Monday, November 29, 2010

I need a lil bit of luck here...The Condo Ordeal will soon come to an End...I HOPE!

For the past 5 months there has been a thorn in my side because early July I decided to buy my own condo. From DAY 1 it has been a complete and utter disaster. In the last minute of my first attempt to get a mortgage they denied me the loan in the last minute because they couldn't find a home sale in my area of 10% down to compare my place to. THEN the mortgage people decided they weren't going to answer their phones for me for a week or 3. Or answer an email. I got a new mortgage & then the man that was supposed to say "Your Approved" would not answer his phone or email for a week so my future plans sat on a desk for a while...then some more time went by. I've had enough.

After calling the President of Bank of America, yes my mortgage problem is because Bank of America mortgage department in NY is run by complete idiots, we finally got everybody on the phone & this all gotstraightened out. There was no excuse for this taking 5 months to clear when I have a great credit score & have given them EVERY bit of information they needed either that day or the next.

By the end of this week I will get the "Approval" statement & I can finally yes FINALLY get a closing date & move into my new place. I have sooo much stuff that I can't wait to put in my new place. I want to hang up my pale yellow shower curtain, finally have a queen size bed, use my crock pot I stood in line on Black Friday for, & actually be living in my own place.

Now...I need a lil bit of luck that this time when they say it will be resolved by the end of this week that its the TRUTH. *knock on wood* I want to decorate my place for Christmas. I want to finally be able to be happy about this life choice. I want to take that next step in adulthood.

I'll find out more info this week but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, wishing on stars, waiting for 11:11 to get an extra wish in there, & hoping...hoping for it all...Wish Me Luck!!!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Because your mine...I walked the line...

{Hey Everybody I’m back. I made it to everything this holiday & still have a bit of my sanity. I’m going to be posting about my holiday tomorrow. I have another post for today.}
A few days before Thanksgiving a familiar tightness in my heart returned to me. Stress sometimes will give me this uneasy feeling but it was something more, but WHAT was it?? What was giving me this dread in the back of my mind? What was bothering me so greatly?

This Black Friday was the 6 Month anniversary of CJ & mine’s First date. Six months ago…I arrived at the restaurant after circling it for 15 minutes lost.  A cute man stood with a single beautiful red rose by side of the parking lot looking nervous as hell. I walked up to him with a smile from ear to ear. He was the first guy to ever truly ask me out on a date. We tried to pack my 24 years & his 28 years of stories into one night. We didn’t even scratch the surface so I knew I had to see him again. It was so new & fresh that I had to see him again…
That day was something so special to me I told CJ I wanted to do something this past Friday to celebrate. I’ll admit I haven’t many successful relationships so 6 months is HUGE to me. BUT somehow my hints didn’t get through. He told me Happy Anniversary after a reminder & that was it. The weekend got packed with stuff to do every second & none of it included him & I spending any alone time together to celebrate our relationship. I kept hoping he would say ohhh we’ll celebrate tomorrow or the next day or after this will do something ourselves or I love you we should have a date night or ANYTHING that was just the two of us…it never came, he never said a word after. 

I thought I'd maybe get Sunday but he made plans with his friends & was rushing us to watch a movie because of it & I lost it. He made a comment how we don’t fight & I laid the cards on the table. I was upset that he didn’t think our anniversary was important enough to do anything for it. I told him how I was giving him hints, reminded him how I told him repeatedly that I wanted to do something & just because on the day we were busy it didn’t mean I wanted us to forget about it….I know men sometimes just don’t get the picture but I had enough.

The look of “OH SHIT I fucked up” scarred his face for what seemed an hour. A minute went by & he just looked at me & said, “I missed this. I really fucking missed this. I'm sorry Melanie, Ohh shit I'm sorry.” Apparently no one he’s ever dated made a fuss about their anniversary & wanted to celebrate his relationship with them so he forgot how another person could see it as important. I told him how much I loved him & how special he was to me & he apologized for ignoring my hints & me. It wasn’t a fight but an eye-opener. He told me he could be alone but ever since he met me he never wants to be alone again.  

Today I realized the pain stopped in my chest. I decided to write about this to Remember that communication is KEY in a relationship & if you love someone tell them. Let them know that they are important to you & that you want them in your life. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind because the result could be a better more honest relationship. 

Johnny & June Cash
We spent this morning together just the two of us. That’s all I wanted & I’m so happy & relieved I said something. *Letting out the breath I was totally holding*…Whew.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone & Good Luck on Black Friday!!!!

Oh boy oh boy the next few days is going to be insane. I got my plans all set to see everyone & I’ll be making my pies tonight! I love when the whole house smells of turkey too. Hehe. My mom makes a goooood turkey. I hope this is a good Thanksgiving. =) I’m going to be signing off until Friday. Yes I will be in the hustle & bustle of the Friday AM sales. I don’t need much so it should be too too bad I crazy! I hope! Lol. I love blogging so much & I’m so thankful for all of you so I’ll be thinking of some random things to post when I get back and a giveaway (Shhh!!) =)


Here are some of older posts in case you missed them to hold you over until I get back! Be back Soon!

I’ve actually recently found that using BLOGLOVIN is so much easier than the Google Dashboard reader. If your on Bloglovin, you can follow me there too!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here, There, Everywhere this Holiday Season!! But First Year with a lil something special...

I love the holidays but the stress is starting to get to me. The holidays are never a relaxation time for me. Never has been. I’ve gotten used to living in a car basically on Thanksgiving & Christmas but this year it’s going to be very different indeed. I will have another person with me to join in on the madness & add another set of family members that need to be seen on these chosen days. CJ…my dear. The only saving grace is that my family & his family are all in the same vicinity. Sort of.

I’m lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents & they happen to all be in their 80’s so there is no NOT seeing them on the holidays. I have to. One grandpa in Connecticut is 88. There is no ifs, ands, or buts on making an appearance there. Then there is CJ’s family to see for dessert which will be about an hour from my grandparents but it’s back in NY so that’s cool. After that I will have to go see my other set of grandparents. Hopefully I’ll only have to eat 2 settings of Thankgiving dinners. I know I’m going to be turkeyed out tho soon after the first set. But the big thing is to see as many people as we can before it gets too late.

Okay so just writing this is making my head spin & my back hurt more. I think I threw out my back again. Ever since I turned 25 to the day even I’ve had back problems. It’s probably the changing weather or the stress is building up on me. I don’t know but I just took a vicodin so it might calm down.

Anyone else Stressed yet over the Holiday Madness?

I’m finding myself constantly clicking websites for the Black Friday Sales, making lists for gifts, checking travel plans & times for what part of meals, & trying to find an outfit appropriate to see both my family & CJ’s & I think I’m forgetting to enjoy it. This is the FIRST YEAR EVER I’m actually going to have somebody that wants to be with me on the holidays & I’m running around like a chicken without a head. I’ll never forget the Drummer Boy being mad at me when I bought him a X-mas present after we had dated a month. How sad. CJ is nothing like all the others & I want to spend Thanksgiving & Christmas with him without the extra hassels.

So much to do….2 more days of work too, thankfully. I just gotta breathe & take it slow. Remember to enjoy this time…I’m going to try. =)

Where are you going for your Holiday on Thursday? DO you have a whole bunch of people to see on Thanksgiving?

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's the lil moments that count...

This weekend was full of moments that if I could I would want to relive them over  & over again. That’s what makes life so precious. Those lil things that tug at your heart & make it smile…

 ~Taking a West Coast Swing class with your boyfriend & actually completing the steps. Seeing the determination on CJ’s face to learn the new moves was awesome! I was so impressed. I’ll admit the thought creeped into my head of maybe just maybe I might dance with him like this on our maybe future wedding day...

~Being all snuggled up with CJ in bed & then in the middle of the night feeling a lil sleepy kiss on my shoulder that went straight to my toes.

~Early Christmas shopping in the mall NOT by yourself, but with someone who is there merely because 
you’re there & wanted to spend the day with you.

~A lil kitty snuggling between CJ & me in the morning just to be petted by both of us.

~Shopping for all the ingredients for Shrimp Tacos & then cooking them all together. It was so yummy we sorta sat in silence just enjoying it.

~Cleaning behind the oven & finding a sea of cat toys & a penny from 1938. Hehe. I hope it hadn’t been there THAT long.

~Sitting at TGIF’s watching the end of the NJ Jets game together & CJ turning to me saying, “I just love you so much.”

~And realizing that for the first time ever that I have everything I ever wanted all wrapped up in a 6ft man with dragon tattoos. It took me years to find him & I’m don't think I can ever let him go. =)

What was your Favorite Lil Moment of the weekend?

This week is going to be a whirlwind for everyone. Baking, shopping, eating, traveling, and rushing around. Hopefully we’ll have lil moments of happiness to enjoy & tell. I hope so very much. Can’t wait!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

I Throw My Hands Up in the Air Sometimes Singing Ay-Oh…Gotta Let go…

Ever feel like you had a successful blogging week? I don’t know but this week I feel like I learned something from all your wonderful comments. I’ve gone all over the place with the subject category so I’m happy the response was good. Thank you very much! Sometimes I honestly feel like I’m in a “Pin the tail on the Donkey” game with the blindfold stuck on my eyes. It’s hard to see a situation for what it truly is when your knee deep in it. So you’ll need a lil help. Thank you for giving me that lil push.

Also my happy lil Christmas trees Cupckes! Christmas Tree Cupcake Post It was soo much fun making those cupcake wonders! I’m going to miss that class. My mom was an excellent teacher. Hopefully when I move into my new place I will be able to make something new like that every week!

This week has also brought a few things to my attention I have never done that I have to do before this year is up!
1.) Have a Macaroon! I’ve never had one before. I drool over almost every post that features these because I’ve never had the delight of eating one. There is a bakery shop by Cj’s house that makes them. I must make a stop there soon!

2.)Watch “The Notebook”. Somehow I missed this movie every single time it’s been on TV or when it was in the theaters. I have to sit down and watch it. I know the story but I have to see it nonetheless.

3.)Pick up my Zombie Novel again. I began writing one last year & have almost forgotten about it. I need to dust off the cover of my lil cherry notebook & begin to write again. I miss it.

I'll got on those things ASAP! Along with them this weekend I’m also going to a Ballroom Dancing Class with CJ & some of his friends! It should be so much fun. I also have a Christening to go to this Sunday. It should be an interesting weekend! Cheers Everyone!

“Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.”

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ohh Lil Christmas Tree have yourself an early merry lil christmas!!

I know it's early to talk about Christmas trees but I just got back from my Last Cake Decorating Class & Christmas Trees was the last lesson. I think they are just so cute!! It's amazing what you can do with a cupcake, some food coloring, & a lil bit of icing. Those lil trees up there are ALL icing & ALL cupcake. I'll explain.

Basically what you need is 1 large cupcake, 1 mini cupcake, some green icing & some red icing. Of course you will need your metal styling tips & a pastry bag too. Oh don't forget your imagination.

You put icing on the top of the cupcake to make the tree skirt. I tried making red icing but for some odd reason it stayed pink. Oh well. You place the mini cupcake on top of the bigger iced cupcake. 

Using a Metal Styling tip you start making the lil stars for the branches of the tree over the top Mini Cupcake.

Then you fill in the whole mini cupcake to create the Tree. I added some pink dots so it looked like ornaments & a yellow star for the top.

Me Placing Ornaments on the Tree =)
I can't believe this was my last class of cake decorating. I've learned so much I can't begin to describe. My mom assures me that there will be another session in the Spring. I can't wait. We also learned how to make a Tootsie Roll Rose.

That rose is completely made out of Tootsie Rolls. We softened up 3 tootsie rolls so we could combine them & roll it out. Using cutters we shaped out the rose. It's amazing what someone can create with just a lil sugar & some imagination.

I can't wait to use all that I've learned here in class. Soon enough I will. =)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I don't think licking cheese doodles is going to work. Let's talk about what will work, instead.!

Some point last I was reading in a magazine an article about How Celebrity Women Stay Fit”. I have never heard such STUPID advice in all my life. Of course there’s the usual thing that they get all their meals cooked by a specific chef who has a masters in yada yada or that they have a trainer come to their home 5 days of week. Which is exactly what a normal person with 9-5 job & bills wants to hear? Right? Nope.

Well they added some icing to the cake. They stated that actress Kendra Wilson will lick Cheese Doodles to stay fit. WHAT??? She doesn’t eat the whole thing just licks it clean so she feels like she’s eaten it because she has the taste in her mouth. That is the MOST RIDICOLOUS thing I’ve ever heard as advice to the normal women of the world trying to lose some weight before the holidays. So we’re supposed to lick our food but not eat it & just throw it away? Someone must have been sick this day or they were desperate to fill in some space on the mostly white article page. Geez.

Raise your hand if your NOT going to start just licking your food! *RAISING MY HAND UP HIGH*. So what are you going to do? Hmmm….

In my Weekly Goals that I’ve been trying to complete for a few months now one was: Watching what I eat & trying to exercise more regularly. It has been a success because my jeans are a lil bit loser & my shirts are not so tight and the dreaded scale has moved slowly down. Here’s how I’ve been doing it:

1.) Food SWAP: For the same $5 bucks it would cost to buy a Taco Bell chicken quesadilla with sour cream & cinnamon twists I will INSTEAD go buy a Subway 6” Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich on a flatbread. Calorie difference: Swap 40gs of Fat for Taco Bell to 5g of fat for the Subway Sandwhich.

2.) Go to the Gym at least 2 times a week.

3.) WALKING. So under-rated. I go to the Mall & walk around the whole thing while I shop. Just getting out of the house & not sitting around doing nothing does help your diet.

4.) Not Depriving Myself: My job got munchkins the other day so I had 1. I still enjoyed a lil something & didn’t feel left out & satisfied that craving.

5.) Eating Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. If you eat all three meals you will be less likely to snack heavily in between.

6.) Eat something at that 3pm Wall. Everyone’s energy drops around then, so have an apple or a small snack.

7.) I stopped drinking Beer. I will drink a glass a wine or alcohol instead. Beer is very fattening.

8.) I did a FOOD Journal for a WEEK & realized all I was eating was Taco Bell, Bacon & Chinese food. I haven’t had either of those in 2 weeks.

9.) I stopped eating before I went to bed.

10.) Serving Size: On everything there is a serving size. Be aware of it.

The results of these steps haven’t been drastic but changes in weight don’t happen overnight. I’ve definitely noticed a difference.

What have you been doing lately to stay fit that does NOT include licking cheese doodles?

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I wonder if it would have worked some other way?? No really would it have worked?

So today I didn’t see CJ today but amongst our phone conversation he popped an interesting question to me:

“If our parents had fixed us up, would we still have liked each other & started date?”

Now for my newer followers a lil background on this statement is that my boyfriend’s Mom & my Father WORK together in the same company. That is NOT how we met ironically. I’ve lived in Rockland County, NY all my life where CJ has come & gone to almost all 50 states but somehow we ended up in the same bar on the same night, same time two weekends in a row. On our second meeting, I turned to see the bar door open & CJ walked in & immediately walked through the crowd to me. After about 15 minutes of chit chat he asked if he could take me to dinner. Later I found out he was thinking about me all that week & went BACK to this bar hoping to find me. (That part always makes me smile.) And the rest has been my relationship history for the past 5 months…

Well what if our parents had decided okay you have a single daughter and I have a single son near the same ages, why not fix them up? Apparently CJ’s Mom used to complain to my father for about a year about how her son didn’t have a girlfriend and that she felt bad. I don’t know why my dad never brought up the fact that I was horrifically single & in need of a good guy but regardless it is interesting me this alternate universe thought.

It would have of course be a blind date & those are always awkward & then we would have started to talk. I wouldn’t have realized he knew friends of mine (Of which I met him with), I wouldn’t have had the delight of physically being asked out on a date, we wouldn’t have that moment of OMG Our Parents work together??? WTF???” that seriously broke the ice our first date, & I wonder if he would have bought me a rose…Would the blind date conversation been enough? Would he be cool with me having to have surgery 3 days after this date & still want to chill again? Would it have worked?

I’d say 75% chance we might still be dating in this made-up scenario. The 25% is the for our meeting story. I think I would miss that lil bar story too much. Hehe. I’m glad we met how we did. Very glad. This is all like that movie, "Sliding Doors" with Gweneth Paltrow. Regardless of her getting on the train or not she still met the guy that she would be with. hmmm...

I sometimes think about stuff like this. What if I decided to go to school in Florida or what if I never got my job & never got my car? What if I didn't go back to Omailey's that night which I almost didn't? What if I choose the other guy who had asked me out that night? What if I didn't take that chance on love...I wonder if I’d be where I am today. If one thing changed would my whole life be the same? Who knows…

Do you ever wonder what if you did just one thing differently what would have happened? 
I wonder…

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Girls Night Vs. Guys Night

So here’s an interesting topic to debate that just happened to come to the surface this weekend. This weekend was the celebration of one of my best friend’s birthdays & the festivities were a Girls Night. We did the cosmetic show in the morning & then her younger family members all met up in Yonkers for to hit the bars & get a free drinks & just chill. It was 8 ladies, including me, & we were all dressed up ready to take the town by storm. BUT here’s the thing…5 of us HAVE BOYFRIENDS. We’re not single but we were in the bars with make-up makeovers, cute boots, & are hair all done. We sat, drank, & sort of just talked about our boyfriends & commented on some cute eye candy. Then the time got late so we all parted our ways. So here’s the Question: What were the guys doing while we were all out?

Naturally there will come this time when the girlfriend will do her own thing one night & the boyfriend vice versa. Well while I was at a bar, so was CJ at a bar. CJ was dressed in a collared shirt with 4 of his SINGLE guy friends on the prowl with them. 4 single guys in a bar, with an open bar option are going to be looking for one thing. *Cough* I wasn’t born yesterday so yeah I know. Here’s where the issue arised.

Apparently CJ & the other buddies were talking to girls to try to get them to go for one of the newly single dudes at this lil bar night. CJ says he immediately told them all the girls that he had a girlfriend to which they either flirted with him or left him be. I had a problem with this. I trust him & I know he didn’t cheat on me but knowing he was with all those single guys who are trying to flirt upset me a lil. But I find myself a lil stuck with this argument. 

I met up with CJ eventually where I found out about how they were talking to all the girls & his response was, “Tonight made me miss you even more & I’m happy I’m in a relationship with you.”  I believe him but I guess where I’m pissed is that when I was at my bar I wasn’t talking to tons of guys trying to hook up the single girls of the party. I was there to chill with my friends & enjoy having a drink with them & share some stories. Why wasn’t he?

I explained to CJ the next day that I was uncomfortable with the fact that he was out talking to girls flirting-ish while I wasn’t there because sure as hell every girl after he said “I have a girlfriend” must have said, “Well…Where is she then?”.  He did understand & insured me that it was all harmless & it was for the friend & now he won't go around trying to find his friend girls anymore. The whole thing to me is just awkward. I’m not sure if I have to say,

“Hey if you have a guy’s night please can it be poker or pool or something that does NOT include a Single's bar, please?”

It’s weird. CJ understood where I was coming from so that’s the conversation ended on a high note. If he goes to certain bars where generally everybody is single he promised to take me because he didn’t want to do anything to fuck up our relationship. I don’t think I was wrong expressing my opinion either. What do you think?

Is there anything you don’t want your boyfriend to do? OR your girlfriend on those respective “Guy/Girl Nights? 

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