Thursday, July 29, 2010


There are about 3 categories of life that sometimes make or break a person. Job, relationship, & place to live. I think Carrie mentions it in some episode of SATC. There are of course more factors but those 3 have been plaguing me & throwing me around for multiple loops lately. It's really difficult to have all 3 at once apparently. I had the job for the longest time & that was about it. No relationship & I lived with my parents. Somehow recently my life did a 360 for the better...a new condo & a boyfriend. I had all 3. I was learning what it was like to be happy. However I learned last week that one of those may change. I don't know much information right now but from sitting at my desk at work & seeing closed doors of my bosses & hearing that there is uncertainty of my future employment I'm freaking out. I kept waiting for the ball to drop with CJ or the condo deal so I forgot to watch the other. It's uncertain & it's making the pit of my stomach hurt like I just got hit with a cannonball. I can't afford to lose my job. I'm in the dark on all of this. I don't know what to think or do except let time go by to find out more. *fingers crossed* Please let all this have a positive outcome & not a boot out of the door. I'm just shaking my head cuz I don't know what else to do. I'll be back later today with part 2 from my trip. Right now I just can't seem to think straight at all.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The craziest most random vacation ever!!! I’m back!

Where to begin about the coolest weekend I’ve ever had? First off I did so well on the plane that I have to pat myself on the back for it. I didn’t cry & I just kept my eyes forward & CJ was a doll & gave me his laptop to watch a movie on it so I wouldn’t be upset. Chicago…is so different from New York that I think I have a bit of a culture shock from it. I live in the mountains in NY & there is really only a few skyscrapers in the city. Chicago is a city in the sky. Unbelievable city up in the air. I apparently have vertigo because I started getting dizzy up on those high rises & nauseous. But everywhere I went I was basically on the set of a movie in more ways than one. Driving in I recognized some places from the movie The Dark Knight & Ferris Bueller’s Day off but then turned the corner & found myself on the movie set of Transformers 3. Oh yeah…let me give you a run down of what happened.

Saw Shia Lebouf & Patrick Dempsey right smack in front of the hotel filming a scene, the chase scene where the joker is running after batman, got to see the Trump Plaza, went to the Sears tower but alas the skydeck was closed, was in the longest thunderstorm ever!, I can’t belive how flat Chicago is, got to go to Wrigley Field, somehow ran into a Soul Asylum concert, went on the coolest Architecture tour on the Chicago River, got to see Lake Michigan, went to a party on a 40 story building rooftop, went to the Ferris Bueller’s day off high school & saw the water tower, got to see & ride the L in the Chicago loop like in the movie The Fugitive, got to eat Dim Sum in China town, got to spend some romantic nights with CJ, got to feel what it’s like to have a companion which has me on cloud nine, got to walk the streets of Chicago & feel the wind…and omg so much more…

There are so many differences from NYC, especially the Revolving doors. Everywhere there is revolving doors. Towards the end I started getting sick from all the twisting. I had so much fun I can’t begin to write it all down so I’ll just have to show you. Being on the set of the movie was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever accidentally done. Here’s some shots from the trip!

Staircase @ The ferris bueller's high school!

Omg so many pictures!! I'll have to do a Part 2 tomorrow! I can't believe how jammed back it was with stuff to do & me getting a lil sick from the heights & boat & revolving dooors didn't help but it was still one of the best times I've ever had! Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!! =) I'll be back around everyone's blogs too! I miss you guys!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A new adventure awaits you this weekend!

Of course this week went no where how I planned & everything took twice as long as it should. I’ve been running around trying to get my condo contract in order because someone forgot to write that the stove & refrigerator are included, work has been insanely busy with orders, had a writer’s group meeting on character sketches, bought a mattress, & barely got to see CJ for more than about 5 minutes so I’m looking forward to the next few days. Ever get a fortune cookie that is dead on accurate?? I don’t mean the ones that are like “The fight will be won when you embrace the butterfly”, No I mean the ones that say stuff like this…I swear I got this one at dinner last night:

“A new adventure awaits you this weekend.”

It couldn’t be more right. Tomorrow I’m leaving NY to go to Chicago with CJ! Yup, Ferris Bueller’s Day off here I come!! I’m trying to keep cool, calm, & collective about the plane ride. I don’t like plane rides, but I did get someone to give me Xanax so I’m going to take a half & see how it goes. The flight however is at 6:05 in the morning. *Gulp*. I can’t sleep on planes so it should be interesting. I can’t wait to see a new city though. For some reason I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago, now I’m getting my chance! I’ve never been off of the east coast. It should definitely be an adventure.

One drawback of living with your parents which both CJ & I do is alone time. I don’t mean *Cough Cough* but yeah know just enjoying each other’s company & getting to know the other person better without a parent interrupting or asking us a question. That’s also one thing I’m looking forward to having my own place too & those moments where nothing else matters. We’re still learning & growing I hope & somehow meeting in the middle with things. He calls me “Mel-a-babe”. Lol. Cj is quirky & fun & I don’t want to change a thing about him. We’re going to be spending some time with his family too out there in Chicago so that should be enlightening!

This summer has been such a time of change for me & all for the better. I’ve actually gone to 2 states I’ve never been to, bought my first place, found a boyfriend who treats me better than I could ever hope for, gained some self-confidence & acceptance of my life, & I honestly for the first time in years don’t feel so lost. When I come back from Chicago I might have to change around my “About Me” part of this blog. Also for once I’m not waiting for the ball to the drop. I feel like I’m living…I’m liking it a lot.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with sooo much to talk about! For now here are some upcoming events I will be going to & writing about if you’d care to continue to follow me or join in on the fun!

NYC Comic Con
Muse Concert
Writer’s Group Submissions
Moving in to my first place
Chiller Convention in NJ
My Birthday/ Blog Birthday Giveaway
Finally seeing “Inception”

I’ll be back on Tuesday everyone! I'll remember not to eat pancreas! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Need a lil Birthday Planning Help!!

So there is so much coming up in my life that it’s making my head spin a little. It’s funny how there will be months of nothing & I mean nothing to do for the longest time then bam! All at once tons of stuff. Besides the new condo there is that question people are starting to ask me & I haven’t the slightest clue what to do!

“What are you doing for your birthday, Mel?”

On August 7th I turn 25. I guess the whole buying the condo deal, the ipod, a number of shoes, & my impulsive behavior can be attributed to the quarter life crisis. Well that’s what I’ll tell a therapist one day if & when I go insane from all of this. Lol. But 25? Woa it feels surreal. I feel like I should be older from everything that has gone down in the past 2 or more years. It’s been a really rough ride. I guess Six Flags Great Adventure is out!

I’m lucky that my birthday falls on a Saturday night so that flies the options window right open! The only thing is that A)My friends don’t all mesh together well B)I did just buy the condo & going to Chicago so money is a BIG factor lately C) I don’t have that many friends who I think will come if I had a party due to drama & I lost most of the Mess’s friends in the break-up….it’s also the opening day to the Renaissance Faire so I know people will be all caught up with those goodies…ahh I’m drawing a blank?!?!


One of my friends did Bar Golf where you have a drink at 9 or so bars & who it runs is that how many sips it takes you to finish the drink is how many swings you write down. If you chug it in one full swoop it’s a hole-in-one. This was moderately successful but people got WAYYY too drunk & sloppy so I think this is out.

Last year most people I know we’re busy on the of my birthday & the Mess had me a cake that even know I can’t forget about it. I just had a small gathering of people show up at a local bar & we just chilled. But it was for 24…it seemed to be a transition age for me in more ways than one. 25…hmmm…

CJ said he wants to spend the day with me which makes my heart flutter a lil more so I’m thinking maybe we could go into Manhatten for the day & walk around China Town & maybe get some Dim Sum or go to a Museum or walk around aimlessly? Maybe go up to the horse ranch near me for the day then come back down & do something with my other friends later in the night? I do have a pair of Sex & the City tour tickets I haven’t used yet but I might use that for a nice fall day because it’s been way too hot lately..Or maybe…*Spinning Head*

What did you guys do you for your 25th birthdays? Or what did you do at your favorite age?

I got 3 weeks to figure this out! I won’t be in my new place by then so I need some help…Any suggestions??


Sunday, July 18, 2010

BIG NEWS!!! New chapter of my life begins today, please turn page to read…

My followers on twitter already now but now I must tell the world. I bid on the condo & THEY ACCEPTED!!! I have officially bought my very first home!!! I’ll admit I pinched myself about 50 times after I signed the paper placing the offer on the table & starting the paperwork for the mortgage because I was petrified that I’d wake up…but it’s real. The previous owners came down in price & I snatched it right up. I got pre-approved for my mortgage, one of my best friends father’s agreed to be my closing lawyer & the rest is history. A new chapter of my life has begun. CJ told me he was proud of me, it made me so happy.

Somehow in the past 2 months my whole life changed. I wrote how I needed to find a new guy, new job, a place to live that isn’t my parents house, & basically a new life. Well I can check some of things of my list. I never thought this year would be the time I’d move out on my own. I’m still in shock. It’ll hit me when I move in probably. I should be able to move in some point early September which is great because it will be so much cooler. There is so many possibilities that I can do with the space that I can’t wait. I promise this won’t turn into a design blog but I will be tuning in what I do every now & again. The store Home Goods is going to be my new best friend. Also CJ is a very handy man & I gave him privileges to help me around the house. Hehe.

I can't believe I'm going to have my own place just like Carrie Bradshaw!! I got so many people to tell so much to do omg! I already started looking at furniture prices & home décor stuff. I can’t wait to get decorating ideas & see what the labor day sales are going to be & search tag sales & thrift stores for some odds & ends & go to Home Goods and…*Whew* I have to remember to breathe. I can’t believe it. My Aunt Mary said I can use her driveway to do a garage sale because she lives on a very busy street so I’m going to start on getting rid of my pack rat junk. I really don’t need every tv guide & every nick nack I have found on my travels. I gotta pack but the great thing is it’s right down the road in walking distance from my parents. Yeahh I know *RED FLAG* going up that it’s near my parents but in the past year I’ve had surgery for my gall bladder removed & fibroids removed so I have to accept I will be always be near my parents but it’s my place & that means the world to me.

I feel like a grown-up. I want to stand a lil taller, smile a lil brighter, & dream a lil bigger. It’s such a wonderful feeling to do something like this. Thank you everyone for your encouragement here & on twitter. I needed the help & I’m truly grateful that this is happening. Ohh so much to do, so much planning, & so much smiling. WOOHOO!!!! I hope everyone has a great week & I’m pushing forward, never backward. Can’t wait to see how this all pans out. Til Tommorrow…

“Every new beginning comes from some other’s beginning’s end…”
–“Closing Time” - Semisonic

Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh Friday....You are here at last....

This week was a blink of the eye. I can't believe we are already in the middle of July. I guess because I'm doing so much & jammng as much as my A.D.H.D. brain can handle I just happen to not look at the clock much. I'm not complaining by any means of the word. The winter was so slow straightening out my life & dwelling on the ridicolousness that is sometimes my life. Now I do feel like I haven't come up for air in days. The whole condo situation is a yo-yo deal. I keep putting myself all the way out for it & then I've forced to retract my claws & then I get another chance to make a bid then, but then...yeah if I don't have gray hair now I will have it after this ordeal.

I did make a bid on the cono. I'm awaiting the next step. I never thought happiness would be such a chore in my life. I can see it & I can smell it & I can almost touch it......

If this condo works out I will have to put myself on a budget. No more shopaholic tendencies. Window shopping will be my best friend. lol. But it's do-able! The trip to Chicago is booked too. I have my writer's group meeting next week on character sketches. I can't wait for that. My birthday is in 3 weeks too so that should be a treat as well. It's moving so fast but I'm holding on for dear life not to fall off.

I'm hanging out with CJ tonight to go to one of his friend's birthday parties. We might also go buy a bag of balloons with the money we got & set them free at the break of dawn til one by one they'll be jk. Tomorrow I got a post on a lil project I did for my boss's daughter's softball team. Some tissue paper & ribbon makes all the difference! =)

It's been so hot these past few days so I hope you all get to chill out & keep cool! Have a great weekend I'll be back tomorrow!

Don't forget to find me on Twitter too! I'm not a hardcore twitter person but I do post updates from my blog, articles I find, & youtube videos you just have to see! See you soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What an intersting web we weave...

Often I'll compare my friends & myself because somehow we all wind up in similar situations at the same time. Life sometimes seems too much like a comedy movie ...except no commercials thank you god! We all had the "M" word for marriage come up lately & now it's another "M" word...Moving. But nonetheless it's interesting & actually it sorta sucks because we all maybe in the same playing field but NOT with the same equipment so we all never know what to tell each other. It's a weird predicament. Here are the players.

1.)Well for starters my situation is that I can afford to get a studio condo with 10% down then a mortgage. It will be a stretch but I have a job & have no problem keeping a close watch on my wallet for a lil while. It's a huge step for me & I'm now in a "Let's place a bid" war. It's new & fast but I hope I end up with it. I hope I hope I hope!

2.)Now my friend Debra is another story. She bought a condo without a mortgage so she paid it in full & does have rich parents but she currently doesn't have a job....Yeah. Her common charges are very high & she just moved in so she hasn't gotten her first electric bill yet. With no income I don't know how she's doing this. She is still straped to her parents in more ways then one. I keep telling her to go on a budget but she just bought an XBOX 360. I don't know what to tell her.

3.)My boyfriend used to rent but moved back in with his mom recently to go back to school. I commend him for that however his next move is going to be his "Family House" where he will live with his wife & kids so he's staying with her til then. Uhhh....yeah there has been some awkward conversations. I don't know what this is going to do to our relationship if I get my place....I don't know.

4.)My friend Danielle got a job in another state so she was forced to move & rent. It hasn't hit her yet that she's moved into a snow belt & is about 4 hours from her parents. Her boyfriend left his job so she's kinda supporting him right now too. It's different for her, but manageable. She's just got to pray her new job really works out.

Four characters in search of an exit it seems. We're trying as hard as we can to support one other anyway we can. All of this drama just to have somewhere to sleep. Yeesh. I've known some of these people 15 years, 7 years, & even in the few months I've known CJ you have to care. These are big life decisions & you need someone to hold the umbrella over your head when it rains. Who knows how it all turn out...but I can't wait to live it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The biggest decision I've ever had to make...

The biggest decision I've ever had to make is whether to use Grape Jelly or Strawberry Jelly! lol! Just kidding. My big decision is that I have been propositioned to buy a condo. MY VERY OWN CONDO!!! I never have been interested much in buying a house because A)I can't afford it & B)The maintenance on it omg! C)I really don't know how to do yard work at all. So condo it is. Let me tell you about what I would be buying...

It's a studio apartment with 3 closets, a large walk-in with shelves, a linen & a smaller closet for coats; the kitchen is it's on separate room with enough space for a small dinette attachment; second floor so I don't have to hear people above me; free laundry; parking space; one large living area with an open ceiling towards the stairs & I know the people because the condo is in the same development as my parents. Yeahhh that would seem like a drawback because I don't want another "Everyone loves Raymond" deal but I'm not in the same building or parking lot. It would be enough space.

I...well it's completely do-able. I can afford it, I might be able to be approved for a 4.125% mortgage rate which is a steal. The common charges are low...and most of all, I'D HAVE MY OWN PLACE!! I could decorate it however I want, I can have whoever stay over *Cough* CJ *Cough* & I'd be out of my parents house. I don't want to rent ever because it really doesn't pay for me. My mortgage payment + internet bill + electric bill would be less than renting this condo. It's just that...this is a big step. A *HUGE* step. Am I ready to take this plunge?

It wouldn't bankrupt me doing this either & I would even get money for closing costs free & clear. I feel like I'd be a fool to let this opportunity go to waste but if I buy something & CJ & I's relationship gets more serious would he move in with me? Or would I have to rent this out & move in with him? I don't know. There is alot to figure. It's not the largest of spaces but for me, it might be just right. This is really happening fast & I don't know if its too fast. I'm honestly terrified. But like my boss said, "You have to take big risks to get big rewards."

It's normal to be scared about buying your first place right? I mean I feel older than I am, having 4 surgeries in 2 years & drama that could take days to write does make you feel jaded but this is real. This is really happening. I'm not sure about this making this decision. I'm going to see it again tomorrow & maybe CJ will see it too to help me out on the choice.

I would love a place of my own...I've been dreaming of it for like ever. I want to decorate & make it my own. Maybe this is it? Maybe? I'll keep ya posted. Any Advice would be fabulous or tell me about your first place? Were you scared? I need all the help I can get!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where were they going without ever knowing the way...

It feels so good to be home again I can’t begin to tell you. This weekend I went to Rhode Island with a friend & yes there were some fun times but I’ve never been so tired & drained from the ridiculousness that occurred. I went with the friend I was supposed to go to Las Vegas with & apparently she has become the rudest girl on the planet. I’ve been her friend for almost 14 years & she’s a complete bitch to me. I stayed away from her til we had to leave. She even told me that if there was a zombie attack she would push me in front of the zombie then run so she could survive. Wtf? This is the girl that I’ve helped more times than I can count. I drove her to the hospital when she was sick, stayed with her when her parents were away, been there for her…but she’s a druggy bitch. Unfortunately I didn’t have the greatest weekend. However I did get to eat some clams & oysters!! =)

BUT there were some highlights. I did get to go back to New Port, Rhode Island to see more of the gorgeous mansions there. I got to go to the Elms & the Marble House. It’s funny how amazing they are inside. There are rooms with solid gold trimmings on the walls. You look up at the ceiling and there are paintings in the ceiling. There are lil scallops for door handles. The dressing tables, the tapestries, the artwork on the walls. It takes my breath away. I couldn’t take any pictures inside but here are some from the outside!

I’m so happy to be home. I like Rhode Island but I’m such a New Yorker. However the sky at night up there is so gorgeous because there was no cities near where I was so I got to see all the stars. I even got to see a few shooting stars. It almost seemed magical. I spent most of Saturday night by myself because I was avoiding the friend but I fell into my own lil world where any dream seemed possible. The feeling past & I went back to reality though.

My reality is a lil haphazard at the moment. I made a decision to give CJ a chance & now I’m on the brink of making another huge decision that will change my life entirely. This decision might be the driving force I need to get myself a new job because I’ll need the money to do it. It’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often…I’m almost 25 & I’m feeling it because the choices I’m making are big ones that will affect me as well as my family. I can’t afford to be battered by crappy friends anymore & be downgraded because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth either. Things are going to change & they will be for the better.

I made a wish on that shooting star…I hope it comes true. Til Tomorrow…

Winner of the giveaway & some odds & ends!

We will interrup your scheduled program for this brief message....

Hey Everyone! I'm back from Rhode Island but I'm at work so this will be a quick lil post! The Winner of the CSN Stores Glasses giveaway is....#17: Tayebug!

Please give email me your adress as soon as possible @!

In other news, Rhode Island was good but the trip got linked with stupid drama because apparently one of my best friends, the girl I was supposed to go to Las Vegas with is a child & bitch so the trip was like nails striking across a blackboard. I'm not speaking to her because her rudeness doesn't deserve my kindness. I'll explain later.

I'm viewing a condo today at 6pm that I'm really excited for. It's in my parent's condo development but it's completely affordable for me!! It's a studio with separate rooms for the bathroom & the kitchen. This might be a step in the right direction!!

I missed Cj so much when I was away & he missed me too. When i went to see him yesterday he was like "Please don't leave without me again." I thought it was adorable. Things are turning around for me. I don't know how it all started but I'm glad it did. Now all I need is the new job.

I finally got a copy of "The Girl with the dragon tattoo". I'm obsessed with this movie. Everytime you watch it you catch something else you didn't see. It's such a mind thriller & even tho its in Swedish you don't get lost. I highly recommend it if you like murder mysteries & thrillers. The main actress is amazing in it.

I'm now on Twitter too, so follow away!

I'll be back later today to visit all your awesome blogs that I desperately need to catch up on! See you all soon!!


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