Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh just a few random lil things....

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight's entertainment!" - the Joker, Dark Knight

Today I was sitting in the diner that's right across from my job and I realized, Woa I have bad A.D.D.. My mind races with ideas, thoughts, and dramas that occupy a newly 24 year old's life. My job, my future, my weight, that concert he invited me too before he did the damn missing persons report thing, my credit card bill, my depart from a 3 year ridicolousness friendship, my health, this year's halloween costume, that cute guy who is always outside my office building but I dont have enough nerve to talk to him, going to the gym, oh Ill have that piece of pie, Woa this bra from Victoria Secret is really nice, if i use the coupon then this will be cheaper...then the other people in the diner's convo's start leaking into my head...and just AHHH!!! My mind is like a TV set and accidentally the remote control fell between the couch cushions and the channels keep flipping by. Yeah thats a perfect analogy for it.

I dont have a problem going to a diner by myself, but maybe its cuz I'm an only child. Maybe I should start to have a problem with it. I'm starting to feel like those commercials where they are trying to be a wake up call of yeah your alone. But Im trying to convince myself of the truth so like that Evanescence song, "My Immortal" Even when he was in my life, I was alone along.

Anywho...I decided to take a few random pictures to show you what ran through my mind today. Yeah its pretty random.

Step #1: Buy some new Hair Clips to make yourself feel a lil girly. I bought these, they are actually Scunci brand and you can find them in Shop Rite or CVS:

Step #2: Realize Oh damn I have alot of these clips everywhere so buy some cute lil boxes to put them in. =)

Step #3: Well from Project Runway I was looking at my fashion sense lately and Yeah I apparently fall in love with 1 style and then buy it every color. So the step is to have the duel of shirts and see who wins. I think the black shirt won! What do you think?

Step #4: Hmmmm...maybe check out that lil thrift store in the next town at lunch hour and see perhaps what you can find. I was feeling down yesterday so I went to a thrift store in Westwood and found this miniature tea pot.

Step #5: I wonder if I could use that bottle vase my mom bought at a tag sale as a crown?? Yeahhh, my boss is on vacation and didn't tell me about it. I'm pissed so my mind went elsewhere...Here's the vase and yes it can be used as a crown.

Step #6: Don't forget those post-its from your desk of all the blog ideas, and story ideas, and your reminder not to think of him cuz hes not thinking of you notes. And yes....Dont ever stop thinking of your dreams. (aka..the unicorn...a friend(not Mr. Big) bought me this lil plush toy becuz apparently I picked it up and made the Awww sound and he had to buy it for me. Sometimes random people show you they care.)

I took these pics today. I am a hopeful future engineer, and just realized after a year how to properly use her camera. lol. Well my ADD is running and I'm going to try and get to the gym...But how I feel I know I'm gunna do a face splat like Bridget Jones' in no time. lol. Gotta run because I gotta be back for Project Runway.

"I once fell in love with someone. I couldn't stop wondering if he loved me back. I found an android which looked just like him. I hoped he would give me the answer." - 2046


Jackie D. said...

Thanks for the compliment on my dandelion note cards :) Stop back by anytime!

Sarah Alaoui said...

hahaha by mind is like that too. i have SO MANY post it notes. I'm thinking of getting rid of all of them just because I've been doing okay/not missing deadlines without looking at i guess I didn't ever need them in the first place.

Simply Colette said...

I met my sweetheart on He he. Crazy. I wasn't really serious about wanting to meet someone at the time. I had fun meeting people. He was the last one of 8 I met. I saved him for last, and was hurt by someone right before, so wasn't reluctant at first. But now we've been together for 18 months. :)
If you do it... have fun, but be careful and screen carefully. I narrowed those 8 down from about 100 emails and such. Remember no guy is really worth fretting over, you're too good for it!

Simply Colette said...

Btw, i love those butterflies, especially the black and white one. AND, I hope you aren't too sad on a Friday night. :) :)



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