Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's on Random...

Well this is my first post to what I hope will be alot of fun. I'm going to start by telling you a bit about me. I'm turning 24 in 3 days and I've just hit a mental block. I feel like that scene in the movie Castaway where Tom Hanks is standing at the fork in the road with all the options in the world to choose from, yet no clue as to which one to pick. I recently graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and I have an Associates in Engineering Science. Never in my world would I have dreamt I would have made it this far. It took me 6 years to finish my degrees. Whoever started the saying, "College is 4 years" was lying. Perhaps it's the finishing school which has made me feel as though I need to be doing something all the time....Maybe?

For starters, I'm an only child and from the beginning I would take a large cardboard box and make my dream home out of it. lol. I grew up when the Disney channel still had cartoons, reality tv was like Double Dare with Mark Summers, and I didnt get Super Nintendo to what seemed forever and a day. I wanted to be a writer and used to write mini stories but unfortunately I've lost that habit, but the ideas are still floating in my head. My mom has always encouraged me to be happy with what i do. She makes art dolls. I will post her artwork as much as I can. The dolls are just beautiful. She is very inspiring to me. I like to draw and doodle, it had to be from her and I love her for that talent.

I am very random. Before writing this I was at the gym and told one of my best friends that I named my blog Melanie's Randomness and she was said, "Hahaha, thats perfect for you". I do alot of random things. In 2008 I was an extra in the The Birthday Massacre video, "Looking Glass". I'm the dollhead number #3. They are my favorite band. I go to conventions where I try to meet my favorite actors. It's a treat to live about 20 minutes out of New York City. I recently stood on line for about 6 hours in the pouring rain in Wayne, NJ to get an autographed Dan Akroyd 's Crystal Head Vodka bottle. Yes, it was worth it to meet Dan. I have gone all around NYC dressed as Harley Quinn from the Batman Series with a Batman and didn't even get one strange look. lol. I can't imagine what I'll do next.

So the purpose of this blog, is tell you bloggers how much you have inspired me to take a step back and see what life truly is. I have many ideas, many projects, many stories, my imagination always runs wild and I hope to share this finding myself experience with all of you too.


Patxo said...

It felt really good to receive your cyber hug, I was kind of needing it (:

"my imagination always runs wild" --> I really get you

You are kind of lost, I hope you find your way, and when you do, please post it here so that I can be happy with you (:

Anonymous said...

I'm also graduating college (in three days) and feeling very lost. I'm a painter.

And I'm pretty random.

And I got to meet Dan Akroyd by accident. He got to look at my work. It was crazy.


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