Saturday, August 15, 2009

I went to the ends of the earth and back...

Nah...I just went to New Jersey. hehe.

So today I did a bit of emotional shopping. There's a emotional eating (I am Very guility of that too) and then there is the emotional shopping. It happens, it's easier not to fight it. I reallly need to save money because I want to get an apartment. I actually somehow that I really have no reasonable clue don't have any student loans so I really just need to stop buying and saving (easier said then done.)... Well I'll start that tomorrow. lol.

So here is what I bought today and I gotta say that coupons and going to places when there is a sale makes me so freakin happy. Its my get out of jail free card for buying stuff cuz I just say "Oh it was on sale". I'm a ridicolous shopper because I can go in a store get 4-5 things and pay lil to nothing. For example today I got 2 pair of flat shoes(if you have high arches they are like gold) and 3 pairs of earrings from the same store for under 10 dollars. Hearing "Buy one get one free" is like eating the best cupcake in the world. The only thing is it's so easy to find the 1st shoe...not so easy to find the 2nd.

Here are the shoes and the earrings I got.

I'm soo loving these. The skulls are too cute.

These are from this store called billito. I tried to find a site but they just have a few stores. If your in New Jersey there is a couple of them. Very inexpensive and you can always find something lovely.

Then I went to Old Navy, and I btw those Super Manequinns in the commercials that talk are soo freaking creeeeeepy!!! Now Old Navy is weird...I never thought I would find something so pretty that wasn't clothes. I bought these magnets with flowers and they look straight out of the 70's Art Deco stuff. I had to pick them up because one day I will have my own refrigerator. They look old, I like it. For $3.50...I'll take it.

My mom said to me a lil while ago to start picking up stuff for the future. Hey, its something to look forward to. I'm actually obssessed with dreaming about my future place because somehow in my brain if i get an apartment my life will straighten out...I think? I dunno.

Then I went to Borders and picked up my copy of the Time Traveler's Wife. I LOVED the movie. I loved it. Erin rocks because she had tissues. I definitely want to write a blog about how much I loved it but I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I will do that later. I already read the prologue and I'm hooked. I cant wait to read it.

Oh i almost forgot. To start out this lil shopping spree I went to a tag sale with my mom. I love tag sales because you NEVER know what you will find. Like this lil porcleian doll. I sorta collect antiques but when it looks priceless and you get it for 2 dollars, its soo finding a home. Here it is:

I don't know when it is from but it's now gunna join my mess of lil trinkets. It reminds me of the white rose from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. That sings the last part when all the flowers sing.

I did also go to Michael's Craft store and picked up a few lil scrapbooking things to try to get myself in the groove of working, that stylish box in the beginning of this, and a cute lil bat stamp for halloween. My mom calls herself the "Frustrated Sculptor"...I'm definitely the "Frustrated artist" Once I get going I cant stop. But its the starting thats hard. The acceptance of things is hard. The ability to stop being in denial, that's hard too.

Here's the lil bat stamp.

I dunno sometimes you need to treat yourself. It does make you feel better at least for a little while.

I can't wait to go read that book so thats it from my lil shopping spree. =)


MyAgentOrtega said...

Wow that doll looks rare.. that would of also caught my attention .

Kaela said...

such a great book!! :)


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