Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winner of the giveaway & some odds & ends!

We will interrup your scheduled program for this brief message....

Hey Everyone! I'm back from Rhode Island but I'm at work so this will be a quick lil post! The Winner of the CSN Stores Glasses giveaway is....#17: Tayebug!

Please give email me your adress as soon as possible @ melaniesrandomness@yahoo.com!

In other news, Rhode Island was good but the trip got linked with stupid drama because apparently one of my best friends, the girl I was supposed to go to Las Vegas with is a child & bitch so the trip was like nails striking across a blackboard. I'm not speaking to her because her rudeness doesn't deserve my kindness. I'll explain later.

I'm viewing a condo today at 6pm that I'm really excited for. It's in my parent's condo development but it's completely affordable for me!! It's a studio with separate rooms for the bathroom & the kitchen. This might be a step in the right direction!!

I missed Cj so much when I was away & he missed me too. When i went to see him yesterday he was like "Please don't leave without me again." I thought it was adorable. Things are turning around for me. I don't know how it all started but I'm glad it did. Now all I need is the new job.

I finally got a copy of "The Girl with the dragon tattoo". I'm obsessed with this movie. Everytime you watch it you catch something else you didn't see. It's such a mind thriller & even tho its in Swedish you don't get lost. I highly recommend it if you like murder mysteries & thrillers. The main actress is amazing in it.

I'm now on Twitter too, so follow away!

I'll be back later today to visit all your awesome blogs that I desperately need to catch up on! See you all soon!!


Tayebug said...

Woo hoo!!! I'm so excited. This is the first time I have won anything! Thank you!!!! Can't wait to sip champagne.

Diana Mieczan said...

Congrats to the happy winner:)
Sweetie...what happend with that girl? Maybe is for the best that you stopped talking to her....Cj is soooo cute....awww....adorable:)

Meghan said...

Congrats to the winner!!!

You will have to let me know how the movie is! I've read the books and am DYING to see it on film! I guess they are making a Hollywood version too???

Good luck with the condo!

Lulu said...

A new place is always so great, hope it works out for you! I'm going to go follow you on twitter now, yippee!

Laura Trevey said...

Hi Melanie!!

Thanks for the compliments, as always!

xoxo Laura

Susan R. Mills said...

Congrats to the winner, and I'm sorry your weekend was so great. Glad to hear CJ missed you though. :)

Bathwater said...

The studio condo sounds like a great start. welcome back.

ARJAY said...


drollgirl said...

sometimes it is good to cut your losses and drop loser friends! good riddance to that girl!

and so glad things are going well with your man!

i hope you get the condo! fingers crossed! i think it would be a SUPER move for you!!!

Rich Life Revival said...

I'm so glad that things are turning around for you :) While I'm appreciative for all the good things in my life - I am SO ready for my turn-around and you give me hope.

Finding out what really happened with my ex and talking to the other girl about it has really messed with my head a bit. I think other people are FINALLY starting to realize what a liar he is though. It's been a year of angst.

Thanks for your inspiration and positive thoughts! I think we receive what we project - I am just working on getting back up :)

Amanda said...

How exciting! Looking for your own place is great! And that is the cutest thing about CJ :)

That sucks about your friend. I just read your newest post. Sometimes, even as friends, you just grow apart. But hey, at least you got to get out and experience something new and letting your boyfriend miss you for a little while never hurts lol!

I've been wanting to read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I've heard the series of books is really good. I'll have to check those out!

Heather Taylor said...

Ooh, good luck getting the condo! Sounds perfect for you right now. I will keep my fingers crossed for a good job to land your way!

Tiaz said...

oh my. i need to watch the film now. convinced by this post. :)

Style, She Wrote said...

Beautiful images. The Marble House looks incredible! And don't worry about the zombie attack -- you can always hide in a mall. ;)


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