Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oooo Oooo!!!

Hoot Hoot!! Today two owls went shopping. We Oooo Ooooo Oooo'd all over the Palisades Mall. My friend Susan started this owlness. Everytime she saw something pretty or noticed another item in a store she wanted she'd make the Oooo sound like an owl....Well I came to the dark side today and became an owl too. What started my transformaton was this strap of black fabric that (Yeah, I guess I am getting old) was soo small that even if I maybe lost my kidneys and removed a hip it wouldnt fit me, I gasped and said That cant be a dress??? To which Susan lauged and then I tried to see if it would stretch and then accidentally the hanger flung right off the dress and into the wall. (It totallly does NOT stretch.) I felt like I was in one of those B movies that should've went straight to dvd. We also found a dress that was shaped like a pear. Small on top and then it bounced out where the hips were and came back in at hem. I guess it's one of those dresses that it has to be the right girl and the right shape to wear it or else it'll just looks bad??? I'm still not sure.

But this lil owl did go Oooo Oooo and find these really cute butterfly hair clips:

While I was searching for more blogs I spoted one where someone talked about how nice it is to have an accessory for your hair. I can't remember what blog it was unfortunately, but I was in inspired. Thank you!!

I also noticed that I buy the same style shirt in alot of colors. Does anyone else do that? I mean no one notices at work that I have worn an aqua studded shirt one day and then a black studded shirt the next, so I guess its okay. But I work 5 guys, and I don't think they have much of fashion sense so i guess I'm a wee bit lucky. hehe.

Back to the story, the two owls gossiped about high school memories, and how yes that girl is having yet another baby, and this one got married and did you hear about this and that. I haven't been shopping with Susan in a while so it was alot of fun. We've known each other for years but then finally started being true friends. I'm happy we did and relieved. You need a gal pal that totally just understands.

But alas, it came to 9:30pm when the stores close and the two lil shopping owls then parted ways and went home with their bags of goodies from the mall. =)

P.S. Project Runway Starts TOMORROW!!! on Lifetime at 10pm E.S.T. Oooo!! Oooo!!


Patxo said...

LOVE THE OWL! so cute (:

S.Elisabeth said...

Owl =)
And those butterfly clips are gorgeouss

Simply Colette said...

Cute story! And love your owl. I made an owl banner, think it's still on my blog, available via Etsy. But I don't think my boyfriend wants to part with him. Funny! I know. :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh i wish i had that lil owl. Its not mine =(. I have no idea of the source of it cuz it just let me back to more blogs with no credit. Its sooo cute. If I see it somewhere, I'm sooo picking one up!!!


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