Monday, October 31, 2011

Snowtober & Halloween....

FINALLY I HAVE POWER BACK!!! It is the hardest thing ever to get dressed up for Halloween in the dark. Yes, NY got hit with that freak snow storm too and there is at least 6 inches of snow still on the ground...Unbelievable. There are trees down, power lines down, street lights weren't working and there was no hot water for 2 days.

Luckily my power must have come back during the night. It was like walking around a real horror movie the last 2 days. Pretty cool but man it sucked putting on make-up!! lol.

I have to hop into my nice hot shower and head to work.  I will be back later to share more of the ridiculousness that was the past few days....


Friday, October 28, 2011

A Halloween Costume Hint.....

I'm almost done designing my costume....Here's a hint: Red Corsette, red hair dye, purple shoes, purple gloves, and bunny ears.....Pictures to come soon....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not Saying the "D" Word but Actually Seeing Results!

A busy day here and a busy day there. The clock will fly by and 5pm will come...but where did 12 go? The yogurt will help and the apple a day still will keep the doctor away. BUT as I keep forgetting to eat lunch these crazy days a weird occurrence will happen. Dinner will come and I will be so famished that it's almost a mania when I get home. I want this and that and maybe a lil bit of this and a tench of that. Ugh.  It's a vicious cycle that goes round and round.

However I caught on to it. As work got crazier, and as my hour lunch got depleted, I decided to start bringing lunch into work. Honestly it has been the most effective thing in my diet. I guess it's the control I now have. Yes, I control my car driving me to Panera and my willpower is my own to order the panini that I crave so much all the time, but the extra calories are just too much right now. Instead home-made pizza works, a sandwich I made with a normal amount of cold cuts, and oooo the right snacks. I think it's all paying off.

Technically I have not lost any weight but gained muscle and have certainly lost inches. My shirts are loose, the questions of "Hey are losing weight?" are starting, it's almost a normal habit for me to drink lots of water and tea, and I can definitely tell I have a lil spring back to my step. That sounds corny but it's true. I love going to stores and having clothes fit right, not worrying that the shirt is too tight or that the jeans are making a muffin top. I'll stick to my cupcakes. hehe. I actually allow myself to have 1 cupcake a week from my class. There is no use in depriving myself, because if I indulge a lil bit I won't want more than 1.

Seriously this is all sounding like Buffet Calculus. Some girl on Drop Dead Diva said that term and it is so true. If I eat this I can't eat that, or vise versa. It can drive a person crazy. lol. However little steps...they work...

Are you on a diet? Any tricks up your sleeve? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Roulette Landed on Rut...Yup That's the Word...

Thank you everyone with the well wishes and the welcome backs! I missed writing ever so much. I've mentioned my sanity and my job and now I'll let you in on Cj and me. I love him so much and it's my favorite part of the day when he calls me in the morning or kisses me goodbye in the morning and says,  "I love you too, baby." However I think we're in a bit of a I hope we are slowly growing out of. I'll explain.

Recently certain events have brought us closer and farther apart. Closer because one of his cousins is now dating one of CJ's best friends we have a couple who calls us all the time to do things. Closer, (okay this may sound cheesy) because we have tons of new TV shows we wait to watch so we can see them together.  Now the really didn't dawn on us that if he started car-pooling with someone who lives in his building he wouldn't be able to stay over my house during the week. Farther in that our lives are so busy we barely have times to ourselves to have our lil relationship because people are always dragging us here or there. Farther in that it had been a while for *Cough*. Pure and utter tiredness didn't help that. But it all seems like all we have been doing is watching TV together...that I think signals the word, "RUT".

New lingerie from Victoria Secret helped quite a bit lol but this rut seems to be going on for a while. Ocktoberfest and Halloween coming up is going to help and oh yeah the holidays coming up too are things to look forward to as well. However Is it really a rut tho I've asked myself? Are him and I just in a patch of time where we are just living? Just doing our daily routines and are lil moments are what we have? Marching time maybe between next steps? Waiting for one of us to make that move? I dunno...

I love him too much not to try to change things...Now where to start??

Have you experienced a rut in your relationship? What did you do to push out of it? 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where to begin....

Where to begin...Sometimes life gets so unbelievable hard and you will feel like you have an anchor shackled to your ankle dragging you down. That feeling has had me sort of prisoner for the past few weeks. The smiles were short in coming and the "me" time I used to use to read and write blogs stopped. My "me" time stopped. I am slowly getting it back. I think that's one of the overlooked beauties of life. The art of starting again. You may not be able to rewind the tape fully but you can hit the delete button and move on to a better path. Yup, it's possible to return to happiness.

Also, the girl that was training me at my job left early and I've learned just how much she did not teach me. It has a part of me bitter towards her if I ever happen to see her again. It's been a complete struggle at my job because I wasn't there in 2009 or 2010 when things changed, AND if someone who was there didn't keep emails as good as everyone thought she did, I'm literally in the dark with not even a half of a match. She used to say "You have to play around with it." I didn't realize until now what that "playing around" truly met. BUT things are getting better...however it's taking time to catch up. It's a challenge and hoping the better sticks for real.

Time changes people...that is the ever so true. But in my time away I remembered my blog is part of me and I had to pick it up again. I have to remember to do things I want and find my "me" time again. Find me again. I'm back and I need this blog I think to keep my sanity going. It was running a lil be honest. New day attitude. =)

See you all tomorrow....


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