Thursday, November 5, 2009

I think I saw a diner about 30 miles ago....

Rest Area. Oh I needed that rest area today. I think this picture is hilarious because of the phone image. I know 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, not everyone had a cell phone so the sign made sense back then. Now if I saw it on the road I would giggle just a little.

Every week I go to the diner that is across the street from my job for lunch. It's my little rest area. I dine alone but I'm an only child so I'm used to do things alone once in a while. No one bothers me, the sweet waitress always gives me a free refill on my coffee & I have never gotten sick eating there. Today I sat there eating my omelet and let my mind get lost in the shuffle of the rest of the diner's conversations. It was glorious. I heard some guy got a colonoscopy, one man ordered a coke, one guy ordered a coke to go, one lady with 3 kids was rushing to the bathroom with all of them, there were laughs, one lady was shocked the waitress remembered her, and just so much pleasant noise that wasn't my own.

I remember back in college those nights where a group of my college friends would talk for hours and hours in the diners about everything under sun. Diner conversations are the BEST I think. They answer the world's random questions & the BEST topics are discussed.

Is time travel possible?
What Beatles song is the best & how come the jukebox doesn't have it?
What combo of milk, cream or sugar makes diner coffee so deliciously good?
What truly is the best type of pie to eat after a night of drinking and fun?
The roll-over of past memories...
Figuring out who the undercover cops are.....(That is a very fun game at 3am)
So is this their first date? A Break-Up? or the After-fight meal? of that tired couple over there.
Who is better Chuck Norris or Jean Claude Van Dammn?

Have you ever sat at a diner by yourself or with friends and had one of those complex arguments or discussions that really has no tangible answer, but you'll battle it out with each other or yourself til some answer is found?

I have & I miss those times. I miss the times when a group went out and did something without a drama wheel attached. Now it's just me & a few lingering characters that are true friends. But I always thought a few True friends is better than tons of shitty friends.

As you can tell from my last few posts life hasn't been that easy lately. I'm working through some stuff & trying to feel better; I'm trying not to analyze every single detail & NOT try to come up with an answer. Instead, I'm trying to really focus my energy & find some new true friends who will have those diner conversations with me once again & find a guy who is not impossible to figure out. He doesn't have to be open to me like a book but he at least has to tell me one thing. One thing is all I want. That he enjoys my company & will call. Okay, that's I guess technically two things. It's a start. Yes this is another start after many steps backwards, but this is will be a REAL start. I promise...

A Real Start. Yeah, I like the sound of that.

Btw, I just have to say commenting back and forth with you guys are the BEST conversations ever, too.

"Set me free, your heaven's a lie..." - Lacuna Coil


Elizabeth Marie said...

Aww honey! First of all, I've never gone out to eat alone, it's on my list of things to do!!

The friends thing is so hard. Its hard to find girls we can trust, I'd much rather have 2 or 3 than a bunch of back stabbers...I hope you have some you can lean on, you're such a doll!!

And the boy...ughhh guys! You only deserve the best!

frenchie said...

i have to agree with you! i think when i move into my new flat (REALLLY need to start looking now...)i will start Friday dinners. get friends over and cook.

btw, cold pizza is the best hangover food and Chuck Norris IS THE BEST EVER!!!


debra@dustjacket said...

Oh loved this post, we don't have diners in Aus, wish we did.

It was really interesting reading this.

You are a smart girl - take care,

Little Ms Blogger said...

I have to admit, anytime I'm in a diner, I always make the statement of "how can they offer so much food"?

I love diners and sometimes love to overhear what others are talking about.

Many times I meet friends at diners to catch up because you never have to watch what you say - conversations are real.

About finding women friends, that can get trickier as you get older (although, many of my friends with kids have made friends that way) - however, I've met some great people where I worked. You're right, a few good friends is far better than a bunch of surface friends.

Keith said...

I love eating at diners. The food is delicious. Plus it's great to people watch. I love checking out the other people and seeing what's going on.

I love seeing a rest stop when I'm on a long vacation. It's always nice to be able to get that bathroom break in and also get some snacks.

I'm sorry about what you've been going on. I wish you the best. Take care. I'm going through my share of trials and tribulations right now. Take care.

Have a great weekend.

Scientific Housewife said...

Thanks sweetheart, I love the back and forth conversations as well! I miss college time and all the friends, or who I thought were friends, I had at the time. Now, though, I know who my true friends are, which is very important.

E.K. said...

My wife and I have been having long talks while out for coffee our whole relationship. They range from serious life decisions to escape routes in case of zombie invasions. Good conversation over coffee is essential to friendships I think.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

That diner sounds so cozy. :) There is a local diner that my bff and I go to after long nights of partying and it is SO much fun. We eat delicious food (usually hamburgers and cheese fries) and talk about everything. It is so relaxing and fun and provides some really fond memories.
I really love little diners like that because the waitresses act like friends and the atmosphere is kind of romantic. Rian took me to a local diner for Valentine's Day once (he couldn't afford anywhere else, lol) and it was the best night ever. There were romantic songs playing on the jukebox and the waitresses gave all the girls a rose. It was very wholesome and sweet.
Thanks for bringing back a lot of good memories for me too!
This was another GREAT post!

Susan R. Mills said...

I used to love to go eat by myself. I need to do that. It's been a while. I'll be thinking about you as you embark on this new journey. Take care.

Tower Farm said...

You are right about the telephone symbol. I had never thought of it before, but the shape has almost no meaning anymore... not to mention the fact that no one needs payphones, anyway.

Van Damme wins, in my opinion, by the way.


Carlos Alberto Silva said...

Hi there, thanks for the comment... Hope you have a nice weekend, and come back! ;)


Barry said...

Every once in a while I'm very conscious of conversation as I walk down the hallway. It's really interesting to hear voices discussing one topic drift off only to melt into the next conversation as I approach. Pretty cool.

Hey, if you're trying to figure out a guy the best person to bounce that off is.. another guy. Problems can't be solved at the level in which they were created, and if you couldn't figure out a guy before you'll be wracking your brain trying to do it again. So feel free to drop me a line anytime if you'd like and we'll see what we can come up with.

I have an idea Melanie. If you miss the times where you could have those complex arguments or discussions that really have no tangible answer, you have a great circle of blogging friends right here. Why don't you post a topic of discussion like you mentioned in your post, and we can discuss it back and forth? Could be fun...

Caroline Cakewise said...

I'm sorry about switching boy. Love, eh? Most of all I hate knowing you have to move on and get over it in your head, but your heart just won't! But this post really cheered me up, I have those exact same conversations with my friends! xx

drollgirl said...

that is not asking too much of a guy!

and i hope things just get a little bit better (or a lot better) for you day by day. hang in there!

Manju said...

hey there!thanks for following ^^

we all need friends like that. dnt worry, you will 'find each other'. till then, hang in there okay?

p.s. i read the witching hour! actually i read Anne Rice novels when i was 15 n it prettty much traumatised me, at that age, but i still think they're awesome! ^^

Barry said...

Yeah, what's up with guys anyway? Pfft!

Wait a minute, I are one.... :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

I dunno what's up with them. Men drive me a lil nuts.

I think I might actually do a post a week like Diner Monday or something like that & propose a diner question for people to battle it out. I like that idea.

I'm glad you guys are enjoying this post. It makes me so happy. <3

Barry said...

Hmm,'scuze me WHO'S driving you nuts? Perhaps the answer is to gravitate more towards men and less towards boys. I don't mean men as defined by age, but by mature behaviour.

Just food for thought. I think it's safe to say that mentally you're a few years ahead of most guys your age Melanie. :)

Oh hey, a diner question for people to battle out? What a BRILLIANT idea! :) Seriously, wouldn't that be fun to have a regular weekly spot that we knew to tune into on a certain day? Kind of like HNT but not nearly as naughty. If you ever ran short on ideas you could poll us for suggestions and pick your favourite question(s).

And yup, I'm enjoying this post immensely. But then I enjoy anything you write so I'm a little biased.

Barry said...

Melanie, you don't have to post this but could you please let me know if I can use some of your photos when I do my blog award for your site? I don't think you got back to me on that yet. Please let me know in my comments section on my most recent post.

Thanks again sweetie for your words, they were very kind. :)


Becky Tjandera said...

oh that telephone pic is indeed funny . haha . and it's so much fun to talk to someone with a lot of topics . just can't stop talking . haha .

have a nice weekend !

Farnnay said...

But I always thought a few True friends is better than tons of shitty friends.

i totally agree. i feel like high school was like that. heres hoping things get better for u :) ur in my thoughts.

PinkBow said...

i definitely agree a handful of true friends is better than a lot of not very true friends. & i found too i had to kiss a lot of frogs before finding a prince!

Starr Crow said...

hey melanie! i'm glad to see that things are looking up for you, you seem to be a little happier today and that's always great to see.
i love sitting alone in places and eavesdropping on conversations too. I'm a waitress so I hear a whole lot of weird things and some pretty interesting topics that I just don't wanna walk away from. I try not to linger around too much though, I don't want them to think I'm crazy! :)

love that telephone sign. oh how times have changed!

Simply Colette said...

Love this post Mel! So cute, I can totally picture you nibbling on a fry in your work clothes at a diner. I used to go out to lunch by myself, but I usually eat at work. I keep telling myself I need to have a date with myself more often. I'm so glad you do. :)

Jack Daniel said...

Hm...I thought you were already married. I don't know.

About the convo's at the depends with the kind of people you are with, of course. The last dinertable conversations I always had with the group of people I'm with is always about sex. I kinda hate it, because it's such a TEENAGER subject. I like to talk about life, future, complexed relationships...movies and music. And about our passions: photography, music (again), etc.

You know?


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