ so much so I wouldn't want anything to come between us...Love is worth fighting for tho too...

What do you think on this helping out Drama-filled Couple Issue? Is it healthy or not to help?
I'd love to hear! 

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Sunday Stolen Moments...

I love the beginning of a new week. The possibilities, the new surprises, more kisses, & more moments. I think I've found a way to slow down time. No really I think I have. In my resolutions I wanted to keep a planner so I was more organized and not so much of a frazzled mess. Well I have successfully kept one for the past 23 days & seriously January has seemed like the longest month EVER! Maybe it's because I'm constantly checking it? Hmmm I don't know. But my planner does tell me that this will be a very AWESOME Week!

It's CJ's birthday on Tuesday so I'm hoping for not alot of snow so I can see him. His Mustachio Bashio party is this Friday & Sunday I'm going to see "American Idiot" the Green Day musical on Broadway! It's going to be all so cool.

But first.....My Weekend Stolen Moments...
 ~I had a lil extra time before my Board Meeting so I turned on the TV & actually caught the last few moments of my favorite movie, Sixteen Candles. I love when Jake Ryan is waiting for her after the wedding, & the cake, & the kiss, & the hmmmm....I guess I'm like the girl in Easy A, I want to live in a John Hughes movie. =P~

~Cj & I belting out "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies in his car. We sang so out of tune but it was alot of fun & somehow we both remembered the fast-paced words. hehe.~

~Going Cupcake shopping in Ridgewood, NJ. It just so happens that there is 2 cupcake stores within walking distance. It's a slice of Cupcake Heaven. I went with my new friend Kate who is very similar to me so we get along. Cheers to Cupcakes & new friends!!~

~Watching seven guys try to beat the High Score on this punch bag "Strong Man" Arcade Game. I swear they each spent at least $20 bucks on it each. It was hilarious!~

~ Finally finding containers for my NON-standardized drawers in the kitchen for my knives. I kinda had them just thrown in the drawer. My condo is coming along nicely.~

 ~ Discovering a show called, "Dead like Me". It's this quirky drama/dark comedy where it follows a few Grim Reapers & their after-lives. It's weird but I'm getting into it. Anyone every see it?~

~On Saturday night Cj turned to me while sitting with his friends & whispered in my ear, "Your my dream girl, you know that Mel? You really are, And you play video games. I love you." It was my favorite moment this week. <3~

Okay so those are my moments for this week. I got a jam-packed schedule & have to catch up on everyone's blogs so see you soon! =)

What were your Stolen Moments this Weekend?

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Just HAD to HAVE it! =)

Once in a blue moon you'll go out shopping and then suddenly something will catch your eye & you'll have that moment of, "OMG I have to have that!!". Well my wallet hopes it's once in a while. hehe. It just happened that when this moment happened this week I had a Lord & Taylor's gift card left over from Christmas that was just enough money to buy this "Gotta Have!".

I'll be honest with you guys, I love fashion & desinger names but I really don't own much of it because it is just too expensive??? I'm saving up to buy a nice Coach purse for interviews & wow they are alot. I really need to learn how to get on those mailing lists for Factory Sales & Inventory Blow-Outs. of the names I just love is Betsy Johnson. Her items are so much fun. They are full of color & pazazz! (I love that word btw). She's been everywhere since I was lil. Project Runway, New York Fashion Week, the magazines, America's Next Top Model, Everywhere! I've always wanted to have something of hers. Well now I do!

They look they should be ribbon but they are metal. I saw them and Bam had to have them! I literally have worn them every day since I bought them. They are light as a feather & Ooooo I feel so girly & happy. I know it's just a pair of earrings but it makes me feel special.

I love them! There is a store in Woodbury Commons Outlets that has all her collections so I have to go there soon because I'm in love with her stuff even more now. =)

Well I have to get ready for my Condo Association meeting. Yes I'm going to be on the Board. I don't know what that entails but if I get my parking space plowed out first I'd be happy. I'm also going Cupcake shopping with my new friend Kate too. I'll be back tomorrow with my Stolen Moments & the winner of my Cupcake Giveaway! Have a great rest of the weekend!

What was your Latest "HAVE TO HAVE" Purchase? 
 I'd love to hear!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blast from the Past in the Now: The 1964 Beatles Tribute Concert at Carnegie Hall!

"I got  a Golden Ticket!"...well not for Willy Wonka's chocolate factory but I had it for something equally as fun! Last weekend I got invited by my friend Debra to go to the 1964's Beatles Tribute Concert & it was an experience. First off I had never been to Carnegie Hall in New York City so that alone was a treat. Ohh the people that have walked those floors & filled the rooms with beautiful music. Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday, Pavarotti, just to name a few. I almost wish I worked there so I could always hear the beautiful music...

 Debra & Me on the right

We didn't know what to expect but when 4 Beatles impersonators came on stage I knew I was in for a treat. Seeing the people dance & shout & there were even ladies lined up at the edge of the stage. I wonder if they were there when the real Beatles played there. People went pretty wild & were breaking it down 60's style but I really can't imagine how insane it must have been in 1964. The music going, the hair bobbing, the cute British accents singing, & the screams of the die hard fans. Must have been Awesome!

Now I am a Beatles fan but I HONESTLY didn't realize how many songs they actually have! They played 22 songs AND this was just from their earlier days. "Yellow Submarine" did make an appearance tho. The best moment was them telling us to take out our phones and call someone we love to listen to "Eleanor Rigby" with us on speaker phone.  I called CJ & that is actually one of his favorite songs so he was happy to hear it. =)

What was pretty cool & sad at the same time was at some point someone screamed out, "We miss you John!", when the John Lennon impersonator was singing a solo. It made me cry a lil bit. Poor man. 

One of my ongoing New Year's resolutions is to take on as many random opportunities as I can. I think I'm starting the year off very well with going to this concert. It was alot of fun & something I'm sure Debra & I will talk about for years. Next year we're definitely going to get more people to go!

Are you a Beatles Fan? I'd love to hear!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What If I Go After My Dream Job? The 25 Club...

I wish it was to be Disney World's Jessica Rabbit but I don't think they have her walking around. Do they? Hmmm I imagine that red dress isn't exactly PG. I wish tho I could be an actress. That is my dream job. I know I know I went to school for Engineering & Mathematics however I always have had that dream of being on the big screen. I used to be in my ex's short comedy skits a long time ago but I doubt that will ever see the outside of his computer.

Last year I went to a modeling agency to see if maybe just maybe I could get a bid for something. I was very disappointed that it wound up being a scam. Thankfully I didn't put any money up for it. If I ever want to do it I'm going to have to be careful. Craigslist isn't always the most honest of places either to look for like a casting call or something but you never know. I'm so close to NYC that I really should take advantage of it. hmmm...this might be a pipe dream but who knows. I'm going to keep my eyes open for that one in a million chance.

In reality tho I should have started years & years ago & be born to movie star parents because that's like THE way to get into show bizz. I'm a lil old for it even at 25 to start. It's okay tho. I can still dream.

However I got curious how many famous stars today are actually ONLY 25 YEARS OLD! Here's what I came up with:

Carey Mulligan
Amanda Seyfried
Kiera Knightley
Raven Symone
Michelle Trachtenberg
Kaley Cuoco

I was shocked that Raven Symone is only 25 & Michelle Trachtenberg. They have been around FOREVER! Did you know these famous ladies were so young?

I gotta finish my work day but I thought it was really cool how much they have all done in so few years. Good for them. Maybe I'll be a star one day...hmmm dreaming...

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When it’s Over…Sometimes You HAVE to Realize it is Over….

Sorry everyone I keep getting side-tracked here but there was a conversation I had with one of my best friends that I just CAN’T get out of my head.
Back Story:
She had an ex she dated for 3 years where in the end was cheating on her & then eventually dumped her & picked the other girl. This was 2 and a half years ago. The ex tried to stay in contact with her & played games with her head for another year. But alas, it has been over for quite some time & that guy is now in Turkey with the girl he choose over my friend. Been there for over a year.

Present Conversation:
SO…over the weekend my friend cries to me that this ex finally de-friended her on Facebook & she was devastatingly upset. “But we went through so much together, how could he just cut all the cords.” I saw her mood drop into this abyss of sadness & the hurt streamed through her eyes. I hugged her & I said to her,

“Zoe it’s been over with Arkun for a long while now. Years Even. You gotta just let it go & realize that is in fact Over.”

It was kinda that moment in Indiana Jones Last Crusade where Sean Connery whispers to the dangling Indiana who is trying to reach the Holy Grail, “Let it Go”. My friend stammered, “But…But…But we were through so much together”. I hated to break it to her but I had no choice. It’s actually over with him & she needs to accept it somehow.

We all get over things differently & the times for moving on are always different but I wish I had something better to tell her. I told her also that everything was going to be alright & that it was okay to be upset however I wish I could just wipe her memory clean of that wretched asshole. In my gut I know they aren’t going to re-meet & find that lost romance & I think she knows it too. It’s over. One day at a time were my last words that day to her. Little Steps.

I knew it was over with the Mess 2 Halloweens ago. I watched his car in my rearview mirror take the fork in the road to go the other direction & I knew it was over. A weight lifted off my chest & I knew I wouldn’t see him again for a very long time. It was over the moment I walked into Drummer Boy’s bedroom and saw wrappers of a certain thing on top of his garbage can when I hadn’t seen him in 3 weeks. What an idiot. It was done when the Spanish boy with the gray eyes called me the wrong name…it was more than done it was over.
You can never tell what is going to happen between two people but sometimes you have to let it go OR put in the effort to save it…

When did you know it was OVER in your past relationships?

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