Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First it was Pennies. Now it's Nickels. A Nickel is 5 cents. A dollar is 20 nickels. A $500+ pair of Louboutin shoes I want or a pair of Jimmy Choo's is over a 1,000 nickels!!! Ewww, is all I got to say. If you picked up a nickel off the ground every day for a year you actually would only have $182.50. That's alot of money for the everyday life to me, but not for the fashion world. It's pocket change. And that is very discouraging...[Nickel image via unknown.]

At the end of every month I'm doing a Save Money Tips post. I do have a Bachelor's in Math and I'm trying to really put together my finances lately to help me figure out what salary I need in a new job. Basically there are bags and bags and envelopes upon envelopes of coupons in my home. My mom has even got my dad cutting them out for her to save time. lol. It's funny. He comes home and goes "Oh Kathy, I got you a 50% off coupon for JoAnn's" so happily that you'd think he just won Monopoly! hehe.

I did manage to save a little money this month, however I was cursed by a bit of emotional shopping once again. I really when I leave the house should leave my credit card at home!! I bought a black cocktail dress that looks like the classic white dress Marilyn Monroe is famous for wearing except in black. Ya never know when Price Charming might possibly show up and you need to go to a banquet. (I dream...ALOT). Other than that I tried to set a budget and I think I did not too shabby. [Image above is via Google images & one below is via Imdb from the movie "Mad Money"]

Here are some things I used this month to save some cash.

1.) Library Fines: ALWAYS KEEP THE "WHEN IT'S DUE" LIST!!! ( I paid about 5 dollars in fines this month because I forgot to put the movie back in the case and returned the case and didn't listen to my voice mails. lol. Also I forgot about a book for 2 weeks.)

2.)(This one is a bit cheesy) Go to the library and take out a DVD instead of spending the ridiculous amount at Blockbuster! Most libraries have a very recent assortment of movies and if the movie sucks, it was free so who cares, right?

3.)At a Bar: When you go out to a bar, bring only the amount of cash you want to spend. A guy I work with is terrified of owning a credit card because he is afraid of the bar tab if he used it. So he brings enough cash that if he had to take a cab home he could and enough so he can have a few drinks. Not a bad idea!!

4.)Look at the Sale filers in the newspaper!! If you are addicted to Dannon Light Yogurt, ( I am a hardcore addict to the lemon one) wait til there is a sale in the super market and stock up!! My mom bought 20 of them and that should last me at least 2-3 weeks, till they are on sale again.

5.) Free Demo classes. In some communities and libraries there are alot free classes and demos. I've been doing them for about 2 months now and i love em. I'm learning soo much!!

6.) Lunch: Big issue for me because it's expensive. I tried to wake up a lil early and make myself enough food for lunch to bring with me to work so I wouldn't be hungry. I did this at least 2 times a week and then I realized Oh! I actually still have some cash in my wallet at the end of the month! Sweet!

7.) Coffee: Go to Target, spend the money on a coffee maker and try to have the cup of coffee at home. This is not always the easiest thing to do because sometimes you wake up late *Cough* like me *Cough* and gotta go to Dunkin Doughnuts but if you get a minute make a cup of coffee and sit at your table and relax while you drink a cup. I did that this morning. I actually sat for a minute and just enjoyed my cup of coffee and it calmed me a bit from the ridiculousness that was yesterday.

Okay well I hope maybe one of those tips will strike you and go hmm maybe I can do that. It's not much to save, but it's something and it does add up!! I'm saving up some mad money for maybe a pair of designer shoes or boots, maybe to go on a trip next spring perhaps to Quebec City in Canada ( I love it up there), or maybe to buy that extra nice piece of furniture one day. Ohhh...One day........

September was a better month for me then August. But I feel sick physically & mentally. That's typical for me. I'm sick at least once in the Fall. *Knock on wood*. The leaves are falling everywhere so my allergies act up. It was like Summer then I turned around and BAM! it was fall. October tho, is my favorite month out of the year. It means Halloween is right around the corner. I don't know what I want to be yet....hmmmm...It's also going to be my Return to Diet Land month too. But the fall goodies everybody is posting is making me sooooo hungry!! First things first, switch to diet soda and no candy at my desk.

I'm tired, but emotional tired. My dad's test went great today and we got the good results back. I'm so relieved. I did text the Mess and he answered one text but when I asked if he wanted to chill he didn't respond til it was too late and apologized for standing me up all night waiting for an answer. Figures. I just want the week to be over, because I have a concert and a Greek Festival to go too. Maybe that'll help me feel better. Yeah I think it will!! Til Tomorrow

It's 11:11. Make a wish! Maybe if I write my blog everyday at 11:11 my wishes will come true. Hmmmmm...Maybe.

"He bit my lip and drank my war from years before..." - "Love like winter" -AFI

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Miss Melanie! How are you today?"

My bosses ask me that question everyday. I always want to tell them about my real day, ya know the truth, but a small "Okay" usually always comes out of my mouth. They grunt or go "Oh that's good" and return to their respective offices. It's just easier this way. If I really told them what goes on with me...I think I'd get the blank stare after and then the "Okay So Call Office Team Immediately and hire another girl for the office". It's a little rough and lonely to work with 5 guys all day long. My poor mom then gets flooded with all the stuff from my head in a rant session I do everyday to her when she gets home. I'm sorry Mom.

Well I'll tell all of you my real day.

I realized in this blog I've been happy for the last 2-3 weeks. My posts are cheerful, productive, informative, and have a lil skip to them. I want to continue that ohhh sooo much. The reason I think I've been peppy is that The Mess (My Brown-Eyed Mr. Big) was around for a while. I'm not his girlfriend, I'm the best friend(The Julia Roberts "Best Friend's Wedding knockoff pretty much)....when he isn't dating someone. When he's dating other people I never see him. However, he is this guy that is always in the back of my head. I love him, he knows it, but we just can't seem to do anything to make it work. He never asked me out and I just seem to be waiting for him to do it but I don't think it'll ever happen. The problem is...he just makes me happy, so I go back. He even will spend a night with me just swinging on the swings at the playground where we live...

We aren't honest with each other I think. I know I'm terrified of telling him how I really feel because I fear he'd leave me and not even want to be my friend anymore. But I have NO IDEA how he feels about me. If I'd ask him, he'd probably be an asshole about it. He actually even read my diary once. (I was absolutely devastated and he didn't act like the end of "Bridget Jones' Diary" where he just bought me a new one when he saw all the bad things I wrote about him.) After the diary incident he fought for my friendship back, so I think he at least values me in his life. But we could have the perfect day including mind-erasing kisses goodnight & the "huns" & the cuddling, but then he never calls when I say call me. The next time I'll hear from him he'll be seeing someone else. But then they'll break up and he'll spend time with me again. Or if he's had a bad day he'll call me...This has been going on for 3 years this vicious game/cycle between us. I just don't know what to do to repair it or fix it??

I feel like I'm setting myself up for another heartbreak again from the same person. I'd call him but I know he's at work. We used to talk for hours online, but he doesn't go on Aim anymore. Maybe I should just tell him how I feel. I think if I don't hear the "No" I keep hoping I'll hear a "Yes" one day. It's a mess. sigh. I have to figure this out one day or I'll be boiling rabbits before I know it. I run it over and over in my head like Carrie did with Mr. Big and like her I in the show could barely figure it out. Now I'm waiting for him to call but I know when enough days go by I'll give in and call him...maybe. I just don't know what to do?

Besides about him, my mind just races. I described it before as a TV set flipping through the channels, because the remote is stuck between the couch cushions. That's exactly how it is. I over analyze things til my face is blue. I've been really obsessed with money lately. This whole almost buying a condo made me realize that if I work a little harder and march some time maybe this time next year I can buy something. I might have to go back to retail to get a part-time job for the holidays.

I also came to the conclusion that in searching for a new job with my new resume that I have no clue what type of job to go for?? I have broad degrees in math & engineering science and I'm not sure how to combine them into a specific job. I think I need to speak with someone. Maybe go back to my last college and see if someone can help me.

Tomorrow my Dad is having a procedure/test done. It's nothing major but I'm worried. It's a test that could have either a good result or a bad one. I know he'll be okay, we're tough lil cookies in this family but I'm still upset. It has to be done so we know. But I just wished that when one of my bosses asked me today, "Miss Melanie, how are you today" and I told him about my Dad, that I hadn't said a word. The boss made me upset instead of feeling that my dad would be okay. My boss gave me a life lesson of it's inevitable that people will be sick and it will get worse as your parents get older and have to be there for them. I really really wish I kept my mouth shut. I think people don't think. I REALLY needed those rose-colored glasses in that moment and he just shattered them. This boss tells it like it is, he's a realist but COME ON...if a girl is going at lunch to check on her dad because she's worried don't tell her something that might make her more upset...he probably just wasn't thinking.

This is all that ran through my head today. For this reason and so many more is why I answer, "Okay" when I'm asked, "Miss Melanie, how are you today". Sometimes you just have a bad day. I think I want to put the rose-colored glasses back on for just a lil while......

I think I'll call the Mess tomorrow and try to hang out with him even though all the above stuff. It's just...sigh...He makes me happy...

11:11 *Make a wish*


While trying to find something to do also at work to clear my head I decided to start reading Julie Powell's blog. Julie is from "Julie & Julia. That movie is actually what started me blogging. I loved the idea of it and yes I'm hooked. If you ever had an interest in checking it out here is the link. The Julie/Julia Project That link is the for the first entry. It's a wonderful read.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is one of the best books I've ever read. I love to read but this is the first book I've completed in awhile. I'm one of those people that when I read books I will basically play it like a movie in my head. I'm very visual. I actually saw the movie first so I had good images for the read. This book places you in a world that your desperately waiting to find out what happens at the turn of each page. She describes the scenes so nicely that you really don't have that moment where your like, "Oh crap I just read 3 pages of nothing and can't remember what I just read, then have to re-read it." Not in this book at all.

Here's a brief non-spoiler synopsis of the beginning:
There is this boy named Henry, who one day finds out that he can time-travel within the time frame of his life. An older version of this boy starts to appear to a little girl named Clare playing in a field. He sees this little girl grow up right before him but little does she know that she is married to him in the future & when he leaves he is going to her. Little Clare begins to fall in love with this older gentleman that keeps showing up naked in her parents's estate field. But it's not that easy to meet the man of your dreams and have him be there always & love you always. She meets the present day Henry when she is 20 years old and he has no memory of her at all. Of course not. This present day Henry doesn't know her because he has never met her in the present. From here is where the story truly begins.

There is emotion, devastation, pure love, waiting, heart breaks, joys, and just so much more. Your happy for Clare & Henry one minute and then the next your screaming at Henry for being an ass. You might cry and some of the story may leave a cold shudder upon you. HONESTLY DON'T EXPECT A CLICHE' STORYBOOK ROMANCE where two people meet, there's a little drama, they sleep together, fight, and get back together. NOPE! You get to read how Clare grows up and anyone who has ever make believed that they had a secret boyfriend will love some of it.

I recommend this book if you really want to get lost in a story for a while. It's cleverly laid out so that you get Clare's reactions and Henry's reactions in separate diaryish sections. It's very realistic even though Henry Time Travels. Niffenegger can write emotion and true emotion well.

Perhaps I like this book because Clare reminds me of myself. This book deals with her finding herself while waiting for her life to make sense and come together. Yup, that's me. I seem to always be waiting for the Mess to come back to me. He leaves, comes back, leaves, and comes back. He also...Get this...has a DELOREAN!!! A delorean is the car from Back to the Future where Marty McFly time travels. I couldn't make this up if I tried. lol. Well him & I just can't seem to tell each other who we feel or not feel so it really is appearing to me to be a wicked game going on. I love him & *sigh* would wait for him to love me. I just don't know if he does or ever will? I think I fear knowing the answer because it could mean to the end to him & me. Clare waited. She waited her whole life. Also in the book Clare drives a Honda Civic. So do I. Henry gets sick when Clare drives. So does the Mess. Clare's hair is always a mess. So is mine. lol. Eerie Coincidence. The Mess is really going to drive me insane. He was back for a lil while last week & I have no idea when he'll come back again, if he even does.

"I wouldn't change one second of our life together." - Clare

The following is purely just my opinion. If you read the book first, then watch the movie you may feel like they watered down everything, stripped the story of rawness & realism that the book projects so loudly. If you watch the movie then read the book, the book is a bit more of a brutal slice of life but you may enjoy the book more because it's more details & you can really see how Henry & Clare felt about things. I like the movie for in it's own way but I enjoyed the book so much more.

Today my office talked non-stop all day long, which made my day seem longer than ever. Even when I was taking orders over the phone they whispered which was worse. I wish each one of those boys one day works in a hair salon and gets to listen to female gossip 24/7. That would be justice. One of the callers to place an order for this site I work for too actually asked me if I knew the Real Housewives of New Jersey. LOL! I've never seen them but I live 20 minutes from where it was filmed and where the ladies live. It was hysterical.


What else that made my day was I received my Postcard from the lovely lady, Nicolette that runs the blog, Simply Collete!! If you click here you can read her blog, Simply Colette. Her photographs are beautiful, she's full of inspiration & talent, and her tales from her travels make you wanna book a flight tonight and go! =) I'm going to put the postcard in a collage that I can't wait to make!!

The water is soo blue. I want to go, now. It rained all day so seeing the Fort Lauderdale beach made me want summer again.

Btw...Where did September go? It evaporated....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Warning: Drinking Espresso will TOTALLY get you WIRED!!!!

It's Sunday so I went to this week's Free Demo at Williams Sonoma. If you click the collage i made it will appear bigger. All I can say is that the topic was Coffee...And I've been completely & utterly AWAKE THE WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!!!!! lol. I mean it. I actually cleaned my room!! I went shopping in the mall for hours, I actually cooked dinner, I made my bed which I rarely do, I folded clothes, I ranted at my mother of why I hate my job for about 3 hours, I actually cleaned out my unread emails, I ranted that I was talking in my sleep, I realized Omg I talk in my sleep?!?!?!, I realized Oh crap I didn't text back "Yeah lmk" cuz i was soo stressed, I watched "The Professional", I freaked out over what to do with The Mess, I put all my hair things into this box, I read...I did this....I did that...

Can you tell I had ALOT of coffee today???? I apologize for writing like a cracked out Road Runner. *Beep Beep*

The demo was the Technique Class called "Espresso, Cappuccino or Coffee, Anyone?" Surprisingly there are alot of different things about coffee. For example you can make coffee in a standard coffee maker or you can make coffee in a French Press. I had no idea what a French Press was!! It makes such a smoother cup of coffee. It's a different machine that presses the beans and the hot water together so the coffee separates from the beans. Anyone ever use it? Well you can brew the same coffee beans in a coffee maker & a french press and get two completely different tasting coffees. We also learned that it does matter how fine or coarse the coffee grinds are. What makes Espresso is the Fine Coffee Grinds. Normal Coffee is more coarser of a grind.

Then we got to see demonstrations on all the different Espresso machines. Espresso actually has less caffeine then coffee but espresso is such a small amount it does give you an extra kick in your step! I always wondered how they got the foam on top. I learned it's called Frothed Milk and you have to make it with either a Milk Frother or an insert that's on the Espresso Machne. Woa. The only thing about these beautiful machines is they are expensive. Like omg. I wish I was getting married so I could register and hope hope someone bought me one!! hehe.

Here's some info for you that I got off the Technique sheet in the top right of the collage up there. This info can also be found at Wlliams Sonoma. There are recipies for specialty drinks there too!

Here's some definitions:

Espresso: A single shot of rich, aromatic espresso

Espresso Macchiato: A shot of espresso "marked" with a dollop of whipped cream

Cappuccino: A shot of espresso crowned with a frothy cap of milk foam(thats the whole Milk Frothing thing)

Caffe Latte: A shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and a thin layer of milk foam.

Very cool. It looked so easy when the girl demoed it, but there are recipies for each of these yummy coffee goodness drinks. If I had the money I would buy one of the machines. I really can't make good coffee. lol. I'll honestly admit that. It's always too strong. One day I actually put coffee grinds in a cup of hot water and waited for it to brew. lol. (I didn't realize there was instant coffee. In my weak defense I was reallllly young when I did this. =P). But now I have a better understanding of coffee which is kinda cool. I really recommend going to these demos, I'm learning soo much!! If there's ever a Jeopardy question on Espresso Oh I'll so know the answer!! =)

I'm gunna try taking two aspirins to come down off this coffee binge because I need some sleep!! hehe. Espresso may have less caffeine but WOA depending on how much you drink of it you'll be ready to run a marathon. This week is going to be my put back together and repair things week. It's really set in that about 3 weeks ago I lost a good friend to drama, and am stuck in this wicked game with another. I need to straighten some stuff out. I'm lonely. I don't know if I can repair some any of it but I'm going to try. I'll start tomorrow.

"I like my coffee to say, 'Good Morning'" - my mom

This Road Runner is finally slowing down so Til Tomorrow!!! *BEEP BEEP*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Colonial Day

For those of you who don't know, I live in Southern New York State. I'm actually about 20 minutes outside of New York City. The city is booming & a beautiful day trip but I have alot of cool things right outside my door in Rockland County. (That's the county where Suffern is in that Sex & City episode where Aidan takes Carrie to the "Country"...Shhh don't tell HBO but it's not at all the country hehe.) In Rockland there are actually alot of historical places from the American Revolutionary War. A British spy in the War named Major John Andre actually was hung here too. This link is some info on him. Major John Andre

Well every year in the fall, the Tappan Historical Society holds what's called Colonial Day. It's at the DeWint House in Tappan. Here is the link for some info. The DeWint House It is actually one of the oldest surviving structures in Rockland and George Washington stayed there during the American Revolutionary War.

The people of the society get volunteers to teach the town how people lived in Colonial times. Some dress up & re-enact the times. I used to be a Colonial Re-enactor for this day. College & my fibroid surgery prevented me from doing it the past two years, but I used to do the demonstration in the kitchen. I used to teach kids how the colonial people made butter, preserved apples, and how they had to get bulks of salt & Sugar because of course there was no super market. I actually had a kid draw a car with a quill pen one year. lol. Gotta love the irony.

Here are some pics from today:

This is the DeWint House.

These were the Re-enactors showing us how muskets were used. I love the cars in the background. lol.

I love how the rose sneaked into my picture. lol.

All I can say is WOW!! He looks just like Ben Franklin!!!

Here the talented ladies teaching the people about the kitchens of colonial times.That's gunna be me again next year.

And this is my Mom & I enjoying the day.

The photos were taken by me today. I will try to do Colonial Day next year. It was soo much fun. I miss being in the kitchen teaching the kids. They really do enjoy it. It was hysterical seeing a colonial solider using a digital camera. hehe. I felt like I was in the movie "The Patriot". I dunno how colonial ladies didn't have sneakers tho. Omg their feet must have drove them nuts!! lol. Hope u enjoyed this lil glimpse to the past!

A bought a lil bracelet from a little girl today too at this event. It says on it Live, Love, Life. I had to buy it she was just too adorable. I will try to remember that saying. =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

"So what did you see in the FlashForward?"

It's 11:11, Make a Wish. *Wishing*

Has anyone heard of the new show on Thursday nights on ABC called Flashforward?? O.M.G. The first opening episode was amazing!!! Okay here's the basic premise. It's a normal day in Los Angeles, California around this time, and normal events are occuring. There's an FBI criminal chase, a guy is about to shoot himself (yeah that was a lil weird), a babysitter is hooking up with her bf, a surgeon is getting ready for surgery...then all of a sudden the entire world blacks out. It doesn't matter what your doing, including flying in an airplane, the entire world just stops. They stop for approximately 2 minutes and 17 seconds. After the people wake up it's complete chaos. BUT! Here's the catch. Everyone's mind basically jumped to whatever event they are doing on April 29th, 2010. Evidently they all experienced a, Flash Forward. That's soo cool!! So somehow something happened where the future became the reality for a brief moment?? And some people did not like what they saw or can't believe that's what they saw. However there are some twists and turns that they will hopefully elaborate. For example, the other FBI Agent, John Cho, who is actually Harold from "Harold & Kumar go to White Castle", well he didn't see anything when he blacked out. He just blacked out and woke up again. So how come he saw nothing, when everyone saw something? There is a few other things that I don't want to say in case one of you plan on seeing this first episode. I will tell you that the last scene in this episode literally gave me chills.

Yeahhh it's soo far-fetched, but I'm soo hooked. Reviewers online are describing it as ohh it's the next "Lost" or "24". I never watched those shows so I'm totally like Oooo OOoo, I want to see more. I LOVE shows that keep you guessing and in the last minute they just throw you a curve ball thats like Omg Omg, I can't wait til next Thursday!!! It looks really promising. If you like TV Shows that make ya think...I recommend checking this out on Hulu maybe. Oh btw there's a kangaroo in one part that just makes no sense. It kinda reminds me of the movie Chocolat hehe.

Oh great. Another show to watch on Thursdays. I got "Project Runway", "It's Always Sunny in Philidephia", and now "FlashForwad." lol. Ya know Blogger has on your profile your favorite movies, favorite music, and favorite books. I wish they had Favorite shows too!! I would love to know what people watch. You never know what's going to catch someone's attention.

Here's a list of some of my favorite shows that I love to watch!

Project Runway, Nip Tuck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer(I was soo addicted), Angel, Roswell, Xena: Warrior Princess, Herecules, Are you afraid of the Dark?, Six Feet Under, The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Top Chef, What not to Wear, House Hunters, Bones( I just love David Borenaz), It's Always Sunny in Philidephia, Pop-Up Video, House, Sex & The City, Charmed, E.R., Whose Line is it Anyway?, Hope & Faith, Reba, Saved by the Bell, Sailor Moon, The Closer, Home Movies, Top Chef, Dark Shadows, The Twilight Zone (One of my ultimate favs), Laverne & Shirley, Flight of the Conchords, and now Flashforward.

What TV shows do you like to watch? Got any suggestions?

It's been a long week. I didn't go out this Friday night I stayed home just to chill & relax. Fridays sometimes are like that for me. I just want to sleep. Work plain sucked today so I couldn't wait to go home. I have extreme issues with my current job. I will work on my resume this weekend tho. Tomorrow should be better. I'm going to go Autumn Festival Hopping. hehe. I hope everyone has a safe & good weekend, and I really recommend checking out this show!! =)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When you Smile, I smile...I'll smile along with you...

Image is Manet's "A Bar at the Folies Bergere"

This is week has been a series of bad days for some of my friends. You know that person you call when you have a bad day? The one you vent too, the one that will do everything in her power to make her laugh, the one that will drive 45 minute to a Walmart just to make you happy, the one that even if she's dead tired will still muster up the strength and hang with you if you had a horrible day? Well that's Me.

Everybody with a bad day this week called me. I think I'm missing my calling as a bartender or a therapist. I usually don't give them advise because I'm usually as in the dark as they are but I'll listen and try to relate. It got me thinking. Ever wonder what your purpose in life is? In medieval times, you were your occupation basically. The farmer was only a farmer, the painter was a painter, and the king of course was the king. But what about now?? You work your job and the real you is who you are when you leave those doors. Figuring this out is half the fun & twice the hardships of life.

Do you ever think about who your supposed to be? What your supposed to do in life? What's your purpose?

Maybe my purpose is that I'm the person that's supposed to go in and out of groups and just be there for them when I'm needed? I dunno. It's happened to me a lot in my life, where I help someone out and then they leave or I move or forget or they move or we stop seeing each other if it's a guy or life just happens and the time is just not there. It took a friend of mine 5 years to admit that I helped save an ex of mine's life by putting my foot down & taking him to a hospital. (He was having a diabetic attack & he kept saying he was fine, but he wasn't.) Maybe I was supposed to be there. Yeah, most definitely I think.

It's odd how things happen. But they need to happen or else you'd be just a blank slate listening to the wind in your head. And that'd be SUPER boring, so I'm not checking the box for that.

I couldn't sleep at all last night. I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Alot of people I've heard have had trouble sleeping. It's been very hot/cold/hot/cold up here in NY the past couple of nights but I think it's stress keeping me from sleeping. I think I'm sad about the condo I almost bid on. The people left so not seeing their hummer(yeah they had one it was HUGE) is reminding me there is a studio completely empty and how nice it would have been. I feel bad for my friends that had bad days. I don't know what to do with The Mess(He is one of the friend's that called me this week, too cuz he had a bad day). He's around lately but I just feel like I'm not doing anything to keep him around this time?? People tell me if he wants you, he'll come to you but it's far more complicated than that. I think I just need some sleep. Thankfully it's almost Friday. =)

OOOHHH!!! One more thing I was in a dollar store the other day and I actually found this Uber cute Dirty Dancing merchandise. A DOLLAR STORE!!!! Can you believe it? I was like What the hell?? It's a lil compact mirror with an image of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing with some makeup and a lil heart shaped keychain. I love dollar stores because you never know what your going to find. =) Here it is:

Love it!

"When you cry I cry
I cry along with you
When you smile I smile
I smile along with you"

"Footprints" Song by T.O.K.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

She works hard for the money...So hard for it hunny...

Gotta love that song by Donna Summer. That girl knew her stuff. Image via unknown.

I've been mentioning for a while now about a Resume class that I attended at my library. It was majorly helpful. Alot of people I know when I mentioned "Oh, I'm going to a resume class, IT'S FREE, so why don't you come with me?" they answered "Meh, I got one." or "Nah, it's okay, I'll figure something out." Maybe I just have an addiction to free classes?? Well I think that's obvious lately. At least it's not a strain on my bank account. Ironically only 7 people in a town of 15,000 people & a county of God knows how many attended. I'm still utterly shocked. AND i was the youngest one there by oh at least 15 years. What the hell? Who knows why?

For starters, I do actually have a job. However, I'm petrified of leaving my job. I get anxiety just thinking about it. I want to get something in my career of math or engineering but with those fields it's mostly a project basis and/or they want someone with the years of experience. It sucks. I basically need a company to give me a break and hire a recent graduate and give her a chance and not fire me in 6 months time. I've had friends that this happened too. My job now has basically become a safety net but I can't keep doing data entry forever. So I had to have my raining frog day and leap off in another direction. Ergo, I worked on my resume. A resume is going to be my foot in the door. I hope.

The instructor was actually the owner of His name is Greg Faherty. GO TO THAT SITE!!! He actually will review a done resume for free and tell you what you need to do to fix it. That's not bad at all. The main thing he kept stressing was this is your advertisement so Sell yourself to the company. If you can do it make sure you write that.

Here are a few pointers he taught us:

1.) Keep Resume in a Positive Tone.
2.) If you are mailing in your Resume, Do Not Fold it into a letter envelope. Place it in a manila folder and ship it in a large envelope to accommodate that size.
3.) Leave personality out of the Resume, make it Facts only. Professional Tone.(Don't say, I'll be the captain of the job).
4.) NEED a COVER LETTER!!! He said, "Odds are 50% won't read it, BUT you never know when it will be the other 50% that will get you in the door from the cover letter.
5.) Make it either 1 page or 2 pages. If you have to go to the 2nd page make sure it's at least half full. Don't do the 2-3 lines on the 2nd page n say you have a 2 page resume.
6.) Make sure you email address is a serious one. Perhaps a variation of your name.
7.) Companies want to know you can do the job so perhaps under the job description you did put 1 or 2 bullets of accomplishments. For example, "Produced 20% increase in sales."
8.) Recent Graduates put education on top under the summary of what type of job your looking for. It shows you mean business about your education.
9.) TOP HIRING MONTHS: September, October, February, March, & April. That's what the instructor said from his experience but he said keep sending out resumes as often as you can.
10.) Also list EVERY computer skill you have. Even Microsoft Office. It might seem basic but there are people who don't know it.
11.) Don't use any fancy graphics or fancy bullets on your Resume because it may not transfer good when a Human Resource rep opens the email!
12.) Dates of employment should actually go on the right. This way the eye automatically goes to what you did before the dates.

The economy sucks, nobody is hiring, but your resume can really help change things he said. I hope so. I never had a job where I actually truly needed a resume it's been only an application. This is all new to me. I feel like Tess McGee in the movie, "Working Girl". She needed the right person to listen to her & give her a chance. I need that too please.

If I want to reach my goals I need to start taking steps. It's soo hard though. It is quite easier said then done. I keep saying that but it truly is. Part of me is like OHH Let's do this, let's go out and get that job. The other part is well if I stay at my current job I'll have X amount in my bank account and I could fall back on that. But if I don't leave I'll get stuck...........Ugh. I feel like I'm in a friend rut, a Mess rut (I love him dearly but eventually Mr. Brown-eyed Big is gunna be my destruction), a job rut, and a home rut. I need to move forward. One lil step at a time...Maybe fixing my resume from Mr. Faherty's tips will make me feel better, and give me some motivation to leave my job, not just yet, but soon. I can't just put it on the To Do List and never look at it again. Baby steps. Maybe just a lil every day...and build from there.

Somebody somewhere in high school or college really should tell people that your 20's are like one big Bi-Polar Disorder. Your mind races, you get confused, you seem lost, your head some days just hurts like hell, and then that shiny disco ball grabs your attention and off you go to something else. Oh and you feel like a mess some days. Baby steps. It's gotta be the way. Small lil steps, like a tight rope. Just PLEASE don't let me fall. Image is painting by Jean-Louis Forain, The Tight Rope Walker.

I hope maybe those 10 things can perhaps help one of you. It helped me, now I gotta write it. One step at a time. "Just breathe" - Ever After

I have a head for business and a bod for sin. Is there anything wrong with that?" - Melanie Griffith, Working girl, 1988. <3

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Absolutely gotta share this info!!

Okay now anyone who has ever worn eyeliner knows that it's awful to get off. It usually takes a few washes & then soap in the eye & then ya still gotta wipe with a tissue for a few right? Honestly I usually wait til the end of the day to take my eye-liner off because it's faded soo much it's easy then. WELL NO MORE OF THAT NONESENSE!!! =)

Image via here at the Body Shop: Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I don't really do product reviews in my blog but I got to for this product. I finally used some of the stuff Danielle gave me in The Body Shop goodie bag she got me and Wow. I'm absolutely overwhelmed with shock about awesome this product is. It works. Like It says it will take your make up off and BAM! It actually does it. It's The Body Shop Store's Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. The Body Shop is like one of those retail stores that I'm pretty sure is in like every mall to compete against Bath & Body Works.

Well now I'm a real simple make-up girl. I got the eye-liner on the top lid, a lil liquid foundation, a roll-on eye shadow (It really saves time in the morning), mascara, and maybe some lip gloss if i remember. I don't really have a gothic style but the eye-liner is a must have make-up for me. But yeah it's a bitch to take off. This product took it right off with like a lil dab here and there. I used so little and it just came off on my the tissue. AND it's only $14.50. That's not that bad, but I have a feeling I'm going to have it a long while because it's a pretty big tube and I used soo little. So it pays off in the long run.

Here's the specs of the product via The Body Shop website:Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Best if you want to: Gently yet effectively remove all traces of your waterproof and long-lasting makeup and mascara with a mild, fragrance-and dye-free lotion.

How it works:

■Organic Community Trade camomile water, known for its calming benefits, cools and soothes skin.
■Allantoin soothes skin and conditions lashes.
■Sorbitol, a naturally occurring ingredient found in many fruits, helps skin retain moisture, leaving it smooth and supple.

I love it!! I whole-heartedly recommend it. Also it doesn't take away eyelashes. Sometimes from rubbing off the make-up you may lose one or two. *Make a wish.* I owe this to Danielle because she got me some. I'm so grateful!

No more Racoon eyes for me. I usually look like some sort of human badger or racoon by the time I go to bed. hehe.

I'm not a big Ellen fan, but this is by far the funniest thing ever from that commercial with her a few years ago. hehehe. It always makes me laugh!!

On another note: I went to the Free Resume Class tonight at my library & learned soo much. I'm absolutely exhausted tho. I'm going to organize my notes and write a blog with some of the tips I learned for tomorrow!! It's been a very very long day. My clean eye-lids are closing. lol. Nighty Night.

"Nox Nostra Est"(Latin) - The night is ours.

It's where you hang your hat....

I never had Barbie's dream house but I always wanted one. My lil cousin had one so when I went to her house I always hogged it. hehe. Sorry Marina, but I was 5 years old when I did that. =) Image via Toy's R' Us.

Well I almost put a bid on my own very first home this week. There was a studio condo in my parent's complex up for sale about 6 doors down from where we now are. ( I still live with my parents btw...hey struggling recent graduate needs all the help she can get.) The studio condo was on the 2nd floor with the big studio room with a raised bed like a loft, a separate room for the kitchen, a full bathroom, 1 walk-in closet, and 2 other smaller closets. I regret to say that it would have been perfect for just me. But I just can't swing it yet.

I went to the open house and I thought Ohhh Maybe Just Maybe I'm heading in the right direction. My problem is that I could afford to live there no problem with the common charges & the mortgage payment but the money down is the problem. I just don't have enough. I should be sad but I'm actually not sad at all.

This actually was a very realistic moment for me but in a total good way. I'm doing the self-discovery, trying to not feel so lost, but I think I actually needed this event to put things in perspective for me, realistically. I feel like there is soo much pressure on me because the stereotype thing is to Graduate college, move out, find the job in your career. However, a lil known personal fact about me is that I am Never Ever the stereotypical anything. The fact that I could even possibily afford a mortgage payment & still pay my bills too made me feel soo grown-up. The whole not having enough for the money down thing tho did remind me of Woa, I'm only 24 just turned, I just graduated college, my parents aren't kicking me out yet, I need to find a better I actually can just peacefully march a lil time until I do have the money. (I drew a picture of ants in my lil cherry notebook when I wrote about marching time. lol.)

I can't march too much time but I think I need to take a step back & live the life I have right now. Alot of bloggers have recently said this and I think it's because the fall is coming which mean the holidays are lurking around every corner. It's soo hard to relax when everyone keeps tellina ya too. But I'm gunna try.

There will come a day when I will have my dream home and a place to hang my hat that I can decorate and always have a fresh batch of chocolate-covered strawberries on my coffee table for my guests...just not yet. It's okay...I loved the feeling of house hunting & when I can truly afford something Ohhh I can't wait for that joy. =)

"Sweet Dreams are made of this...Who am I to disagree..." - Eurythmics

I have my resume writing class Tueday Night!! Can't wait!! Hope everyone has a lovely week.

See there is a light & life in the cracks. I saw this lil leaf trying to grow in the cracks of my parking lot of my parents condo and I had to take a picture. Photo by me. =)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bistro Supper anyone?? Gotta love Free Demos =)

I'm starting to really enjoy these Williams Sonoma Free Demo Classes. That's a lil collage of images I took from the morning class.

The Sunday Cocoa-Cocoa girl got taught some very interesting things about Bistro Suppers today. I learned how to make Steak Frites, French cooking of basically Steak & French Fries. I'm not a big steak eater but Omg they used this Steak Pepper sauce called Steak Au Poivi Seasoning Paste that was just delicious.

Now a lil lesson for you. A Bistro is actually the name of a framous french restaurant. Cool. I didn't know that. In making French Fries from scratch you must use Rustic Potatoes. There is actually a process to making them, you can't just cut a potato and fry it. You use a Rustic Potato and are supposed to actually wash the potatoes after you cut them into slices & then place them in a bowl filled with ice water & let them sit in the water for 5 minutes. This makes the inside of the potato slice moist so you don't get hard French Fries in the middle. Woa!! I had no idea!!

Also they recommend getting a professional multi-purpose cutter. Yeah I understand they are trying to sell products but it did make it easier. They have a very good chopper there made by Krups.

(A Krups coffee maker is actually what Doc Brown used to make Mr. Fusion on the delorean in the end of Back to the Future. hehe)

Okay, the talented instructor Cathy made the French Fries & then she made the steak with the sauce listed above. You are supposed to marinate the meat in the sauce for about an hour. Oh she used the most delicious thing ever on the french fries. She sprinkled a bit of Truffle & Sea Salt on the French Fries. It was too die for.

Image via the Williams Sonoma site.Truffle & Sea Salt I can't afford to buy some, but Ohhhh it's soo good. Truffles are my weakness. So yummy.

My mom, my cousin Alex, and I went this morning. It was a smaller group so it was a lil cozy. I enjoyed. It was funny I told a friend last night I was going to cooking demos and they were like Oh! Really?? That's pretty cool. They really are. I recommend them. Classes are expensive, so why not take advantage of the free ones!! =)

Okay, it's a new week. I can't wait for Tuesday because I'm going to a Resume Writing Class at my library. Maybe it'll give me a push I need to really start hunting for a new job. I have an art project I'm going to start that I'm excited about it. I'm going to try...well I might try...nah I'm going to try to hang out with the Mess(my Mr. Big). But maybe I won't try. I dunno. Ack.(It's back to weirdness between me and him. I've been doing tidbits about me & him but I will explain it fully here one day) Um...Yeah. I finished the Time Traveler's Wife and this week shoud be a great time to write a review of it due to the book reminding me of him ever so much...

"How can I trust you with my heart?" - Dommin

I hope everyone has a good start to the week. If you add a lil liquid Creamer & a bit of Powder Creamer to your morning coffee it tastes just a bit better.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A lil bit of this & a lil bit of that...Just a Tick & just a Tac

I wonder when the ice cream truck will stop coming around? I heard the lil chime just a lil while ago... It gave me a perfect idea for my zombie novel I'm writing. (There is wayyyyyy toooo many vampire & vampire slaying novels, ergo I want to write a zombie one.) The story is still in my head but it's slowly leaking onto paper. *Cough* (Blur is on purpose, sry) *Cough* =)

Well today my mom and I went Tag Sale hunting. It's one of my favorite past-times in the spring-fall. The weather was gorgeous, and the tease of the ice cream truck music was playin in the background. The thing tho that's really annoying at tag sales is that everyone always has old drinking glasses. Yes one day when I have an apartment of my very own I will need to buy glasses but right now, nope. Watch when I will need them no one will try to sale them. lol.

Anywho I did find some interesting things. I found these old pins, i love the one that is a lil clock and the lil birdie. Each pin was a whopping 25 cents each!!!! That is why I go to sales cuz ya never know when your going to get a deal. I also found this uber cute carousel horse trinket. That is my guilty expense. Silly lil trinkets. Hey, for a dollar, it'll get a cute home. Here they are:

I don't need any more new stuff because my bedroom is a serious catastrophe, but I was hooked by the low price. (Oh, btw, I literally outgrew my bedroom about 6 years ago so it's jam packed of trinkets.)

So I'm a pack rat that collects things. Well everyone has got to have hobby. =)

Maybe I'll use the pins for a collage? I think I might wear the lil clock pin some day.

Tomorrow I got my Williams Sonoma Demo on Bistro Cooking & French spices. Can't Wait. I hope everyone is having a fun weekend.

"Your memory's fading, I'll love you forever, I'll try to remember, I'll try to hold on..." - The Birthday Massacre

Friday, September 18, 2009

I wish it was Banana Splits, but it's Friend Splits...

Ironically I can do a split on the ground. Not very well, but that was WAY back from when I was a cheerleader.

Yesterday I went to visit my best friend Danielle. It was awesome when you see a good friend you haven't seen in far too long. The coolest thing about us is that a million years could go by but when we actually chill it's like no time has gone by. We call ourselves the Manielle. We tried on horrific dresses in the mall, tried all the fragances in the bath and body works, ate such yummy hummus & eggplant salad, took some photos, gossiped til our faces were blue, and made those lil butterflies I know how to do.

In our gossip sessions tho there was a real suprise. I thought it was just me that was kinda stuck in the middle of a friend split, mine of which is goin on with my friends up home. She is stuck in one too. In my friend split, I was feelling so left out and alone because the group I used to hang out with ALL the time doesn't exist anymore really. I thought it was just the Mess doing it to me but no. It was a "Friend Split". Well then listening to Danielle begin to tell me about how messed up and apart our ole group of friends from college is I was completely shocked. The game night doesn't happen, that bbq plan falls through, the game of poker is never finished, the movie isn't watched, and all those plans just fade away. But knowing that I'm not the only one going through this void of loneliness, made me feel a lil better.

I think I was hoping to go back to my old group of friends where me and Danielle were like "the girls" and try to find a place among them. That's not going to happen. Where she is there is this weird odd choosing of sides and splitting of friendships too. It sucks, plain & simple. Sigh.

But me and Danielle's friendship is still going strong. We're Fiesty & Ready for life's next punches.

So I right now I will hold on to the friends I do have and treasure them dearly.

Maybe it's the transistion from summer to fall that's got people a lil crazy and stressed? Or perhaps that saying, "Things eventually work out or iron themselves out" is true. It's just not the best outcome sometimes. Well you gotta take off the rose-colored glasses one day. And I'm finally taking off mine and NOT put them back on.

Have you ever had your group of friends just evaporate? What did you do when it happened?

This weekend I'm going to try have some relaxing fun and work some things out. Maybe find a new group of friends...maybe try to make my own group...or try to help save one.

One of the boys I work with told me that I deserve a fun weekend. I'm going to try...

Say *Cheese*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a glass cage so I can't pretend...

It's my 30th post so I'm going to take a second and explain the lil dollie in my title picture. Well, that's me in the mask. Few people get their moment where they meet their favorite famous person, get to see their favorite band perform, or get to *gasp* talk to your favorite celebrities. I got my moment & a few stolen seconds of fame.

The doll mask was my costume for the music video, "Looking Glass" from my favorite band, The Birthday Massacre. I was cast as an extra in the video and Actually got my name in the CD pamphlet. I still can't believe this. Yeah, I'm wearing a mask but to be in one of your favorite bands videos!!! I'd do anything.

It was filmed 2 years in the middle of winter in Jersey City, NJ. I never knew a real life acting job would be soo much work. It was mostly waiting around for the director and the crew to set up the classroom scenes. I wouldn't trade one minute of waiting for anything. However sitting in a hot room in a school girl outfit with a ceramic mask on your head is not an easy job!! hehe. The band actually came and chilled with all us girls and they were amazing. Just amazing. They thanked us every second they got. They look all gothic and scary but they are the nicest people ever. They signed photos for us, they signed our masks, and gave us as many hugs as we wanted. Also when I went to see them in concert about a year and half later they actually remembered me out of the 30 girls that was there. I'm still in shock, really I am.

The picture is via here: The Birthday Massacre The Birthday Massacre are what people call Bubblegum Gothic Pop. I have NO idea what that means!. They aren't that main-stream, but they have a sound like Evanescence mixed with Seether mixed with a dash of nine inch nails mixed with a meaning to their lyrics touched with something fresh and totally new. It's dark, but if you listen to the words, you'll be right with them. My favorite songs are "To Die for", "Happy Birthday", and "Blue". I love their lyrics, I love their videos, and their songs. You can find their cds at Hot Topic and "The Looking Glass" single is there and if you happen to buy it and see a Melanie. That's me! =)

It was one of the Coolest moments of my life. All I can think of right now tho is that scene in "Legally Blonde" where the Harvard Admissions is like, "She was in a Ricky Martin Video??". lol.

Here's the The Birthday Massacre, "Looking Glass" video. I'm the girl in the #3 mask, and the girl standing in the hallway at the end when a band member takes a book out of her hand. lol. Hope you enjoy. The title of this blog is a lyric from this song. Look for the #3!! <3

So this was one of many of my random things I've randomly done. Back then I was a student & worker by day, and an music video extra by night. hehe. I've reached a serious Omg I think Coffee stopped working with me mode lately so I need to sleep. This music video experience was a dream come true.

Hate me as I turn away...

And I'd like to take a second to just say R.I.P Patrick Swayze. You were a terrific actor and you will be missed.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just hit the hell out of it...

Today just made me frazzled. I took this pic when I got home from work. I like the effect of the dashboard. I work for a kinda advertising firm where I index the phonebook so people can see their advertisements in the phonebook online. Well at this job I work with 5 very very sports-crazed men. There's no other woman in my office. I think today I went a wee bit nuts from it. The overlapping of the football, the baseball, the golf, the tennis, the car racing, then the high school football chatter pushed me over the edge. My brain is just mush from listening to it all. I forgot my headphones to listen to music so I was a bit stuck.

If guys ever say, "Oh we don't gossip and talk alot"...That's a lie. When you give 5 guys a topic they all like...Dum Dun Dun...they can talk for hours and hours and hours. I really wished they'd hire another girl so I'd have someone to talk too. I'm drowning here.

Therefore I went to the driving golf range today. I'm not that athletic now but I do like to hit the hell out of the golf balls. I have no form, sometimes the ball goes straight if I'm lucky but I can hit that thing over 150 yards. Maybe one day in the future I'll have to golf for a job so I guess I'm practicing. But Whew it's soooo therapeutic.

Some people take Tae Bow, or take Kickboxing...I go to the driving range to get out my rage. hehe. It's cheap too & you can hit the ball as hard as you want. IF YOU GO BRING A GLOVE!!! Your hands will hurt after if you dont.

It also was a good workout. I hate going to the gym and doing the same thing over & over. I need to mix up the activities. Mindless Activities that just clear your head Rule. I was great on my diet today. I went and got a salad for lunch. Lunch is always a problem for me because I never know what to eat but I'm usually ridicolously hungry so I eat too much or wind up goin to Taco Bell. The salad tho kinda worked. I wasn't hungry after. I had cucumbers, baby corn, olives, baby spinach, artichoke hearts, blueberries, red cabbage, peppers, mozzarella balls, & broccli with cauliflower. It's a healthy start. Well the mozzarella balls aren't but you need to splurge some. =P

But I'm a victim to the "I sit at my desk & snack" curse. I think it's because I'm bored & trying to drown out the sports talk. Soo my culprit is the Quaker's Rice Cake bites. I'm horrifically addicted to the Caramel Corn ones. Actually it's not tooo too bad it's only 60 calories per 7 cakes...but it's a bad thing when you eat a bag a day right??? Okay MUST NOT BUY ANYMORE OF THEM!!! (Just finish the 3 bags I bought yesterday hehe)

I'm tired. Really tired and it's only Monday. Sigh. Totally doing a full double cup of coffee tomorrow. (Geez don't ever live near a train, mine's horn keeps going off, cuz its' omg loud.) This Mucha painting lady has the right idea. So Sweet dreams everyone.

Sleep is an absolutely beautiful word.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What if it rained frogs?

Today the Cocoa Cola girl(gotta have my caffeine boost) went to visit the Dolly Mammas of the Ramapo Mountains. My mother and these very talented ladies make art dolls and do crafts. They were brainstorming ideas for their meetings and got my lil hamster wheel in my brain going. I showed them my lil sea shell box for show & tell and they Oooed. It made me happy. One of the ladies, Elizabeth, proposed formal brainstorming to another lady, Jan. That was the fire cracker that made me think. I acually sat and brainstormed ideas in my lil cherry notebook of blog ideas, a list of goals, mini projects I want to do learn like ATC cards, a list of pros/cons with the Mess(my Mr. Big), and just wrote my thoughts like a diary. I love to write. I love to write in script. Don't get me wrong I love my computer and my online livejournal diary but I love to get out the pen and write some pages.

In my lists I encountered not really immediate goals but long-term ones.

1.)I need another job that pays equal to what I make or more....(I'm going to a Resume workshop on the 22nd that I just can't wait for.)
2.)Save money for an apartment. I actually looked at an apartment later today and it was a big eye opener.
3.)Work on my friendships and find my old friendships
4.)Boyfriend- A real-life boyfriend...that will admist I'm his girlfriend, will tell his friends about me and might just might say I love you one day and mean it.
5.)Work on my skin...I hate sweating it happens and it ruins your skin.

The Good vs the Bad with the Mess list...that needs to remain silent. But all i can say with that is the list of bad's is a page long...=( Maybe Ill wake up for once and not pretend to be Carrie. I'm waiting for that end of the season moment that shows me it is completely over between us and for some reason I haven't gotten to the finale....Actually I think the show is stuck in re-runs becuz it's the same stuff different year, different time but same exact stuff with him & me. Ack...What a mess.

Anywho...I've made lists of To do's in this blog before and I'll admit one of my tragic flaws is procrasination. It's a horrible retched lil thing that plagues me so but you need a leaping off point to start things.

The opening credits of a movie will eventually end and the story must begin.

Now it comes to the title of this blog. What if it rained frogs? What an amazing metaphor. I've seen two movies lately where it rained frogs. "The Reaping" & "Magnolia". In Magnolia, the climax of the movie where everybody has reached their limit and their emotions and their frustrations have reached it's limit is symbolized by the raining of frogs. I think I'm having this moment. I'm trying to reach this starting point where I will see the sign, see the raining frogs and realize there must be a point of no-return and start this story. I have to chose a path and not look back. Don't forget, but keep going. Persevere. Run like the wind and not be a lazy procrasinator.

I thought & wrote today I'm ready to take the next steps in my life. I've kinda danced around taking these steps for the past month and I'm tired of waiting. I've had the melt-downs, I'm in the process of cleaning up these fallen frogs on the roadside, and I must go on. If I write it, I'll beleive I can do it. If I keep reminding myself Yes...just a lil more time needs to go by, and then things will be different. Yes I will turn that other corner. I want the story to start, and cleaning the bedroom wasn't enough. I have to physically & mentally do it. Okay. Monday, that's a day of new beginning.

Also, geez if it really truly rained frogs.....Omg that'd be one hell of a cleanup. lol.

The sky will be my limit. Maybe just maybe I'll go further...

I took this pic today outside of DePiero's farm in Park Ridge, NJ. The clouds just go on and on. I thought it was beautiful.

"But there will be dancing..." - George, My Best Friend's Wedding


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