Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yes I will eventually know if "One Size Fits All".

Honestly last night I found my New Years resolutions & frankly I'm disappointed at them. I'm not happy with them because I didn't do any of them. lol. It was the standard drop 15 pounds, drop the Mess boy, if I'm upset tell people don't hold it all in, find a nice guy to be with, & Be true to myself. In the past few months with certain things I seem to have lost this mindset & just crawled back to the past hoping it will change.

Unfortunately one of the definitions of insanity is repeating the same thing over & over expecting a different result. No matter how times I add 2 + 2 it's going to equal 4...not 5. But as I've said before, reconizing the need for change is the first step of the battle & the battle has more than begun with me.

Oh yes my battle has begun. I'm on the horse & jousting through the remainder of 2009 with some power. I do gotta say tho that I am proud of myself for finally finshing college. It took me 6 years, 4 colleges, & *cough* a ridicolous amount of money & time & crap. That's probably one thing I've thankful of 2009 for...

Anywho, the point of this post is the future. In part of my straightening out process in the beginning of this blog I put alot of my little momentos into boxes. Those pictures I never want to lose, movie tickets, train tickets, receipts of nights out I want to rememeber, matchbooks from diners I've been to, I.D.s from conventions, concert tickets, birthday cards...you name it I keep it. I'm a qualified pack rat, remember? Well the other day I bought another box & I'm not going to put the past inside it...I'm going to leave this box for 2010.

I can't wait to see what I'll go do. I wonder what concerts I'll go to, what conventions, what random things I'll see, who I'll meet, where I'll go, Ooooo I'm excited!!! I compiled a list of things I want to do in 2010. It's a small list of actually do-able things. I will try to do them over the course of the new year.

1. This will be the year that I move out of my parents' house.
2. Get a new reliable salary-based job with benefits.
3. Get over the Mess, my Brown-Eyed Mr. Big...I'm trying.
4. Drop those 15 pounds.
5. Buy the Victoria Secret "Lacie" thong & see if "One Size fits all".
6. Meet Mr. Platform...gotta find out when the rescheduled party is.
7. Try doing small goals.
8. Find friends that I can trust...that was a big problem I had in 2009. (I lost 2 best friends due to drama)
9. Go on an actual vacation...Being home from a surgery does not count as a vacation.
10. Save some actual money each month.
11. Get Respect in my life. "R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me." - Aretha
12. Go on an open call for modeling. I mentioned the Keen Agency. I will go to a meeting.
13. Go to New York City as much as I can, especially the "Tim Burton" exhibit at the MoMu.
14. Learn Italian or French...I know Latin so it wouldn't be that hard.
15. Return to my scrapbooking & collage making I used to do.
16. Continue to get my certified C.A.D. (Computer-Assisted-Drawing) license.
17. Try to have 365 days of smiles. Find 1 thing each day to make smile.
18. Have someone to kiss on New Years for 2011.
19. Get back some of the friends I've lost in 2009...Maybe they've grown up enough.
20. Write my zombie novel. I have to sit & write it & I'm giving myself a year deadline. I will do it with my Writer's Groups help.

It seems like a long list, but in a year I will definitely try to do most of them. Well I'm going to be crossing my fingers & hoping for the best!!! The thought of new always makes me happy. I can hardly wait!! *Crossing my fingers* Wish me Luck!!

That's me. Here's hoping to 2010!!


Heather Rose said...

I don't think you need luck. Just determination, and that you've got. Can't wait for that zombie novel!

angel6033 said...

I wish you the best of luck with all of your resolutions!! :) They seem like great ones!!

Leah said...

You are so beautiful Melanie.

*Small goals at a time...I agree with that.
*Meet Mr Platform... You know I'm a supporter.
*365 days of smile... If you can't find something to make you smile, just smile with me, okay?
*Write your novel...M, you are a very talented writer. Go do it!

drollgirl said...

this is quite a list, and these are all admirable and do-able goals! and i'll join you in doing my best to make #18 happen. fingers crossed for both of us. :)

Manju said...

dont worry too much abt the 2009 resolutions. you can still start everything over again in 2010! i like your 2010 list and i want to read that zombie novel when you're done with it ;)
happy new year Mel! *hugs*

o said...

these are great resolutions, melanie!:) u will do great in 2010:D happy new year!


Anne said...

Hi Mel!
Your list really underlines the word you choose for 2010: Respect! Well think you're gonna reach a lot of your goals - seems like you are already on your way :o)

Tim Burton at MoMu??! You just convinced me, that the 2½ week I have left of my vacation (not including the one I am having now) should take me a few days to NY - I just love his creativity.

Arushi Khosla said...

17. Try to have 365 days of smiles. Find 1 thing each day to make smile.

You'll have tons to smile about, babe! And you have such pretty eyes :)

Arushi Khosla said...

17. Try to have 365 days of smiles. Find 1 thing each day to make smile
You will, you can bet on it! You'll have lots to smile about :)

Anonymous said...

You look good, Melanie!
That's a biglist for 2010, but i think you'll do well with it.

Have fun all along the way!


Maria Ana said...

Good luck! :)
Great post

avant garde design said...

hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving great comments :)! it has allowed me to find your great blog too. i was catching up on some of your posts and i love your commentary, you're a great writer and you should write a book! i laughed when i read about your travels through college. i'm finishing my bachelors degree right now, almost done (2 more semesters) and it took me a while too, and with lots of loans (not looking forward to when those become reality either :( but hey, we do what we have to do right? good luck in your job searching and i'll be back often :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I read a great post yesterday where someone mentioned she doesn't write resolutions, but goals. She went further on to say, any progress on the goals was a step in the right direction. I like this thinking.

I have a couple of goals for myself in 2010 (other than the obvious to get a job, but is that a goal or a necessity?) and the big one is one I'm stealing from my dad's playbook - don't talk negatively about anyone. He's 87 and hasn't said an ill word about anyone. It's an admirable trait and I want to do the same.

Bathwater said...

Hi! A great list! I really liked District 9 BTW, let me know when you are ready for that vacation ;). Having things to look forward to makes all the difference in the world.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Good luck, sweetie! These resolutions put a smile on my face because I have a good feeling you are going to accomplish most of them, if not all. :) You have the motivation, the confidence, and the understanding to go through with all of them. I know sometimes stress or life can get in the way, but I have a feeling you won't let that slow you down next year. :)
I hope your friends have grown up...or, I hope you make new friends who you can be just as close to in your town. After all, it's a fresh start!
And yes, please take a vacation. Go somewhere fabulous and just ENJOY yourself. You totally deserve it!
I am looking forward to seeing how all this plays out for you. And if you ever run into any roadblocks, just know that I (and all your blogging friends) are here for you! xoxo

J said...

Pretty picture. :)

Your resolutions made me laugh and smile. I hope you get through at least most of it by New Year's 2011. I cannot believe we're already looking towards THAT day.

Ah, yes... This is the time of year when I go back to school and begin accidentally writing "2009" on all of my papers/tests still... New Year's Resolution for me? Get some erasers.

bananas. said...

good luck darling!!! i can't lie...that is a long list but you can totally do it. it's all about the future lady :)

Barry said...

Melanie I love,love your determination. Always have. I have no doubt you can do whatever you set your mind to. You're a warm, intelligent, beautiful girl and I'm glad Sandy and I met you this year.

Audrey Allure said...

yay for new york city! the exhibit is really cool. #8 is really hard to do; i've had to go through that too. good luck <3

i hope you have a wonderful new year!

Scientific Housewife said...

Those are some great resolutions. I usually don't make any because I am bad at keeping them.

Anonymous said...

Melanie, even if you find out once again that 2+2=4 not 5 (haha loved that!) know that we will always be here for you and that you're beautiful brilliant and brave no matter what.

I really cannot wait to hear more about platform boy! hope all goes well!

Vanessa said...

Your list is amazing! I wish you all the luck! And please report back if VS does fit all sizes. 8)

Susan R. Mills said...

I love the one about 365 days of smiles. That's one we all could aim for.

Tights Lover said...

This is a great outlook for 2010...I hope you achieve every bit of it. Happy New Year!

Jessi said...

Get it, girl!! You can do it!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Hope you reach all your goals in 2010!

Rich Life Revival said...

I like the small goals list...Well small, short, concise...whatever you want to call it :) You have to chip away little by little at the block of what you think your fulfilled life will consist of. Writing things down and looking at them will tune in your subconscious to naturally detract things that don't fit in to your game plan :)

Jade Purple Brown said...

great post!

S.Elisabeth said...

Good luck! I dearly hope you achieve your goals this upcoming year.
PS You so do not need to lose fifteen pounds. You look fine just the way you are!!

Toothfairy said...

I can tell you I'm with you on nr. 1, I will and shall and must move out in 2010, whether I find a house or not. If not, I'll just sleep in my car... whatever!!!

Happy nye!

You're featured in my latest post:


P said...

Best of luck with your goals for 2010! I'll be joining you in trying to lose 15 pounds . . . possibly more!

Fannie said...

Ah ! I am so with you on 1 and 9 .. definetly !

Also, I can help you with 14 if you want. French is my mother tongue .. hehe !

Happy New Year and thanks for visiting my blog ! Come back soon to see my new design :)

Anonymous said...

I think that these are GREAT goals girl!!! I do like the 365 days of smiles. I think that I might try that one. At least once a day. Honestly, we are probably all a little insane if we were to go by that one definition. The point, as you said, is coming to a realiztion of what we are doing and trying not to do it anymore. I am working on that as well. Well Mel (is it ok to call you that?) I think that the New Year is going to hold much promise for all of us and I am really looking forward to it. If I don't get to "talk" to again before... Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Here is to BIGGER, BRIGHTER, and BETTER!!!! YAY!!! :o) xoxo!!!

courtney said...

Great goals! I think I am going to have a long list of resolutions this year too!

Sierra said...

Wonderful goals sweetie. I hear you on trusting friends, it is hard to find them sometimes but when you do - hold on tight!

By the way you won my Perricone Cold Plasma giveaway. Please e-mail me your addy to oceandreams4sierra@gmail.com so I can e-mail them to send it to you! YAY and happy for you! XO!

-elle♡ said...

make sure you put some parts of your future zombie novel up on your blog :D
happy new year

Barry said...

Melanie, thanks for your comment on my last post. "I love the chemistry of love." Wow. That's so awesome, makes my heart melt just a lil.

I'm so sappy sometimes, but damn I like it. :)


JUST ME said...

Nobody can lose those 15 pounds. I wouldn't worry.

And everything you've done, everything you will do, is good enough, girl. REMEMBER THAT.

...I would also enjoy a job with benefits.

Nomadic Cognition said...

Nice list! I like the 365 days of smiles. Congrats on finishing college! I'm almost there :)

Kori said...

Wow Mel, this is quite a list. You have inspired me to write my own. I hate resolutions, but I like the idea of having a list of things to work on. They say in planning, we tend to follow through more on things that are actually written down. Maybe if I advertise them on my blog, I will have to stick to them? Good luck to you in all those. I can't wait to hear about meeting Mr. Platform. Thanks for visiting and commenting on the Marilyn post honey. I always look forward to your feedback friend. Have a fantastic New Year! Don't worry, I have no one to kiss either (Jerry is on a cruise!)

Kori xoxo

Valerie said...

Those are great goals! Good luck and cheers to 2010!!


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