Friday, October 29, 2010

I put a spell on you & now your mine...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Happy Halloween EVERYONE!! This is by far my favorite Holiday!! That's me up there. I wanted to do Jessica Rabbit but CJ wanted to do something together as well as I so we settled on Kickass & Hit-Girl. I'm Hit-girl. hehe. At first I was like meh on the idea but I love dressing up as a Super Hero!! =) This is what the girl looks like in the movie:
I don't have the spear but Oh well. My Harley Quinn fake gun will work. Today rocked because I actually got to wear two costumes!!! I wore my Colonial outfit & made sure I used my modern technology as much as I could. hehe.

LOL! I love doing funky stuff for Halloween. I got a few parties lined up & I'm actually going to the Headless Horseman Haunted House after all!! WOOHOO!! I'm going on Sunday! I will post as many pics as I can muster of CJ & me & all the great costumes I see this weekend. Here's other photos my mom took of me in my costume.


I will try to watch Hocus Pocus too this weekend! I LOVE That movie!! Okay I have to go get ready but I wish everyone a very ghoulish Halloween. Mwahahahaha!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Please Ohh Please Cupcake Icing DON’T MELT!!! Ahhhhh!!!

So what happens when you have fog, humidity, freak rain storms all day, & only one open window in a faculty cafeteria?? MELTING Meringue Icing!! AHHH!!! Thankfully there was a refrigerator in the room. Hehe. 

 What Cooking Disasters Have You Had?

For the past few weeks I have had the delight of taking my mother’s Cake Decorating Class through the Adult Education Program in my old high school. I’ve learned so many different things that I wonder if Martha Stewart even knows. She might make the items but does she know how to use them all? Lol =P. Anywho, this week we learned how to make a different type of Icing. Butter Cream Meringue Icing.  One Word: Delicious! It’s a lighter version of the Buttercream icing we’ve been using to make the roses & spiderwebs & pumpkins. It’s also more whipped. It's used for a softer less dry look too. We made the icing in class so my mother could help us out. 

Here is the recipe we used for Butter Cream Meringue Icing:

4 ½ Cups sifted Powder Sugar
3 Tbs. of Meringue powder
½ cup of water
¼ cup of margarine or Crisco
1 tsp. of Vanilla Extract

Place 3 cups of sifted powdered sugar into your mixer. Add the 3 tbs. of Meringue Powder, then the water, then mix until the icing makes peaks like whip cream. It should look like lil mountains. When that happens add the other 1 ½ cups of sifted powdered sugar & the ¼ cups of Margarine or Crisco & the 1 tsp. of Vanilla Extract. Mix until it has been whipped into submission.

Sometimes it’s a lil too runny. If so, add more powdered sugar. If it’s foggy & muggy out place icing into the freezer so it comes to a cooler temperature. On second thought re-think the whole process of meringue icing if it’s warm out. IT WILL MELT. See EXHIBIT A:

Exhibit A
It should look like EXHIBIT B:
Exhibit B
We all placed our icing in the bags ready to decorate when alas by the time we were done spreading it with our decorating tips the lil rosettes were melting off. Oh well. I quickly used my tip to make my rosettes and ran to the freezer to put them in there. I made a special one for CJ. He’s not a big sweets person but I hope he’ll like this one! 
Even tho the weather messed things up a bit, it was a very fun class. This week has been insanely stressful for me so it was nice to play for a lil while & just forget. Next week we are going to learn how to make Turkey Cakes  with icing. Ooooo….Stay Tuned!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

“So tell me now...And I won’t ask again…Will you still love me tomorrow?”

The answer is Yes. I used to hate that song because my ex would never love me the next day. The split second I was out of his sight he was looking for someone else, maybe more glamorous or just a better time. My CJ tho has brought the music back to me & will love me tomorrow... All those songs I would quickly turn off the radio or take off my ipod are now back & I sit there listening going, “Oh. That’s what they are talking about.” Yeah, it all makes sense now.

“…usually when things has gone this far people tend to disappear…”

Well not this time. Today was Cj & I’s  5 month anniversary. 5 months!!! I can’t remember when I’ve had such a successful relationship. Of course there are the ups & downs & healthy lil spats but nobody is perfect.  I...The fact that I got to that Muse concert with him & have him put his arm around me & kiss me was more beautiful than any light show.  He’s everything that I’ve been missing

Going to the concerts, laying in bed twisting & turning until we get into the comfiest snuggle taggle, making our own lil pizzas, telling our secrets, holding hands, forehead kisses (I love these), letting me hug him til I’m ready to let go, apple picking just because I wanted to, couple Halloween costumes, him doing his homework & me writing my book, pushing my hair behind my ear, geocaching, & then those few moments where I’m just laying on his chest & he’s playing with my hair….I love him. He’s the first guy that made me see that those quotes about love are sometimes true. I hope he never disappears.

CJ & me at the Apple Orchard!
I just love this photo!
It’s funny tho. He’ll turn to me randomly & say, “Melanie I’m going to marry you one day.” I wonder. I really do. More so now than ever. I’ve had someone tell me they’d want to know me forever, but that lasted only 3 years. This?  I don’t know, but he is still the lil light on in my lighthouse. He calms the storm that nevertheless will appear. I’m grateful, ever so grateful. He’s making the past fade. It’s a slow fade but it’s fading. I’m letting go. It’s a wonderful feeling that is so liberating I can’t begin to describe. Sigh.

Cheers to 5 months! Hopefully 5 more and more. All the rest of those idiots in the past…well…

“…Here it is, a red balloon. I think of you and let it go…”

Italics are song lyics from various sources.

It's a New dawn, it's a New day, its a New life for me.....and I'm FEELING GOOD.....

There are few things in this world that I just can't pass up. One thing in particular always tickles my fancy. No it's not the pumpkin spice latte. It's Concerts, baby. I love live music. If the band sounds just like the CD or the MP3 in concert I will love them even more. This weekend was insane. Alas the Headless Horsemen haunted house was sold out but I got to go see MUSE live in concert in Newark, New Jersey & that just blew everything out of the water. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!

Amazing may not even be the best word to describe it. Anyone a fan? If you are you have to see this concert live. It's called the Resistance Tour & the opening band was Metric!! I only knew the song, "Help I'm Alive" going into it. I'm now a big fan of theirs. They played the opening set but Muse ruled the stage. In the beginning we just saw these 3 pillars & were like What the fuck? We soon learned that Muse was actually IN THE PILLARS!!  They played for like 2 straight hours & it was probably the most energetic crowd roaring most kickass concert I've been to in awhile. Oh yeah.

When they played "Supermassive black hole" I think every Twilight fan lost their voice. The lead singer had a reflective guitar so he could shine light on the audience. I LOVE it when the band loves their music. Muse must be a fan of theirs. They were so into it that the main singer was like "Whoa" in the middle of the songs & on the video playing on the pillars you saw him smiling. There was guitars, pianos, drums, bass, & a harmonica played. The crowd was jumping up & down, bobbing their heads, dancing, pushing up huge eyeball balloons that dropped from the sky. It was so cool.

The light show was unbelievable. I actually was happy our seats were so high up because I got to see it all. Yea I didn't have the closest seat but it didn't matter, it rocked!!

Who was the last band you guys saw in Concert?

Here are my pics from the concert!

Before the Concert was filled with a Sold Out Crowd!
Muse appearing from the pillars!
My friend Debra & me!!
CJ stealing a smooch from me!
The insane light show! It was incredible! It was like being in a music video!
They disappeared into a cloud of smoke!
There was so much energy to it. Ohhhh. If you get a chance to see this concert I recommend it. What a weekend. I have so much more to write about!! Also there has been a problem with the condo. Yes apparently it shouldn't be taking this long. I'll explain tomorrow. I also went apple picking this weekend too!!! I'll post about that too!! Stay tuned.... =)

Title: "Feeling Good" - Muse

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Jack The Pumpkin King & I just can't wait until next Halloween.....Pumpkin Cake!!

Sometimes messes turn into things of beauty. No seriously it does happen! My series of cake decorating classes instructed by my Mom has been such a delight. Making the icing, using food coloring for the different colors, using the tools to make beautiful things out of pretty much nothing. This week was no exception. We made my mom’s classic Pumpkin Cake. When I was lil she used to make this for me to bring to the school Halloween parties. It’s a masterpiece. 

Want a learn how? It’s actually pretty easy. With a few simple things you can create your own pumpkin cake for upcoming parties. (Quick reminder: get a professional camera). I’m going to list what you need & then do a photo demo. Here it goes:

What you need:
1.)    2 Bundt Cakes
2.)    1 paper towel role
3.)    1 Ice Cream Cone
4.)    Orange, Brown, & Green Icing
5.)    Time & Patience
6.)    Icing Decorating Bags & Tips


Well there you have it! It’s amazing how it actually all comes together. I’m going to make one for my friend’s Halloween party next week! I hope you enjoyed this quick cake post! Happy Baking!! 

Halt! Who goes there...A Kickass Haunted Weekend!

Ever have those weeks that are like a big dog on a leash & they just rush you through the park? Who’s walking who huh? I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Talk about FAST!!! This big dog of a week has thrown me completely off. I have so much to do & this weekend I’m not going to get anything done because of course there is a million things to do! But I’m going to hold on tight for this upcoming ride.

CJ has been telling me about the Headless Horseman Hay Rides for week’s non-stop. YES Sleepy Hollow is actually a REAL town. It’s formerly known as Tarrytown, NY about 20 minutes outside Manhattan. A lil up from it NY comes haywire for Halloween. The tale is fictional about the Headless Horseman but in the middle of the night when you hear a horse galloping when all you see are cars your mind will play tricks on you. Hehe.
Well hopefully we will be going to this Haunted House festival hayride this Weekend!! I checked out the pictures & it looks pretty friggin sick. Here’s the website if your interested on sneeking a ghoulish peek! Headless Horseman Hay Rides. Let’s get this Monster Mash rollin!!

The other event that will tie up my weekend is the Muse Concert on Sunday Night. Anyone a Fan of Muse? You might know their song, “Time is Running Out” that came out a few years ago. They are like alternative rock & industrial like. Also their songs have peeked into every Twilight Soundtrack to my delight too. “Supermassive Black Hole” ring a bell? It’s the song playing in the famous baseball thunderstorm scene in the first movie. Anywho I’ve liked them for years before Twilight. They have a very unique sound & apparently their concerts are amazing!!! Rotating stages, light show, & blasting your mind with good music.

The concert is in Newark, NJ. It shouldn’t be too bad to get there. Only about 45 minutes. I live on the border of NY & NJ so I get the best of both worlds without the hair bump. Maybe a lil hair bump. I will take tons of pictures of both things!!

Hopefully I will find a scrap of time to go to the gym, later tonight I will do my decorated Pumpkin cake post from my Cake Decorating Class, & maybe I’ll get to send my resume out to more companies online. If only I had all the time in the world. If Only... Be back later.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I met you before the Fall of Rome…It’s all been done before…

I can’t thank everybody enough for the comments on my last post!! I needed some reassurance that it was normal. When you’re out of your comfort zone sometimes your first reaction is panic. You need to take a moment & just breathe. CJ & I spent tonight together watching a movie & we joked & played & talked & everything was okay. *Whew*. The storm is calmed. My Romeo found me again on that balcony. 

We actually watched a really cool movie called, “Taking Woodstock”. Anyone ever see it? I thought it was done very well.  It’s about the people’s back story who brought that legendary concert to Woodstock, NY. Pandemonium is the only word I can find to describe those 3 days & the days that lead up to it. Peace & love too & mud…lots of mud. It got the two of us talking. If I were alive in 1969 I would have given anything to go to that concert!!

Who would have thought it would be talked about 41 years later? I read that some famous bands were offered a chance to take part but they didn’t think it would be a big deal. What a missed opportunity. I asked my parents if they went to Woodstock but alas they didn’t.  Hearing about kickass events & things before I was born always makes me wish for a brief moment that I was immortal or had a hot tub time machine or a delorean with a working flux capacitor. Hehe. But really Omg the stuff  I could see…

The Fall of Rome, Cleopatra’s entrance to Rome, The  real Renaissance, Woodstock of course, the first man walking on the moon, watching Elvis sing live on the Ed Sullivan show “Jail House Rock”, watch Marilyn Monroe sing Happy Birthday to JFK,  hear the first radio broadcast, see the Eiffel Tower being built, the craziness of Prohibition, or anything…who knows what else? You can watch it in a movie but wow to see it in real life must have been amazing. 

If you could go back in time…What’s something you’d want to see? 

Would you go to Woodstock if you had the chance? =)

I feel so much better that I saw Cj & it was a good night. Tomorrow is my Cake-Decorating class. Can’t wait. We are making a Pumpkin cake out of two bunt cakes. Yes, a pumpkin. Stay tuned.

Title: "It's all been done" by the Barenaked Ladies

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Monday, October 18, 2010

All is Fair in Love & War. Wait...What?

Fighting. Every relationship has it’s fights.  One of my biggest problems in relationships in the past is that I used to avoid them. Yup.  Seems stupid now.  I’d do anything to not get one started even if it meant that I’d have my heart ripped in two right in front of me. I thought maybe if we didn’t fight the relationship might last. I’ve learned my lessons. However CJ & I are a completely different playing field than anything I’ve ever had before. Shit.

Tonight we fought. Not a break-up argument but we fought over the stupidest thing ever. I will make comments from time to time during a TV show or a movie. He hates that I do that.  If I speak while the show is on & a character is talking he will have to pause it & then rewind it because I’ve disturbed the show. I guess I’m okay with not knowing EXACTLY every single word spoken on the show or every facial expression. I apologized the first time I did it but then the next show I did it again. He snapped & then sorta had a fight with himself over snapping at me for it. I just can’t sit still for 2 hours straight without saying a word. I’m sorry. 

 We resolved the fight & I told him I will try not to talk or tell him to pause it if I want to talk. It seems ridiculous to me. I don’t talk through the whole entire show just a moment here or there & that’s a problem. What I’m scared is that because we don’t fight over important things like cheating, being late, sloppiness, or I don’t know real argument stuff that this petty fighting might be worse.  Is it better to really fight in a relationship, well cheating would be a deal-breaker so that’s a bad example, but have natural arguments about things so the small stuff doesn’t tear us apart?

It might be stress. I know I’m stressed as well as he & it was a long rough Monday. I won’t see him til Thursday so I guess we can miss each other & then re-group. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so maybe I was too fidgety & anxious to sit still for 2 hours. Maybe it was good we had some form of fight tho. I don’t know. This is still new to me so I’m freaking out that the honeymoon is over. He did apologize for being so anal retentive about his shows but I’m upset that we had a quarrel. It seems resolved & I hope it stays that way. New start. I hope...I don't want to lose him.

Do you think fighting is healthy is a relationship? I’d really like to hear your opinions. 


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Sunday, October 17, 2010

“I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems, got to open my eyes to everything…”

I feel like a zombie who came back to life this weekend. Last week was a blur but this weekend a triumph! I kick-started it with a Headless Horsemen Pumpkin Ale beer from our local brewery, “Defiant” & was ready to roll. That picture was one of the best views in my county in NY. I could stare it all day.

First order of business…Halloween Costume. I know I said I was going to be Jessica Rabbit, which I wanted to do so badly BUT we couldn’t get CJ a Roger Rabbit costume so we were going to do our thing separately. I felt so horrible that we weren’t going to do something together & so did he. I had never had a boyfriend during Halloween who actually wanted to go as a couple thing with me. Well Jessica will have to wait til next year. We’ve decided to be Kickass & Hit-Girl instead.

Did anyone see the movie, “Kickass”?? I thought it rocked! Not a kid's movie at all. I’m praying the costume I bought online fits. I bought a large. Please Oh Please Oh please!! I think it’ll rule. I'm probably going to put a lil of my own spin on it too. Regardless I’m happy as hell him & are doing something together. Another first for me. Having a boyfriend who actually cares that we’re together on Halloween. It’s wonderful.

This weekend actually turned out to be a quiet weekend although I thought I was going to be running around like a mad woman. Like the usual ones. I went nuts trying to find a pair of thigh-high stockings but alas didn’t them. Cj’s mom went away this weekend so we wound up having the house to ourselves on Saturday and we…….

*Cough Cough* Then Sunday we went geocaching & enjoyed the awesome Fall day together. Ever notice that there are some few nice spots of your county that seem to be hidden that are just beautiful? Geocaching, basically a worldwide scavenger hunt brings you to lil corners of the world where you can find mini treasures to take or just admire. It’s a great free activity too. Look it up, it might surprise you if there is one near you! =) hehe.
Pretty lil spot in my county. Reminds me of the movie "My Girl"
Well I’m ready to tackle this week. I WILL RESOLVE THE CONDO ISSUE!! That is one of my goals this week & re-doing my resume. I got tons & tons to do with only 5 days to complete it. As my mom used to say when she dropped me off to high school back in the day, “Give'em Hell”. That's exactly what I'm going to do. No questions will be unanswered & I will be victorious! Be back tomorrow! =) Good luck everyone with your week!

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