Monday, November 2, 2009

Thrown Off.

"Thrown off" is the only way to describe the past few days. I feel like I'm completely out of whack & thrown off my rocker. What probably was the culprit was the clocks changing back an hour. I'm one of those people who are affected by the weather & sunshine. There is a name for it I learned in one of my psychology courses I took in college but I can't remember it. It now gets dark around 5pm instead of around 7pm-ish. It's been two days of this uber early night-time & I already miss the sun.

(I saw that kitty in the bowl off google images & it was on too many sites to find source. It was too cute not to use.)

What hasn't helped me is that somehow between Halloween night & yesterday I got a cold & the stomach flu. DO NOT MIX GATORADE & CHEERIOS IF YOU FEEL NAUSEOUS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!. I did get to go out in my lil red riding hood outfit this weekend & I did have a version of fun, but I pushed myself just a wee bit too far & got sick from the cold, the rain & my emotions. I'm upset because I really didn't need to get sick after using all of last week recovering from having my gall bladder out. I tried so hard to get better that I forgot to feel better inside as well as outside. On the surface you can look fine, but sometimes you have to look deeper & deeper til your inside & really heal yourself.

Lil steps, lil sips of ginger ale, lil bites of bread, & lil mends to my broken heart.

Sometimes you have to just stop. Stop what your doing or trying to do, turn around, and go the other way. Other times you have to take off that day of work & realize your pushing yourself too hard. You have to have that down-time to get better.

I took another day of work off. I haven't been to work since the surgery. My mom though did take the day off today to help me out, I was too sick this morning. I do feel much better, I think I just have the head cold left not the stomach flu... *Knock on wood*. I also think I'm sick still from having the surgery. When I had my fibroids removed in summer 08' I was sick too for at least 2 weeks. Any form of surgery knocks you off your feet, whether you like it or not, and your body needs to bounce back slowly. For this...I can't fight it...I have to just take it easy & not over do it again.

One day at a time...

"Just Breathe..." - Danielle, Ever After


Anonymous said...

i've used that cat picture on my blog too, haha.

the term you're looking for is: seasonal affective disorder. it's what causes the higher suicide rates in countries like norway.

hope you feel better soon!

Susan R. Mills said...

Take it easy, friend. You probably just tried to get back into the real world too soon. Hope you feel better soon.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh feel better honey. Take it easy!! Boss's orders lol.

ummm the time changed has completely COMPLETELY messed with my head. I am wacky, and it's not pretty.

Brent said...

yeah. surgery like that is a major shock to the system, so the cold you caught is probably your body's way of telling you to rest/recover more. hope halloween was fun for you! feel better.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you are feeling sick, Melanie. :( That really sucks. I hope you feel better soon and it is nothing more than a cold.

I'm glad you got to go out for Halloween sure looked adorable in that red riding hood costume. :)


Barry said...

I agree with what's been said above. Sounds like your immune system might be weakened and your body's not quite recovered from surgery. Time and rest will help.

As far as a broken heart there's not much I can tell you honey, but I'm sure you know it does get better. Never feels that way at the time though does it? But in addition to your friends IRL you also have us to bounce things off. I'm sure anyone here is more than willing to listen. I know I am. :) Been through it, probably more times than I care to remember.

As a bit of positive news I'm mailing your pen out today. Dude at the Post Office figures it should take 3 or 4 days to get to you. Post Office dude's a great guy.

Hope you feel better soon!


Keith said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad. I wish you the best. Take good care of yourself. Take it easy. Don't push yourself. Get lots of rest. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Teach.Workout.Love said...

oh man.... feel better :(
cheerios & gatorade... no bueno!!!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Oh girl! hope you are going feeling better by now. Weather affects me a lot too, I am absolutely sure about it! Now, it is time to rest!!! Get weel soon baby! And don't do strange food and drink mixes, please! ;O)

Michelle Schraudner said...

Feel better! The time change has completely thrown me off, too, so I know just what you mean. Hopefully we'll adjust soon.

Sierra said...

Glad you are feeling better, I hate how sickness can totally catch you off guard and make you feel totally gross! Hang in there!

Kori said...

Thanks for following my blog! Yours is great! I will definitely be back honey! Kori xoxo


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