Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It All Comes in Three's Lately - Three New Loves for Wednesday!

Sometimes we all dream of having it all…but frankly that’s got to be boring. When you don’t have everything you’ve ever wanted I think when you finally get another piece of the puzzle it makes you a lil bit happier and your smile a lil bigger.

I’ve been putting off finding out about one my new loves for a long while now because I knew the knowledge of it will haunt me as I pledge to lose that last 10 pounds every time I frequently drive by the source, hehe. Another was pure chance, all because of an alluring “Summer Sale” window. The last was something I always said I hated but I’ll be honest…I had never even tried this type…

      1.  French Macaroons…The images of those colorful treats have been EVERYWHERE in blogger land but I would not raise my white flag in surrender to try them. Pink, green, yellow, coffee-colored, purple…it looks like a Care Bear convention gone wild! When Nicolette over at “Simple Collette” photographed her first macaroon experience I gave in to the temptation on my birthday. I got only one of each because WOW they are expensive and walked the plank. They are probably one of the most delicious two-bite creations I’ve ever tasted. O.M.G. I’m in love. My favorites were the coffee and green ones. You almost have to eat them in slow motion because too fast would be a crime.  Absolutely delicious. Now what to do with this knowledge? Go the back way to Cj’s house so I don’t pass the bakery where they make them =P. Till we meet again tasty deliciousness…

      2. Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home Cookbook 52 Quick Meals – I’m sort of on the Martha Stewart bandwagon but barely. She’s cool and I love her products but I’m not going to praise her till the cows come home. However with a few flips of the pages of this book I had to buy it because everything looked so yummy and do-able and easy AND IT WAS ON SALE for $14.99 from $35 at Williams Sonoma so I snatched it up. I’m weird about cook books because the photos never make the food look like “ I Gotta learn to make that” and they are usually dark and dreary. Not in this book. The photography of the dishes and the ingredients and she actually uses real figs in one recipe! AH!! I’m hooked! I just bought it yesterday so I will definitely mention here if the recipes work or not or if they come out as pretty as Martha’s!  =)

      3.  Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll – One time long ago I had an interesting experience with sushi. I’ve never been much a fan but I don’t like the taste of raw fish but then in a movie I heard was like “An orgasm in your mouth”. I had to try it myself. But it wound up being fish eggs and they all burst in your mouth when you bite down and I was horrifyingly grossed out by the taste and texture and eww. No orgasm anything here. Then one day my boyfriend Cj introduced me to a Shrimp Tempura roll which was just the right of cooked, algae, and avocado for me. It was one of those "You just haven't found the right sushi you liked until now" moments. Yummy!! I think I'm going to go grab a quick one at lunch tomorrow... =)

      Have you falling in love with anything new lately? I'd love to hear! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Showerliners: A Post about Relationships & Diets....

 I wish this was my bathroom...

A lil while back the alarm went off one Wednesday morning and I scrambled to get my phone to shut it off. The blurry clock on the TV cable box read 6:59am and the phone said 7am. My mom called like she did every morning to wake her only up, a habit she’s had since I was in college. (I rely on her so much for that phone call <3) Cj’s legs started to squirm under the covers and I heard his yawn of awake. I know I heard his rooster alarm earlier but it was 7am when we both woke up. Here’s the problem: We both have to be out the door by 8am. 

Usually Cj will wake up to his chickens or rooster alarm or I will and nudge him as softly as I can to wake up. He’ll take a shower first and I’ll start the Keurig and then while he’s dressing I’ll get up and start to get ready. He’ll leave and glance at “Angel” the Tv show on the screen and shake his head because he can’t fathom how I can watch it over and over again. I’ve recently switched to watching “Boys Meets World” in the mornings. We’ll then do the stereotypical kiss goodbye and I’m thankful that it’s not 1955 where I’d be left in the house all day to putter about without a twitching witch nose like Bewitched. However this present morning, we were late…really late.
I thought we’d both have more than enough time but alas it was 7:40 and CJ was still shaving. I hadn’t even taken my makeup off yet from the day before. Cj like a considerate boyfriend was like, “Babe you should just jump in the shower while I finish.” I really don’t know why I hesitated. It’s not like he hasn’t seen me naked before duhh we’ve dated for over a year now but I said I’ll wait. My subconscious drove my answers because all it saw was my shower curtain…WITHOUT A LINER!!! He could see all my wobbly bits as Bridget Jones so deftly puts it and I freaked out. He eventually finished and I popped in the shower quickly and started regretting my decision to not shower with him in the room. That was the moment where I realized I’m insecure with my body and vowed to try and fix that.

I know he loves me, even if I’ve gained about 10 pounds since our relationship began, but I’m apparently body conscious around him. That has to go if our relationship is going to work. So I’ve decided to make a pledge to LOSE THAT LAST 10 POUNDS not for him but FOR ME, so I feel more comfortable in my own skin and more secure. If I’m going to spend the rest of my life with someone, anyone, I need to be able to shed the clothes and step into a shower with them in the room. If Cj and I do move in together, I’m pretty sure this 7am wake-up will happen often. Perhaps I’m scared of rejection still…Perhaps I was looking for a deeper motivation then just fitting back into my clothes better…or the damage of the past to my self-esteem is rushing forward in my stress and tiredness. Not sure…but acknowledging the pledge is the first step. Stay tuned for the progress….

Have you ever had  a “No Showerliner” type incident in your relationship where you realized you were still shy around your significant other? What did you do to overcome it?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Too Many Elephants in the Room...

Hurricane Irene brought me a power outage and hours of me alone with myself. I honestly don’t know if that was truly all that healthy because all I did was think and I got so upset with everything that I spent an hour an a half crying in the dark by candlelight. It’s not as cool as they make it sound in the emo songs. Not at all.

In the past few weeks I’ve had some great moments with my boyfriend, that truly have made me happy. But then something changes or something happens and I get so pissed at him but usually I calm down. This weekend I could not calm down my anger. He said he was sorry but I couldn’t open my mouth to accept. We are starting to get a few elephants in the room that we are not talking about it and I’m starting to feel the strain. One elephant is religion. Yeah, didn’t see that one coming. We are seeing opposites on what we want our kids to be brought up as if we stay together even tho we both follow Christianity to some extent.  Another elephant is that he’s too competitive and I just want to have fun playing. It isn’t fun when someone is beating you at the game constantly to the point where you can barely play back. Then there is the Wingman shit that I hate and he knows it. It truly is his friends fault that they want him to be a wingman because he’s a safe guy to do it cuz he has me, but somehow I don’t see it that way and I feel like an idiot letting him do it. One more elephant is that his friends are all single and I think he feels like if I come around it’ll cramp his style or the guys won’t call him cuz he’s not single or something along those lines. He made a quick comment that he doesn’t think I’m badass enough too that got under my skin. Even just these elephants are making it harder to breathe in my lil studio. 

People keep telling me to march time in the relationship that it might just be a phase with him and even CJ himself said the hanging out in the bars with his friends is a phase but the phase has come back and I miss my boyfriend. I don’t want to have to occupy myself on Friday and Saturday nights or sit home the next night with him because he was out partying too much with his friends. I don’t care if I don’t see him at all during the week I just want to see him on the weekends because that’s when I feel most lonely in my life. Perhaps it’s an only child thing…the loneliness. It crept back into my life in the dark like a snake. The candles were not enough light to keep it at bay. 

I’m torn by marching more time or telling him we have to talk about these things because it’s eating me up inside. I’m scared to talk about these things because I know it will tear us apart for a good. I’m hoping once again we are just having a “Pina Colada” song moment where we are losing who we are and need to remember we do like doing things together. I wanted to make plans to go to a NOFX concert that I know he loves but he was like “Meh”. Why meh?? He should be all up for it but he wasn’t. If it was one of his guy friends suggesting it, I feel like he would have been all gong ho for it. But not when I suggested it. Grrrr.

I’m going to see how this week goes and I guess march some time. Maybe I can get the power back on in my relationship as it eventually came back to my place. I hope…

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene….

{I don't know why blogger didn't post my post but here is my post from yesterday night!}

All within this past week there was an earthquake and now a hurricane coming. What the hell? Who pissed off who? Lol. I hope it doesn’t hit the area too badly.*Knock on wood* I was supposed to go up to Connecticut to visit my grandparents for my grandpa’s 89th birthday. I’m sad I will probably not make it but we’ll go next weekend but it’s been a while since we’ve been up there. He understands tho. CJ was supposed to go out to see his family in Long Island, NY and I doubt that’s happening either. Oh well…Irene you suck!

Tomorrow tho I’m in for something new that will make my life so much easier. A NEW COMPUTER!! I’ve been struggling with a Gateway laptop I’ve put up with for way too long. I don’t even have an “A” key. I’ve been pushing at a hole and hoping an “A” shows up on the screen. *Giggle Giggle* that sounds funny. I’ve decided to buy myself a MacBook Air. I know I really don’t need another credit card payment but I can afford it and it’s a necessity.  I just have to realize I have ENOUGH CLOTHES IN MY CLOSET! No excuses for buying yet another red or black shirt. No TJ Maxx and the mall for a while. Necessities only. Also I have plenty of great food choices home that I didn’t have work two hours at my job to pay for…no need to go out to dinner all the time. I can do this…

If the hurricane hits I’ll have tons of catching up time with my blog, my emails (all 2,550 unread ones), straightening up the condo, and maybe some quality alone  time with CJ. I also need to figure out a costume for NY COMIC CON. I’m going and definitely need to update my Harley Quinn costume and something else. The friend I’m going with is a size 5 and is doing Mystique from X-men in liquid latex…..uhhh I don’t have the money or the body to be THAT good but I can still rock it out somehow. Halloween is going to come twice this year…=) 

Work is almost done as I finish this quick post. I’m starting to “move in” sort of speak. I put my first picture on my cubicle wall.  I almost haven’t been personalizing my work space except for some poptarts, hand lotion, and candy in my drawer for some odd reason. I’m in for the long haul but I guess I wanted to be certain. You never know how the house of cards will fall. 

Be safe everyone if you are on the East Coast this weekend and everyone enjoy! See you soon!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Heart’s a stereo, It Beats for You, So Listen Close…

Out with the bad, in with the good. This morning my mom called me to tell me that people with the condition Vertigo are claiming that they have felt “off” for the past 2 days. I have slight vertigo depending on where I am. Now that the earthquakes in Virginia and Canada have happened, things seem to be returning to normal and so am I. The odd sinking feeling in my stomach has subsided, my head feels clear, and I’m ready to take on the day.

It does help that I woke up this morning in CJ’s arms and his cat Angel nuzzling my hand to be pet. His friend Adrian was visiting for the weekend so I haven’t had the luxury of sleeping next to CJ in a while. The world works in funny ways. My boyfriend, who has the same name as my ex, has a best friend with a name of the previous ex before the Mess. I give up. Lol. What’s in a name but seriously come on…switch it up a bit to give my subconscious mind a lil break! I usually give nicknames to protect the innocent but the ex Adrian is guilty as charged. My ex Adrian was the Spanish boy with the grey eyes I’ve mentioned once or twice as a liar and an idiot who called me the wrong name at a VERY bad time. *WINK WINK*. It’s like my past is sorta haunting me…Oh well that's why there's wine!

 From Left to Right: CJ's cousins friend, Adrian, CJ, CJ's cousin in the middle, me, and Hannah from Germany!

Anywho meeting CJ’s Adrian was interesting. They’ve been friends for years so it was cool hearing stories from their high school days. That picture is the group of us from the bar last weekend. I’m shocked the photo came out so good because we were all drunk and tired at like 2am but it was definitely a sweet stolen Kodak moment. I’m going to print a hard copy of it too. =)

Today was a sneaker day so I ran around at work like a crazy woman trying to learn all that I can before my predecessor leaves. There is a disappearance of high heel days & even sandal days lately. Too busy and the sneakers help out a lot. Thankfully when I came home there was a Bravo marathon of "Just Desserts" to unwind...Perhaps it'll give me ideas for my cupcake class I'm teaching this fall. I can't wait to see my name as the instructor. It's going to be so cool!  

2 more days left of week before the hurricane...5 more days before I'm on my own at work...

Title: Lyrics from "Stereo Heart" by Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It ALWAYS Happens in Three's.

That saying is so true. An earthquake, a shooting, and me taking's a lot to swallow. I honestly didn't feel the earthquake but with everything that's going on I just started laughing at my ignorance to the nausea feeling. I was buried in work and then suddenly people were like, "Omg did you feel that?" Nope. Just my own nausea and queasy stomach. Oh well...hopefully I won't catch it next time around again.

The girl who has been training me at my new job is leaving next week and I will be on my own to tackle a few challenging tasks each week. I knew she'd eventually leave but I thought I had more time. I guess I took advantage of my time with her and let her do all the heavy lifting per say.  Her goodbye party was today and the pressure came at me hard to fill her important shoes. Performance anxiety and panic has sent it. I hope it passes. I'm stuttering a lot again like I did when I first started the job because I was nervous. I have to calm down. It will be okay in time...I hope. Next week I'm going to be a mess because she's leaving Wednesday. I will have help if I need but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an easy transition. Wish me luck please!

And the third thing...In CJ's condo complex there was a shooting this morning. Some neighbor got fed up with his neighbor and opened fire. It is so abnormally quiet sometimes where he lives. I guess that's a good and bad thing. Bad because you would have no idea your neighbor wants to kill you but good because you'll hear the gun shots so you'll know to call the cops. The whole thing is fucked up but they got the man less than a mile from the complex, rhankfully.

What a ridiculous day. Seriously. 

What will tomorrow bring? Who knows...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Suddenly Seymore is standing beside me.....

And then what do you do? CJ is definitely my Seymore from Little Shop of Horrors who saved Audrey from the trenches of bad relationships. About 3 months ago the heart key locket he gave me for Christmas broke. I guess I had opened it too many times to show the cute picture of him and I inside. I was devatasted and it hit me hard because I knew there was something wrong. I had been right. I thought he was about to break my heart but the time apart was the best thing we could ever have done. We both have to meet in the middle on things and listen to each other.

He said, "I let the wrong ones in, and let the right ones out..." In a moment of vulnerability he quoted Aerosmith but I understood completely.

For my birthday CJ got my locket fixed and I have to admit he renewed my faith in our relationship. I don't know why I held so much importance to such a small lil object but it was the first sentimental gift I've ever received from a boyfriend and what made it awesome was the kiss on the lips and the "I love you with all my heart" when he gave me back the lil silver box. It was just what I wanted.

In return, over the weekend I gave him a key to my condo. I thin k I forgot about that step. We are dangling in that span of time between everything...honeymoon over and now the next steps of the relationships will ever take place or maybe not...but within those big steps there are easy small ones that have as great of a reward. I'm hoping the key will make him feel more at home and comfortable so if we do move into together it won't be such an abrupt change. I think it's working...

I'm sitting on Cj's other couch listening to him play the guitar. He has such a cute determined look on his eyes to play his songs right. I love it. I wonder what tomorrow will bring with us and then the next day...and then maybe one day....who knows?

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Monday, August 15, 2011

My Chance Meeting with the Original "Frenchy" from the novie GREASE!!!

A few weeks ago my mom told me about a small tag sale at the Beth Ann Temple right around the corner from my condo. I went with no expectations but found in the 5 minutes I was there the musical album of "Grease" the movie.  I think I paid a dollar for it. Little did I know I would get a random call from one of my friends that the actress Didi Conn, "Frenchy" from the original movie was going to be at a showing of Grease at a local library. I jumped at the chance to meet her in person!!

I knew her better in Grease but I watched Shining Time Station with the Thomas the tank engine for years. George Carlin (R.I.P) used to be the conductor. I hopped into my car last Friday and jetted to Piermont, NY with my album hoping I might get her to sign it. Ohhh was I hoping!!

I arrived to a sea of people and everyone seemed so cool, calm and collective. I was a lil shocked. I asked if Frenchy was coming and they were like, "Didi? Oh yeah she's coming. You never met her? Ohhh she is a doll. I'm sure she'll sign your album!" I got a seat and then the clapping started. This smiling lady ran in to the full room with her Pink Lady jacket on! She still has her original jacket. hehe. Everyone she sounds EXACTLY the way she did in the movie!! She said her favorite part of the movie was the Frankie Avalon scene. She loved the wig. She said that John Travolta took them all to see a private showing of Saturday Night Fever before it hit theaters. She also said that alot of the movie was improv because they would walk around all day "in character" to get into the role! It was really nice hearing the lil details!! =)

Then the gentleman next to me raised his hand and said I had the album and she signed it immediately!! She said it hadn't seen one of these in years! I was so beyond happy!

"To Melanie, With Lots of love Didi Conn <3 "Frenchy" 8-5-11"

We all sat and watched the movie and then she came back for pictures! It was awesome!

She was such a nice lady to take our questions!

She still has the JACKET!!!

I didn't even realize I wore Pink! Frenchy and me!

What a fun night! I'm so glad I bought that album because now I have a great Grease memento! =) Thanks Didi!! =)

R.I.P Jeff Conway(Kenickie) & R.I.P Annette Charles (Cha Cha DiGregorio)

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stolen Moments Sunday...

The weekend goes by so fast so I try to take every Sunday night and remember a few stolen moments that I never want to forget. Here are mine this week:

~ My Stolen Moments revolved around a luau! CJ's family decided to have a luau as their theme for their family bbq! It was actually a lot of fun! One of his male cousins showed up in a woman's sarong, the pineapples were in full glory, the lei's around people's necks and I brought a Luau treat of Floating Bear Cupcakes!! I think they were a big hit!! The lil kids realized that they could put their mouths in the icing to get blue icing lipstick too. Oops! lol =P It was cute tho!

I will definitely be teaching these cupcakes in my cupcake class this Fall. It is so easy. All you have to do is take butter cream icing, use blue food coloring for color, insert a teddy graham in the candy peach ring, place it in the blue icing swirl, and if you want put a mini umbrella on top of the cupcake for an extra smile. So easy and great for summertime parties! ~

~At some point in the bbq we got a call that one of our friends with stuck at a shopping outlet with no ride home. We told her to continue to shop and we would get her shortly. When one of CJ's family members asked if he was going to go get the girl, he responded, "I don't need to get a girl...I found the best." and then he looked at me. Total cheesey cute moment but they all did the big "Awwww". I really wish I blushed...~

~Go see "The Help" the movie. I loved it so much that I will see it again! You laugh, you cry, you cheer, and will be honestly shocked how true to the book they kept the story. Of course they didn't go into great detail on some parts but that's a given.  Almost word for word and then added great lil things that only enhanced the story. I can't wait to see it again because I want to see what I missed! =) Two thumbs up!~

~At the end of Saturday night when CJ and I were ready to head back to my place it was raining pretty hard. I ran up to my door first and then Cj called after me "Wait, I wanna open the door!" Last Sunday I gave him a key to my apartment. He turned the silver key in the lock and then said, "After you baby." I think it was such a great idea and positive growing to our relationship. Seeing him smile, was worth it all. ~

What a great weekend. Sleeping in til 10:30am on Sunday made it even better! hehe. Tomorrow's post will be about my chance meeting with one of the stars from the movie, "Grease". Yes Grease! I got a great souvenir too!! =) Til Tomorrow...

What were your Weekend Stolen Moments? 
I'd love to hear...

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Miss You...

First of all let me say I’m sorry for dropping off the face of the blog world. I have some good reasons for it too. One thing led to another and another and yet another complex other. It’s so hard to write out what I’m thinking when I can barely make sense of it myself. I would love to take myself out for coffee and ask, “What the hell are you doing, lately?” because I’m all over the place.  I blame part of it on my A.D.H.D., my busy schedule, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, a shitty home computer I need to replace and me. I miss you blog…you are a part of me that I’m struggling to keep.

Also on August 7th I turned 26 years old. I had a wonderful birthday! 26…geez. A doctor recently told me that I have early signs of carpal tunnel and he replied the dreaded few words… “It’s because of your age.” I shuddered a bit at the sound of those words but because he was around my age too I wasn’t that mad at him.  I only cursed him out in my head for a few minutes. BUT then my mom told me the other day that I was definitely in my prime because things are on a high note. It brightened my day. =)

My little blog also turned 2 years old! Actually that could explain a lot. I guess it caught the “Terrible Twos” leaving me frazzled.  Two years ago I was trying to fill up my time until an ex decided to play with me again like I was a mini toy. I think that’s all girls are to him. One of his action figures that eventually will get thrown into an old box in his basement when he got tired of playing with them. Now…I’m waiting for the next adventure and the next door to open. I’m in such a better place and mindset with my life and I truly am happy with the turn of events. I got the new job, the apartment, and a guy. =) No longer am I following the “This is as good as it gets” motto. Definitely no longer.

I did get to meet some interesting new people lately, learned some new tricks, took a mini new next step with CJ and found a new love that oooo I waited too long to try it. I’m excited to tell…Yeahh that’s what I needed. Excitement to write. Let it roll…..


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