Monday, August 17, 2009

Kiss me and tell me it's not broken.

This is a random series of Why's. This is a perfect time to do it.

Why do you still message me when your online?

Why do you act completely different to me when your in front of all our friends?

Why did you hold me so tight when we laid together and watched all those movies?

Why did you hold my hand when we kissed?

Why did I help you pick out the shoes you wear everyday? Why don't you rememeber that?

Why do you call me when you need help?

Why did ask for my help then proceed to call me a dumbass when i asked a simple question?

Why do I still answer the phone when it's you?

Why don't you tell me about all the other girls? Why do u fumble your words and change the subject when someone brings one of them up in front of me?

Why did you take my hand when we were ice skating and say, "Its funner with you" and then said, "You shouldn't be so nice to me."

Why do you put both hands on my face when you kiss me and make me forget the world?

Why do you always bring me down when I'm one of the only 2 people that showed up for your birthday?

Why did you hug me ever so tightly like you didn't want to see me go?

Why do u plan things with me months in ahead when you never want to see me in the present?

Why didn't you stop looking when I came along?

Why did you let me see the softer side of you and turn around and let it shatter right in front of me?

Why didn't you just suck it up and be a man and find the courage to tell me its over all those times?

Why do you keep me on a yo-yo string?

Why did you rant and rant and let me see you break down and then disappear and come back with such hatred on your tongue for no reason?

Why do you make me feel so useless yet needed? Why do I feel that if I leave you won't have anyone to notice that you left your coat downstairs at the bar?

Why did you flirt with a girl all night in front of me and then when you looked over at me you stared at me like I was a ghost?

Why did you let me into your life and ignore the fact that you did?

Why do I hope that your mother was right when she said, "Oh he'll notice you when he gets his kicks!"

Why cant I just let it go?

Why do u push me away when I waited in the rain with you for an autograph and took all those pictures for you?

Why am I still there for you and fear that I will always be?

Why did this friendship get soo fucked up???

Why do I wish every text is you, every call is you wanting to hang out with me?

Why do you give me that look when I stop kissing you that begs me to kiss you again?

Why cant you see me, for me?

Why do I love you and equally hate you with all the passion of the world?

Why don't YOU let me go? thats the why that keeps the other whys going....

le sigh.

Yeah know what Im tired of all these whys.

"Well it was a turning point, Oh what a lonely night!" - "Spaceman, "THe Killers"

Had a bad day and a realization that I hope will stick.


zeweirdnattt said...

:/ Why's are almost never answered even the problem is over, you will never get the answer to most why's.

Elizabeth Parsons said...

because men are basically small terrified boys who over compensate by being what they believe to be as 'oh so cool'. It's not's him.

BUT, there are good ones out there. Get back up on the horse and start trotting...



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