Friday, November 27, 2009

Even if it was for Love or Money...NEVER AGAIN!!!

There are some things that you say, "Oh One day I'll do that." Well last night in the Black Friday Early Madness I ventured to the Fashion outlets called Woodbury Commons in Monroe, NY to go holiday shopping. To give you guys a little background on these "Outlets" they are not just wholesale outlets. They are the Fashion outlets that are homes to names such as Burberry, Prada, Juicy Couture, DKNY, Betsy Johnson, Versace, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Coach, Uggs, Sony, Michael Kors, you name's there. So my best friend Erin, her sister, her boyfriend, & me decided, "What the hell, let's be there for the midnight openning this year." Um...yeahhhhh...let's just say we will be re-thinking a new plan for next year.

I have NEVER before in my life seen as much chaos, people, traffic and bags of holiday goodies in my entire life.

The above picture is one I took when we hit the wall of traffic trying to get there. It took us about 3 1/2 hours to drive what in a normal day would take 15 minutes. The state troopers were everywhere, and it the traffic was so bad they closed the NY State Thruway exit to get into the Commons. It was insane. Absolute Madness.

Honestly, I knew there would be a little traffic, but I never in my life would have imagined all the people I saw. The license plates driving into the Commons were from NY, NJ, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maine, Ontario, Quebec, Conneticut, Ohio....just to name a few. I've heard of the Walmarts being's got nothing on this place. We actuall parked in a neighboring parking lot & walked another 10 minutes to the outlets.

My goal was to try to get a Coach Purse to go on job interviews with in the future. I've been saving up my pennies, was going to try and get a deal, but unfortunately I couldn't even get near the store. The lines were insane just to get in. It was totally okay because I actually did get a few nice items for very little money at Liz Clabourne & Aeropostale & Williams Sonoma.

I keep talking about the madness but Let me show you the MADNESS. I apologize that the pictures are really dark & a lil blurry but I was running on barely any sleep & it was in fact 4am in the morning.

Here's the photos from Thrusday night into Friday morning:

That's the line of traffic to get on the detour exit.(No Joke)

All those lights are headlights of cars. Yeah, Unbelievable!!

Part of the line outside of Uggs Footwear.

The line outside of Juicy Couture.

Part of the line outside of Prada.

Random Picture of some of the crazy midnight shoppers.

The line outside Burberry.

This was the line outside of Coach. It wrapped around & around.

Pandemonium is the only word I can muster up to actually paint a reality of it. If I had a list of things I was to do in my life this adventure would have been on it. Now I can totally check it OFF the list. hehe.

By the time we finished at the outlets it was about 6am. We went to Kohl's & Walmart after but my body kinda stopped working on me, so it wasn't that shopping productive. Apparently when I haven't really slept in a good solid 30 hours I turn off. Your body functions don't work. But it was an experience that I will never forget.

I miss blogging, from the holiday I've been a bit scattered around. I'm back & regular scheduled programming will commence. I hope everyone had a safe & happy Thanksgiving. I have got to bed because I am exhausted beyond belief. Nighty.

All the pictures were taken by me by car or by foot. This is a day for the history books, but yeah...for love or money, I'm not doing it again. I'll just have to shop online instead. =P


Mademoiselle ♥♥ said...

Oh my gosh!! That looks crazy hectic! woah, I have never been anywhere so crazy before, it looks kinda scary - like I could get trampled ahah


Jessica Samantha said...

That's INSANE!!

drollgirl said...

what an absolute nightmare!!! i considered going to one store on black friday, and then i reconsidered. i am sure it was awful everywhere, and i just stayed home and read a book instead. :)

Leah said...

Those lines are totally freaking me out... I haven't been to a Black Friday sale yet and those pics of people lining-up from midnight are one for the books.

Best to go online shopping!

Anonymous said...

ahh I've never done the black friday madness and after your post I probably never will haha

Farnnay said...

WOW ppl are crazy for sales. i completely avoid everything on black friday.

Scientific Housewife said...

Looks crazy! Hope you scored some great deals!

Pixel Wild Child said...

That is totally crazy!!! I can only compare it to the first day of sales in Spain after Christmas! and I don't think it gets that terrible... ;O)

Anne said...

Picture this - Danish relatives that could not be talked out of going shopping on Black Friday - they absolutely freaked when they saw all those people in the mall they chose to go to. They thought that it was weird that I didnt want to shopping but instead escaped to a bookstore with an eggnog latte...
I think that I would have turned around just seeing crowds like that.....

TheBeautyFile said...

WOW. I thought I was crazy for going to Saks at 7am...but this, oh this...madhouse! But SO worth it, I'm assuming...

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Holy crap. I just had to look at your photos to get a headache. LOL. Wow. That's insane!! I'm glad you managed to get a few nice things. I'm sure that made the trip/traffic/lines worth it. I'm sorry you didn't get the Coach purse you wanted. :( Hopefully they will have another amazing sale soon!! Have you tried online? I bet you could find a nice new one on ebay for a good price.


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