Thursday, September 30, 2010

“Rain is What This thunder Brings for the First Time I can Hear My Heart Sing”--- Need Some Help out Here!

I thought that’d be an appropriate quote to start this post with given that New York is being blanketed by several inches of rain today. I wish I wasn’t at work right now, but home snuggled up with CJ watching a few horror movies to welcome in my favorite month of the year! OCTOBER!! I thought I’d do this Halloween costume post now because seriously everyone and their right mother will being doing costume posts galore soon! Well CJ is introducing me to yet another first this week. COUPLE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!! AHHHH!!!

So I wanted to be Jessica Rabbit this Halloween, but it’s really hard to find a good Roger Rabbit costume. I mean I have the long hair that I can easily dye red for the night & then all I’d have to do is get a red corsette, a long red skirt with a slit or my mom can put in the slit, & then get purple arm’s length gloves. Not hard at all. Roger….yeah CJ would want to do it right tho everyone of the costumes for him looks ridiculous. Hmmmm….well that’s a bust. I have NO CLUE what to do.

Here are some ideas but yeah I’m really in the dark for this. We don’t want to do the classic ones like little red riding hood & the wolf (I was her last year), Neither one of us want to do Spiderman or Joker & Harley (I did that 2 years ago), or pirates cuz he did that with his ex. Something cool he did was that him & his ex were Juno & Michael Cera one year. It’s cool but not re-dong that either. I love Halloween so I don’t like half-assing it. I want to have fun too. If your costume becomes a chore why do it ya know?

This is what we’re thinking but then again it might be too hard to come up with? I don't know what's your thoughts?
Chucky & the Bride of Chucky

Rogue & Gambit from X-Men

Maybe Bonnie & Clyde? Too Simple I think?
Ahhh I’m drawing a blank!! Can anyone think of any cool Halloween couple costumes that you maybe seen people do or think would be rad if you saw them out on this Halloween? I need all the help I can get!! =)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Week's Weekly Goal!

Doing the same thing over & over never gets you anywhere. You can’t eat at Taco Bell every day for unch without noticing you might run out of notches on your belt… You can’t keep hoping a guy will suddenly love you after he’s treated you badly…You can’t go out every night and spend $20, $30, etc a night or day & expect to be able to save money…Basically you have to introduce the dreaded word CHANGE. I picked the photo above because the ladies up there in Mad Men didn’t know what to do when they got their first Xerox machine. It was a huge change & they of course were very stuck in the 50’s. You have to succumb to change because it will make your life better & easier. I’m slowing learning that wow that statement is ever so true.

In the past few weeks I’ve started Weekly goals so I don’t feel so overwhelmed with all the lil things I’ve wanted to change in my life. The big changes like a boyfriend & buying my own condo have taken a toll on me so I need to take it easy on the small ones so I don’t have that drowning feeling. I’ve made new friends & started a very flexible diet plan that I believe is working & so now what should be next? Hmmm Ah money. Saving money. I’ll take it for this week.

Weekly Goal #3:  Save Money.

Yes I’ve been able to buy my own studio condo at an extremely affordable price, put 10% down with a 4% mortgage, BUT it does come with a very fine print things that I didn’t realize til way into the process. How they determine whether or not you can afford a place of your own is they look at your income. BEFORE TAXES. Pardon my French, but I think that is the most fucking stupidest thing ever. This is how people fall into debt. They didn’t account for taxes being taking out that amount & that fact that I pay my health insurance out of my check too. So my budget belt will be extremely tight. Actually that’s an understatement.

I don’t own any designer things but that’s okay. I am very happy with my lifestyle & I know one day I will own that Tiffany necklace, Michael Khor’s glasses, or those red-soled Louboutin’s but for right now I need to clip some coupons. Here are a few things I’m going to do to push off from:

1.      1. Bring lunch to work at least 3 times a week or keep my lunch spending to under $5.
2.      2. My best friend Erin can get movie tickets for $7 each. That’s hella better than $11.50. I will be calling her a lot.
3.      3. Dave N Busters has buy $10 of game play, get $10 free coupons in your info center at the mall. COOL!
4.      4. Actually going to the gym so I don’t feel I’m wasting my money.
5.      5. Using coupons for market items & if they are on sale your saving even more money!
6.      6. Enter your email address at stores. You will get coupons & notification of sales. Express, Nine West, Victoria Secret…etc…
7.   7. Home Goods & The Christmas Tree Shoppe…Way cheaper than Pier 1 or Pottery Barn. Sorry.
8.       8. Going to Happy Hour for drinks. Sometimes drinks are half-price. I like the sound of that.
9.       9. In NY you can bring plastic bottles, cans,  & glass bottles to stores and get 5 cents per can. It adds up.
10.   10. Outdoor activities like going for a walk along the Hudson river pier costs nothing. I’ll take it!

What have you’ve been doing to save some money?

Tomorrow I start my cake decorating class. It was free to sign up because my mom is the teacher. Hopefully it will be a good class. I’ll make sure to take pictures & not eat all the icing! =) Til Tomorrow!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months…

“The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” 
Toulouse-Lautrec, Moulin Rouge

I have a confession to make. I don’t think I’ve ever truly had a successful relationship. I would find out that it wasn’t going to work out early on like when an ex of mine called me the wrong name at an inopportune time, or when another ex was spending more time with my roommate than me, or when I realized another stopped calling but then I called him from a blocked number to be like yo what the hell is up? BUT for some stupid reason I’d have get this sick twisted notion that it might work out, that something might change, or whatever guy it was would realize we fit together. All of them failed. Till now…

 CJ & I have been together now for 4 months. I believed him when he said he came back into the bar we met at because he was hoping he’d see me again. I even went to the bar he went to after he asked me out to make sure I wasn’t dreaming & he had in fact asked me out to dinner. I’ve even had a surgery during the relationship & he still wanted to be with me. He’s the first guy to ever truly tell me he loved me. He’s the first guy that has actually made me feel like I have a true boyfriend who wants to be with me. It’s…this has all never happened before. First guy who’s wanted to show me the world…I am so happy it has happened. All of it.

He wanted to know if I thought there was potential for us to be long-term when I said I would date him. I was scared at first because this is my first true experience with a real love that was returned. I said yes. I actually think there might possibly be a potential here for something greater. I’m so not getting ahead of myself I want to take things slow even tho people are pushing me for information that I couldn’t possible give, but I can see this going far.

So this is what love is? Endless nights of talking, laughing, sharing our stories…snuggling together to keep each other warm, taking each other’s hand & giving it an extra squeeze just so they know you’re happy to be with them, playing video games til the wee hours of the morning, making each other breakfast, & making each other smile…if it is love then I’m in love. But more importantly, I'm happy. That I think is worth its weight in gold.

4 months. It seems like longer.  There will be some changes in our schedules because he will have class & I will have my cake decorating class & the winter will bring snow & it might be harder for us to make time for one another. I’m up for the challenge. I hope it works. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! =)

What is your definition of love? I’d love to hear…

CJ & me @ Octoberfest!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So Why Are All the Apples Gone??

Well Mr. Jack Sparrow might have had a problem with all the rum being gone but the town of Piermont, NY has a bigger problem. CJ & I after a great weekend of relaxing & TLC decided to go to a local apple festival to ring in the new season. I’ve been seeing signs for weeks for this Apple Festival everywhere. It was taunting me to go! So we went………….NOT ONE APPLE IN SIGHT!!!! What the hell? Who does that? It was basically a flea market with the usual hot dog & ice cream & the pickle man, but low & behold not one single apple. What a bust!! But I think it’s funny as hell. 

I was expecting you know some apple cider, maybe an apple press so you could see them make apple cider, maybe a pie eating contest or an apple pie, maybe an apple turnover or I don’t know a man dressed up as Johnny AppleSeed! Something to do with Fall or Apples. Nadda. Just jewelry & a few odds & ends. I even ran into a friend of mine who showed up & was like, “So where are all the apples?” Oh well, maybe I’ll write a letter.

What’s your favorite thing to do with Apples this Fall? =)

This week tho I’m definitely making an apple pie. I can’t wait to chop up some apples, add the brown sugar, roll out the pie crust, & enjoy some yummy goodness with a dollop of ice cream. Also I bought some apple cider. I love apple cider. I guess you can tell I’m happy it’s Fall? The last few lingering warm days has been such a treat, but it was so nice to just curl up in CJ’s arms & chill out. =)

While the apple festival sucked we did go walk around the town pier. There is so much to New York State that has nothing to do with Manhattan & sometimes the beauty of it all gets overlooked. I live near Suffern, NY the classic farm town from Sex & the City but there is NO FARMS IN THE TOWN! No sexy man on a tractor, no cabin in the woods, nothing like that at all. Just shopping centers & if you blink you’re out of the town. Hehe. No apple farms either. Anywho I'll do a post about that another day. Here are some shots I did take at the pier.

The Hudson River!
The lil shore line...

I just thought this tree was beautiful!
Back to work I go tomorrow. This week is Pay Day so I’m glad for that. I’ll be dreaming of warm apple pie tonight! Good luck everyone for this week! =)


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