Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rome was not built in a day nor is decorating my!

Ohh dear me. The work that has gone into cleaning up that place is soo much that I had to keep the windows open for the past few days to air out the fantastik smell & Pledge. BUT it is coming along. I'm actually at my parents' house right now because I won't have the internet until tomorrow. I just wanted to briefly say HI everyone & Yeah I really apologize for my absence right now. It's only temporary I assure you. Tomorrow I'll have the internet so I can do my regular posting. Okay see you all tomorrow!! =)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Stolen Moments…

HI EVERYBODY!! I’m back to Blogger. I really honestly missed blogging. It has become such a part of me & my everyday routine that I was feeling the loss. It has been an absolute crazy few days and a blizzard even made a guest appearance. Yup a full 2 feet of snow blizzard in lower New York. It was up to my knees when I was trudging through the snow to my parent’s house to get the snow shovel for CJ.  It was soo unbelievably cold!! Hopefully it’ll start melting & finally the plow can really do some cleaning.

But Christmas was just wonderful. It was a lot of running around because this is really the first year I’ve had a boyfriend for the holidays. I didn’t realize how many stops needed to be made or how many presents needed to be given & whew…it was a SUPER long day. I hope I’m not getting sick but I’ve been nauseous as hell for the past few days. Hopefully as things calm down before the New Year my tummy will ease.

I did rack up a few special Christmas Moments that I would love to share with all of you too! Here it goes:

~Somehow my Mom hinted to CJ that I wanted a key necklace for Christmas. Well…he actually got me a key locket necklace that I have barely taken off in the past 3 days. It’s was so unexpected & so beautiful I cried. I felt just like Peggy Sue in “Peggy Sue got married” with the locket. It’s soo pretty!! I love how he got our picture engraved in it. <3 ~

~Hearing people in a bar on Christmas Eve scream “MERRY CHRISTMAS” to the tune of the entire song, “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. It was a unique experience. ~

~Seeing my parents’ eyes light up when they opened the presents I got them. I got my Mom her favorite movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” & my dad’s favorite movie, “Aeonflux”!~

~This was CJ’s morning commute today. Apparently NY plow people were on strike?? This was soo bad but he’s all safe & sound now.

~I jumped for joy when I got a Wii for Christmas. I might be the last person to get one but I’ve always wanted one. It’s red too. My favorite color!! =) Thanks MOM!!~

~I slept my first night in my new place!! I’ve never had a Queen’s sized bed before so it was glorious to have all the room!!!! No more Twin for me. ~

~My uncle staying longer so I’d get to see him before he left to go back to NYC. I didn’t get to see him on Thanksgiving. ~
 ~ Having CJ with me all the steps of the way. He had a rose in his car for me too on Christmas Eve. It was so sweet.~

I have to say that it’s nice to get back to normal these days. I’m going to hit up some sales tomorrow for the condo & get ready for New Years!! I don’t have the internet in my new place yet so I’m at my parents right now. I’ll be trudging through the snow soon! GOODNIGHT! It’s good to be back! =)

What were your Christmas Stolen Moments? 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

And We'll Have Halloween on Christmas...And in the Night We'll Wish This Never Ends...

HEY Everybody!! So I bagged myself a Santa, got myself a lil Christmas tree, did all my shopping, & now it's time to CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS!!! I've gone to Channukah parties, Work parties, & now my favorite holiday Christmas. I'm so grateful to spending it with my family & CJ's family. It should be so much fun!!

I'm going to be signing off until this Sunday & Hopefully I can catch up on everyone's blogs. Til then, I want wish everybody a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Nightmare...

When it comes to owning your own home there are going to be "One of those Days...". I'm in one. BIG TIME. Everything was going sort of okay like I saved a whole bunch of money in Bed Bath & Beyond when I bought a new shower head, but then it slowing went down hill from there. It started at Ikea.

My Mom & I went to Ikea & began to fight because I said the food court was on one level but she wouldn't believe me so she had to prove me wrong but I was actually right because low & behold the food court was where I said it was. NEXT thing, the bookcase we bought wouldn't fit in the car, so we had to return it for right now. They didn't have the legs for the table I wanted because you have to assemble EVERYTHING & buy everything SEPARATELY so I got white for white instead of white & red. But all in all it was alright.

THEN....I go to Guitar Center to buy CJ a gift & buy it. Buttt then I looked at the package & it was all dog eared & ripped. I figured that's why the guy just pulled it from the shelf & didn't let me look at it. I had to return it.

Ohhhh yeahhh so I didn't realize at this point that I didn't have my phone. Until I got back to the car. I frustratedly looked for it but then decided to go back to the store to find it. These two people saw me looking in the path to the store & said, "Did You Loose a Phone??". Yeah I had. But my phone got run over or something because it barely works. FUCK!!! Yeahh...

THEN I start putting together the Bed Frame my Aunt Mary gave me for the mattress and GUESS WHAT?? It's for a Full bed NOT a Queen Sized Bed. Sooo I can't move in tonight. Greeaaaaaaaatttt.

I really haven't ranted on this blog for a while so I apologize for this, but it's been a Nightmare of a Day. I think I need a drink.

I'll be back later after I calm down because I did get some nice stuff at Ikea I can't wait to show you. See you all in a few!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunday Stolen Moments...Just a Wee Bit Late!

Last week I started this new feature & already I’m behind. Geez. But the craziness should ease up soon as I start to move into my condo & the holidays roll on by in their festive glory. I’ve already started moving lil things over to my new home. Wow it’s still weird to write that, but I’m smiling every step of the way. =)

Here are some of my Stolen Moments of the Weekend!

~Finally walking into my very own first home & screaming “YES!!” at the top of my lungs. The weight of the stress of it all is actually starting to subside. Thank God!~

~Saturday night Cookie Swap at my new friend Erin’s adorable cottage bungaloo!! I had never been to one & ohh it was so cute! She had lil cookie boxes for us to take the yummy cookies home!! I met Erin at the cake decorating class I just finished. I really hope we keep in touch because she is awesome!~
~CJ had a guy’s night Friday night so when I woke up on Saturday I had an adorable text from him that read:
“I have to be to honest. I love you more than ever. I bragged about you all night to my friends. I love more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.”
 My heart just melted~

~Watching CJ fix my electrical outlets as he listened to the Day-O song from Beetlejuice. I’m so lucky to have him. ~

~Hearing my favorite Christmas song on the way to CJ’s family party. “Feliz Navidad”. ~

~Somehow I managed to get all the cookies & Christmas Trees for CJ’s family party made & decorated!! THANKS MOM FOR HELPING!!! <3 ~

~Trying to wake CJ up in the morning to tell him I was leaving to go to bake but when I smoothed his hair & kissed his forehead he just smiled in his sleep so I didn’t have the heart to wake him. ~

~Accidentally finding a picture of CJ & his ex in a family album. It was actually pretty funny because his family rushed to take a new photo of him & me to replace it. =) ~

~Finally after all the madness taking my shoes off & relaxing. Ohhh yeah… ~

What Were YOUR Stolen Moments of the Weekend?! 

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I’M BACK!! & I’m Now a HOMEOWNER!!

…There’s no place like Home…

YES!! I FINALLY closed on my condo & I GOT MY KEY!!! The past few days has been an absolute whirlwind from all the condo stuff but I happily did every part of it!! On Friday, December 17, 2010 at 4pm I signed enough papers to make my hand almost fall off BUT when I walked at of the small office with the lawyers & title people I had my very first key to my very first place!
My Mom & I waiting at the Closing!
My Precious Key & My Goofy Happy Smile!! =)
Ever since I can remember I wanted to move out on my own & start building home for myself. The dream is now a reality. I can’t believe it. I walked in & I was like Omg this is really REAL!!! WOW! I ran over from my parents, oh yeah the condo is in the same development as my parents, and just jumped up and down with joy. 

Well enough chatter, Here’s the pictures of my studio condo! It’s a studio but the kitchen is a separate room AND there is 3 CLOSETS!!!! Ohh yeah! My bedroom at my parents doesn’t have a closet so I’m in 2nd heaven with the closets! It’s on the 2nd floor on the end & I have my own door to the outside! =) Here we go!
You walk up the stairs into the main room
This is the Main Room!
The Bathroom! Needs New Shower Head!
Kitchen! Probably going to replace stove & refrigerator!

I'm trying to Clean the Kitchen Cabinets!!! <3
Bathroom on the left & kitchen on the right from main room

One of my closets & this cool opening in the wall
Closet #2 which is a Walk-In!
My Cute Boyfriend Cj helping me with the Electrical Sockets!

I will officially move in on Wednesday because my mattress will be delivered. I started cleaning on Saturday & did find out that the kitchen sink is broken but that’s okay I’ll fix that ASAP! I’m going to paint & finish cleaning & moving things in. I'm definitely going to be posting about my progress with everything!! Can't wait to show you more!! I’m so happy!!

I just got home from CJ’s family party so I’m exhausted! I’ll be back tomorrow & back to my regular posting! =)

Oh btw the GIVEAWAY Winner was the Crave to Save! Thank you everyone entered! I’ll be hosting another giveaway very soon!! 

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm Running & Running & Busy & Busy!!

Hey Everybody I'm sure you've all heard the news in my last post yesterday so I'm just going to give this mini shout-out that I should be back regularly blogging on Friday or Saturday because I got tons & tons to do getting all the final paperwork, checks, time off from work, paint, turning the electricity in the place back on & a couple more things. THANK U all for the wonderful comments yesterday I'm so happy & can't wait to start this next journey in my life. I just need a lil time to think & get it all straighten out. Stay Tuned I'll be back with Tons of new stuff to blog about!!! =) Soo Sorry. BE BACK ASAP!!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FINALLY I have a Closing Date on My New Place..AND IT'S THIS FRIDAY!!!

YUP! You read my title of this post correctly! After almost 5 months of drama I will FINALLY get to move into my CONDO!! I am beyond exstatic I can't begin to describe!! The closing will be this Friday at 4pm EST. I got the news yesterday and have just been bursting at the seams hoping to tell all of you! This has been such a dream of mine for soo soo long and it will actually be a reality. Wow. I really need to start packing!!!

It's so surreal. For a while I honestly didn't think it was going to happen. Something seemed to be fighting me on it & I was just about to give up all hope. BUT the night is darkest before the dawn sometimes. Omg I have sooo much to do now!! I have to figure out paint colors, get food, turn on the electricity, get my matress, buy furniture, get the furniture people promised me, get stemware, and Ooooo I'm SO EXCITED!!!! This isn't the first time I'm going to be living on my own but living in a dorm is nothing like having your own actual place. Or rather Home. I'm going to be able to say "My Own Home." hehe =)

It's a studio condo on the 2nd Floor of my parent's condo complex but its free laundry, low common charges, and my mortgage payment is soo much less than I thought it would be! CJ told me he would help me with as much as he can to get everything liveable too!! I can't wait to get in there and take pictures of it to show you guys!! I'm going to need tons of feedback & definitely some styling help so stay tuned for more!! I gotta go do some more cartwheels so I'll be back tomorrow!!! YEAHH!!! =)

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cole Haan Styles at!

So who wants to look great for the Holidays and the upcoming New Year? Well I know I do. Haan Collection is a great place to get started! Cole Haan was known for the Men’s shoes that reflected the 1920’s jazz age style but has grown into a brand that embraces elegance and refinement in more than just a shoe. They have shoes, belts, accessories, coats, wallets, and other stylish items with new arrivals coming every month!
Cole Haan has all different types of shoes for both men and women. Boots for picking up your kids in the rain, loafers for lounging around the house, beautiful red pumps pictured above for that weekend party and others that would give you so many options. They even have a boot called the Air Melanie RainBoot!! They look sleek and have many different uses. I might have to buy them because of the name. These boots, as well as many other styles are made with Nike Air technology for total comfort, even some pumps have it. Also their shoes are made in a variety of materials too. carries a wide selection of the Cole Haan shoes. But wait there’s more.  
I think I have a passion for red colored anything these days. It’s probably the holidays. This red Cole Haan Sutton Taylor Drawstring Purse is so pretty. I’d want to get it in the red up there and the black. I love that there is such a various selection of different types of bags and purses including cross body messenger ones. There is something here for everybody. Along with the shoes and the purses, there are socks and belts that can complete the perfect holiday outfit.  

If your last minute gift shopping or looking for the some accessories to jazz up your outfit remember to take a look at the Cole Haan assortment found at

Brought to you by your friends at

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stolen Moments...

The other day I came across a pretty bottle of wine with that exact title. Stolen Moments. I did a post a few weeks ago about the Moments of the weekend & it was a big hit so a New Feature on my blog will be Stolen Moments Sunday. =) It will be about those lil scenes in time that I want to remember from the weekend…or hope to forget, hehe. =)

The wine called Stolen Moments I haven’t had the pleasure to drink yet but it is Rose Dry Wine called “Rose delle Venezie”. The caption on the bottle reads,
                “Fufill your desires, reward your endeavours. Sit back, relax and indulge, these are your moments, you’ve earned this time! A fresh and distinct wine created for life’s hectic pace…”
 That wine sounds right up my alley. I'll try it soon!! Let’s get the Moment ball rolling…

…Making some homemade pizza with CJ using lots of minced garlic, yummy…

…FINALLY seeing Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I LOVED this movie!! If you’ve ever had an ex, played video games, & had a dream someone you’ll fall in love with this movie…

…An older gentleman telling me in the super market that the people of Raisin Bran are secretly adding sugar to the raisins. He can taste the difference. It’s a total conspiracy. Hehe….

…Wrapping more X-mas presents & finding a perfect gift for my Dad. I’m addicted this year…

…CJ putting his hand above my heart & whispering in my ear,  
“This is where you are to me. In my heart.”

…Realizing that all my hard work at the gym last week DID pay off. My jeans are a lil looser…

…Getting triple points on my Victoria Secret purchase because I went to a Special Event. Oooo….

…Discovering in myself that I would fight for CJ. Totally…

Well those are my moments… 
What were your Weekend Stolen Moments?

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Friday, December 10, 2010

CSN Stores Giveaway!!! =)

Hi Everyone! I’m still rocking the Holiday Cheer & by the end of today will know my Closing Date (YEAH!) sooooo without further ado to celebrate I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY!! CSN Stores has become one of my favorite online sites to buy almost anything. In their 200+ stores they have everything from a meatball maker, to a Laptop Messenger Bag, to fondue sets, to office furniture, to movies, to jewelry, to ohh name it, they have it!!

The ordering process is so easy and they ship everything out to you so fast & accordingly. It’s shopping made easy! With tons of online stores to choose from within CSN Stores you’re bound to find something that will tickle your fancy or some last minute gifts! =)

Here's the list of their Stores!! CSN STORES - Our Stores

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Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making Christmas…Time to Give Them Something Fun they’ll Talk About For Years to Come…

I think you guys can tell that my favorite movie is “Nightmare before Christmas” right? Lol. 

Thank you everyone for your questions!! I will be working on those shortly & will have the answers posted ASAP! The answers I’m looking for were about the condo. I was APPROVED!!! FINALLY!! All I need now is the lawyers to talk so I can get a Closing Date! I’m BEYOND ecstatic. I’m afraid to be too happy (*knock on wood*) because I don’t want to jinx the chance of getting a closing date in before Christmas so maybe I can have a lil tree in my new place. But all the paper work is & we are moving forward. Whew! So sorry my blogging & commenting has been uber lite, but things will get back to normal very soon. =)

Yesterday & today I somehow got completely into the Holiday Spirit. I usually like the deciding on what to get people & that’s it. This year I’ve trudged my way into the stores & Sales & actually are almost done with all the buying & EVEN did some wrapping already! I know…last year I really wasn’t into Christmas at all but I’m not sure what’s got into me. I think the condo coming to a positive almost conclusion is boosting my morale. Anywho…

Here are 2 things that have made my Christmas so far Awesome & Easy!! =)

Kraft Jet-Puff Gingerbread Men Marshmellows!! They are soo cute!!!! They even taste like gingerbread cookies. I don’t know how they did it but I love it. I got them in a Walmart Super Center so ya know.

“Who wants to be in my Hot Cocoa tomorrow?” Me, Me!
 (Maybe I’ve had too much caffeine today, I can’t believe I just wrote that!!!)
 Scotch Pop-Up Tape Dispenser
I will NEVER wrap a present without one of these again! I’m a clutz when it comes to gift wrapping so this is made it so much easier!!
 Here are some presents I’ve already wrapped! I love the lil Christmas bear paper. =)

Ohhh yeah I got tons more to do so I’m hoping this Christmas Energy continues. I have to put up my parent's Christmas Tree ASAP! As this week goes on I’m finding out more information & soon a Closing Date too. Whew…almost over.  Almost...

What’s made your Christmas a lil Easier this year & Have you found anything Awesome like those Marshmellows? =)

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