Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today was My Series Finale at My Job...Beer + Pizza + Cupcakes Before Noon...

That does NOT make a healthy combo for a tender stomach, but a mini Ending party was necessary. I've worked at this job for 3 and a half years. Geez...that's the longest I've worked anywhere. I've lost friends, changed boyfriends, lost lovers, bought a car, bought a home, finished my college degrees, had 4 health-concerned surgeries, and learned how to be me in that time. As much as I bitched about the sports and the other things I'm going to miss working there very much.

The company at first was 8 people, then 7, then the precious 6 of us that was left. Those 6, me included, were almost like a mini family. I was their Snow White because the other employees were all men. I've given them advice, sometimes a girl's perspective, brought them cupcakes, bought them McDonald's breakfast in the morning once in a while, would accidentally make the office smell like flowers from my lotion, and would make them laugh occasionally with my randomness. They used to call me Melanie Dukes, like Daisy Dukes. I'm going to miss be called that.

The company disbanded due to a conflicting partner. It sucks. I KNEW I had to get a new job that used my degrees and had mobility but to leave like this was rough. I am so thankful that I somehow got a new job lined up for Monday but I can't help it being sad about leaving. I wish there would be an office of 5 goofy guys to visit once in a while because I will actually PASS my old job on the way to my new job. But alas no...

I can't sleep tonight but that's normal. I'm a lil depressed. They said they will soon have a reunion dinner to explain more details of why the company closed. My bosses think we deserve an explanation and I really could care less about that...I'm just going to be happy to see them again. When they hugged me goodbye I really fought the tears til I got outside the office. Sigh.

However, when one door closes another one opens. I have tomorrow to be jobless and I think I'm going to go ice skating to just release all the tension and sadness for a lil bit. Monday I will drive to my new job, but I will never forget my time at my last job. Never Ever. The light might have been shut off, but I hope we keep in touch, at least for a lil while....I wish them all the best of luck. 

~Here I go, turn the page~

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Wanna Be The Girl With the Most Cake...Cupcake Post!

Spring teased us New Yorkers a few days ago with warm weather but alas Winter is back tomorrow. Snow is in the forecast for the next 2 days. I guess those buds of flowers I saw will have to wait a lil while longer to bloom; so I just have to make my own garden...using Cupcakes!

My Mom for new followers is an Artist at heart and her Specialty is Cake Decorating! I've taken her class now for two semesters. I love it. I put my apron on earlier tonight and put my decorating bags & icing to work. It's so much fun to actually do it yourself that I can't begin to describe. Those sunflowers up there are my favorite. I added a lil heart sprinkle to give it some love. =)

It's all in the metal tips, decorating bags, icing, and a lil twist of food coloring. Seriously...and a lil patience. Actually ALOT of patience but making your own cupcakes is tons of fun. I got most of my supplies from A.C. Moore & Michaels. I wish I had some editing video software so I could make a lil video demo. Maybe on my new camera I'm getting soon.

I know I just posted about my dieting and I will confess...I had a some icing but only a lil bit I swear. I've been in class a few weeks now so tonight I did decorated a whole bunch of cupckaes to review the designs I've learned so far. I thought I'd share them with you and maybe inspire you tonight! =)

 There is a Shower Cap Wilton Tip and it makes the icing look like grass when it comes out. I got a lil carried away with it...hehe.

Some Roses for some future gardening...

Sunflowers are my Favorite Flower...

I wonder what my Mom is going to teach us Next! =)

{All Pictures are Taken by Me & The Cupcakes are Decorated by me too.}

Title: "Doll Parts" by Hole

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I’m in Love with My New Toy…It’s Now My Diet Guru…I Can Already See Results!

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for trends…BUT I’m usually the last one on the bandwagon. I just got a Wii for Christmas only this year and I’m kicking myself for never asking for one sooner. I love that I can download practically any game EVER and play it instantly. I love my Netflix’s on it for the Xena re-runs and the quirky movies it has for my viewing pleasure. BUT the best part about it is…There is a lil addition called a Wii Fit. My New Diet Guru.

Now putting all the cards out on the table I don’t think I’m a heavy person or a thin person but I have my muffin top days and a bit of a pouchy tummy when I sit down. BUT I’m all legs & have a short torso, I have a medium frame with some muscles left from track field events, and a 36D chest. From all of that I know I’m not proportional and will NEVER be a 120 pounds. However I’d like to be less than the 175 pounds I was when I started the Wii Fit on Sunday night. I’ve struggled trying to get motivated to use my gym membership and listen to those magazine tips that unless you’re the main lady in Cirque de soliel you can’t do. I tried doing the "17 Day Diet Book" and they weren’t kidding when they said, “Cleansing Vegetables”. I didn’t last long on following it word for word but I’m doing the drinking of the green tea. A lot of green tea. Anywho back to the Wii Fit.

I started it on Sunday night and OMG there are sooo many little games to play and there is one where you move your hips to hit these bumper things to add the numbers on them up to 10. The music sounds like 70’s porn. IT’S HYSTERICAL! While you’re laughing and swinging your hips for a minute you will burn 4 to 5 calories. There is a flap your wings bird game, Snow-ball fighting, boxing, Yoga poses exercising, and a lot other ones that are all enticing. YOU WILL FEEL THE BURN! You will actually have a moment where you stand there and go “Ohh I’m sweating…Eww…BUT that was Awesome!”

My favorite game is the Hula-Hoop. I advise if you buy it to not “Try it Out” in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend. You will feel stupid. The giggles will make you a lil mad but the feeling will pass when the calorie counter will spike up!

I started it on Sunday and now it’s Wednesday and I’ve already LOST about 1.5 pounds. Granted it’s probably water weight but I feel motivated, and they have a graph so you can see how much you’re losing each day. It is so nice to SEE RESULTS!!! It weighs you and everything and keeps track of it all for you automatically. I absolutely adore it and can’t wait to go home and do more of it. If I keep it up who knows…

Target has a bundle ON SALE NOW for $89.99. You get a Wii balance board, Wii Fit Plus Game, AND the Biggest Loser Game. (I haven’t tried that game out yet.)

Do you have a Wii Fit? Do you Love it or Hate it?

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The Best Part About Having Your Own Place!

The Best Part is Decorating...During my week away I did a little decorating and changing. AH the beauty of being able to just change your mind as easy as snapping your fingers and get a new comforter...or finding a lil home for a butterfly bear...getting a priceless ceramic container for your hair clips...and taking a comforter set and making it your own is ALL part of the fun.

I forgot to keep going with the decorating and cleaning and organizing my new condo but now it's like I never stopped. The creativity and inspiration came and I just wanted to share with you a few lil images of new stuff I have in the place. =)

Target 8 Piece Bed Set: On sale this week: $59.99

I bought the comforter on Sunday...I think it suits my condo Perfectly!

I added the red accent pillows to break up the Navy Blue. I like it!

Finding an Old Painting of my Mother's from the 70's. I think its beautiful!

Ceramic container for my hair accessories. It has a nice spring vibe to it!

I found spots for my lil treasures too...

It's a process but I'm making progress...hehe, try saying that 5 times fast. I hope this week started off well for everyone. It's been a real trip for me being my last week of work. 2 more days...Just 2...Thursday is going to be hard. Very hard....

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Again, Friend of a Friend, I Knew You When…

This past St. Patty’s Day I took part in something that involved an Ex. However, it wasn’t one of mine. Last Sunday’s parade I was walking away from a line of people behind CJ when suddenly he turned around and said, “Oh Melanie Kiss me, Please.” Of course I let my boyfriend kiss me and dip me back in front of all those people. I came up for air and he took my hand and had this huge grin on his face. At first I was like, “What the fuck just happened?”, however he soon explained.

Apparently in the crowd was his ex from about 2 years ago, whom he dated for 4 years and had almost married. He has told me he even bought a ring for her but she dumped him before he could pop the question. CJ must have spotted her in the crowd and we made out right in front of her and her current boyfriend which she left Cj for. For some reason tho the incident is bothering me but why?

I turned back to look at where she was supposed to be and in my quick scan of the crowd there she was staring right in my direction. I didn’t catch her eye, I didn’t want to look directly at her so I turned back to Cj and continued walking up the street with him and the others.  

Now I’m ALL for the slap in the face to your exes after the breakup to show them “Hey you were wrong to dump me and now I’m happy as hell without you,” but this incident made me feel awkward. Cj tho has been happy that it happened so I haven’t told him that it was weird for me. He got his retribution to her in that moment and now he feels like a weight has lifted off his chest. Good for him but did it have to be THAT WAY?

But is there really a better or worse way to say “Fuck you” to an Ex after a Break-up? 
I don’t know…

I had my moment at the Birthday Massacre concert. When I happened to run into my Brown-eyed Mr. Big ex at the concert and he asked me if I wanted to join him and some girl on the trip back home a taxi. I got to say to him, “No thanks. My Boyfriend drove me in. He’ll take me home.” It felt so fucking Awesome to see this guy take a step back and say softly, “Ohhh…okay then.” And it felt EVEN better to watch my past walk away as my future returned to me moments later. Glorious vengeance…

I had my moment, so CJ should have his. Completely understandable. Maybe I’m being a silly. Good that she saw how much I love him and how someone is treating him the way he should be treated. Awesome that he has a girlfriend that is proud of him and she needed to know that. Kickass that somewhere in her cold heart she feels a twinge of regret that she isn’t the girl receiving that awesome kiss. Maybe tho  I wish that I wasn’t drunk when it happened and I wish I knew what was going on initially so I could have done it better. Maybe…

What do you think on the subject? Have you ever gotten that shot of vengeance on an ex? Is it right to get that last dig in? 
I’d love to hear…

Title: “Black Sheep” by Metric   

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Move Review: Sucker Punch: A + for Effort…C for Everything Else

I wanted to fall in love with this movie and just rant and rave how AMAZING it was, but I can do that for only part of it. Zack Snyder’s new creation, Sucker Punch, was a lil bit of a mess. He’s the guy who did 300 and Watchmen if you didn’t know. Yes it is cool to throw the viewer for a loop and keep them guessing about key things but this…was a wee bit too much. It lures you in with Kickass music, unbelievably digitally mastered cool graphics but your left like, “What the hell was that?”.

Snyder loves showing you Amazing larger than the life detail even down to a button twirling around on the floor like a dancer. You feel like you are right there like a virtual reality video game. The ladies of the movie were also very awesome and each one had a distinct character so it wasn’t just a blob of flying skirts. It was nice to see Vanessa Hudgens out of a Disney Movie and unexpected to see Jena Malone, Gretchen from Donnie Darko, in a main-stream big movie. You start to feel sympathy for them and you want them to get out of the mental hospital/stripper/dancer club place. You really do.

But then the plot came into play for this movie and messed it all up. These captive girls are stuck in a place your not quite sure where and are trying to escape because the main girl, Baby Doll, is going to have a lobotomy or have to sleep with a high-roller or was having the lobotomy and this is what happened after or she really is just a messed up girl who doesn’t know what is going on, but the girls are call-girls who give services or they are working in a kitchen or they are dancers or…um…I’m pretty sure I’ve lost you and don’t worry this is what I felt in the movie.

It couldn’t quite hold on to any a pathway of understanding and it was too much with all the graphics going on. I’m really happy Cj and I didn’t pay the ridiculous amount of money to see it in Imax and caught a matinee.

OH and another thing. I think Synder COMPLETELY UNDER-USED the talents of John Hamm of Mad Men and Carla Gugino of Sin City & Watchmen. John Hamm is so hot, dreamy, and talented with his sexy voice and I think he uttered 2 lines in the whole picture totally about less than a minute screen time. Carla Gugino usually gets so into her role and is not afraid to play a raw dominant character but she was barely utilized as a dance teacher/doctor(I think). It was a shame.

If your looking a movie with too much plot going on that comes to too little at the end go see it or just watch it for the graphics make sure you hit up a matinee. Sorry Zack. I wanted to love this but couldn’t. C+.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Took a Walk Around the World to Ease my Troubled Mind... And Now I'm Back!!

I flew away for a while but now I'm back! Hi Everybody! See I kept my promise and after a week I'm back in business! I can't tell you how much I missed blogging! To be honest that past week was one of the most important weeks I think of my life. It was one of those soul-searching, what the fuck am I doing? weeks...Yeah know the ones that come packed with a thousand headaches. But trust me I had more than enough advil and willpower and new-found confidence to get rid of those armies of thoughts. Like my blog description says...New Morning, New Dream, New Beginnings...

Somehow through comedians and Red Bull I've gotten through my second to last week of work. It has sucked you better believe. I can't believe I'm going to leave the same chair and desk I've used for 4 years. Sorry to sound like a fortune cookie but sometimes when one door closes one might swing WAYYY open. I can't wait to start my new job in a another week. I feel like the first day of school again. I hope it works out I really do.

So So much has happened I'm going to give a quick run-down of some important things but this whole week my blog is going to be about feeling better, getting back on track, and just being happy anyway you know how during your days so when you come home and relax you can say, "Wow that was a great day!". It's is. You have to have the bad days to love the good. Yup! Yup!

Okay here we go!

~I realized I stopped doing things in my condo and just living in the space. This past week I picked up my decorating shoes and went to town. I'll show you in future posts.

~I've seen an obscene amount of movies...including Sucker Punch. I'd pass on that one unless it's matinee...

~I discovered something called Cupcake Pops and Cupcake Wine!! I will HAVE To show you!!!

~St. Patty's Day in Manhatten was absolute chaos!! I have never seen so many people NOT knowing where they were going and kids trying to get into bars. But it was fun as hell with the group above!

~I just bought the Wii Fit Plus bundle with the biggest loser game! I LOVE IT ALREADY!! Your burning calories and having fun. Hell Yeah!! You will feel ridiculous doing the games so if your shy I advise you to try them by yourself first. Don't "try it out" in front of a boyfriend or girlfriend. (fyi)

~ My grandmother went into the hospital on Friday night suddenly for leg complications. She is doing better and I'm glad I was there when the doctor showed up so I knew what was going on. I knew she wasn't taking her medication for what reason only God knows but I told the doctor that and he did his doctor "I'll fix that" knod. I'm scared about her but I know she is in good hands at the hospital. 

~Planning a party at the Ninja bar has made me realize CJ is actually going to meet alot of my friends that he hasn't met yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes okay.

~I never thought a comedian or a movie could be so motivational. I'll explain more later...

~If your still reading this you get an A+ because I realized I'm writing alot.

You know I'll just post a few extra times this week to get back into gear. I also will be responding more to my comments with my own comments, so check back often! I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to. Missed you all! =)  See you all soon!!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

I'll be back VERY soon...

Hey Everybody! I'm going to take a week break from blogging. I really haven't had a break in about a year or so. There is so much going on this week that I just need a lil bit of a breather so I dont feel like I'm all over the place. My new job starts soon, I got some home repairs that need to be done, sick friends, re-uniting with friends, Restaurant week, and tons more.... So I big you adieu, but don't worry I'll be next week!! =)

I hope you all have a great week!

I'll talk about St. Patty's Day when I return too. This is Cj and I chilling in Pearl River at the Saloon!

Be back soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ms. Melanie, How Are You Today?

My boss asks me that every morning, but this morning I hesitated because I just have way too much to talk about. I nodded and said, “I’m alright, just trying to keep dry”. Total lie. It’s raining outside today and it’s got my mind all over the place in every which way possible. I often put up a quiet facade at work so they don’t start asking me a bazillion questions. It’s easier that way. But here…I’m going to let it all out…

~ I’ve lost my motivation to come to my old job. The new job is lingering sweetly in my almost future and I’m craving it to no end. The boys won’t shut up lately about March Madness and it’s times like these where I’m very glad I’m leaving. Very Very glad.

~I’m embracing the joys of having me own place. I haven’t been sleeping well so I re-arranged my furniture and put all my Valentine’s Day stuff away (Gotta remember ONLY ONE holiday out at a time) and cleaned my kitchen joyously while watching True Blood Season 1 last night. I’ve never been more content with cleaning…That’s odd for my pack-rat self. I think I’m growing out of the “My Room is Messy because I’m Rebelling Phase”. Kickass!

~I want a tattoo. CJ actually has 4 tattoos of dragons and frankly I’m jealous. Hehe. I’m thinking it’ll be a butterfly because this part of my life has been all about change and I need to remember change is good…Very good. Maybe on my back down by my hip. I have to find out if I’m allergic to the dye they use…Must do this soon!!

~I’ve been going to the gym now for the past week and a half almost religiously and have barely lost any weight ON THE SCALE. It has actually gone up…BUT my Mom and everyone around me have said they can tell I’ve lost weight and my clothes are totally looser. Hmmm…I think me and that scale are going to have to have a talk! I guess I’m just losing inches, but I guess that’s a good thing?

~I’ve been scrambling to get some professional attire clothing for the new job. They said it’s mainly casual but the one girl near my age was dressed business causal so I’m going to copy her lead. Nice work pants and non-cleavage shirts. Kmart actually is having a huge $3.99 clearance event and I got some pleated pants for a steal.

~Tomorrow I’m heading in New York City for St. Patrick’s Day fun and in the next few weeks I’m heading to the Ninja Restaurant in Manhattan. I hope it’s all fun!

So much to do…So little time…Thank God for Coffee and Red Bull! =)

How Are All of You Doing Today?

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