Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First it was Pennies. Now it's Nickels. A Nickel is 5 cents. A dollar is 20 nickels. A $500+ pair of Louboutin shoes I want or a pair of Jimmy Choo's is over a 1,000 nickels!!! Ewww, is all I got to say. If you picked up a nickel off the ground every day for a year you actually would only have $182.50. That's alot of money for the everyday life to me, but not for the fashion world. It's pocket change. And that is very discouraging...[Nickel image via unknown.]

At the end of every month I'm doing a Save Money Tips post. I do have a Bachelor's in Math and I'm trying to really put together my finances lately to help me figure out what salary I need in a new job. Basically there are bags and bags and envelopes upon envelopes of coupons in my home. My mom has even got my dad cutting them out for her to save time. lol. It's funny. He comes home and goes "Oh Kathy, I got you a 50% off coupon for JoAnn's" so happily that you'd think he just won Monopoly! hehe.

I did manage to save a little money this month, however I was cursed by a bit of emotional shopping once again. I really when I leave the house should leave my credit card at home!! I bought a black cocktail dress that looks like the classic white dress Marilyn Monroe is famous for wearing except in black. Ya never know when Price Charming might possibly show up and you need to go to a banquet. (I dream...ALOT). Other than that I tried to set a budget and I think I did not too shabby. [Image above is via Google images & one below is via Imdb from the movie "Mad Money"]

Here are some things I used this month to save some cash.

1.) Library Fines: ALWAYS KEEP THE "WHEN IT'S DUE" LIST!!! ( I paid about 5 dollars in fines this month because I forgot to put the movie back in the case and returned the case and didn't listen to my voice mails. lol. Also I forgot about a book for 2 weeks.)

2.)(This one is a bit cheesy) Go to the library and take out a DVD instead of spending the ridiculous amount at Blockbuster! Most libraries have a very recent assortment of movies and if the movie sucks, it was free so who cares, right?

3.)At a Bar: When you go out to a bar, bring only the amount of cash you want to spend. A guy I work with is terrified of owning a credit card because he is afraid of the bar tab if he used it. So he brings enough cash that if he had to take a cab home he could and enough so he can have a few drinks. Not a bad idea!!

4.)Look at the Sale filers in the newspaper!! If you are addicted to Dannon Light Yogurt, ( I am a hardcore addict to the lemon one) wait til there is a sale in the super market and stock up!! My mom bought 20 of them and that should last me at least 2-3 weeks, till they are on sale again.

5.) Free Demo classes. In some communities and libraries there are alot free classes and demos. I've been doing them for about 2 months now and i love em. I'm learning soo much!!

6.) Lunch: Big issue for me because it's expensive. I tried to wake up a lil early and make myself enough food for lunch to bring with me to work so I wouldn't be hungry. I did this at least 2 times a week and then I realized Oh! I actually still have some cash in my wallet at the end of the month! Sweet!

7.) Coffee: Go to Target, spend the money on a coffee maker and try to have the cup of coffee at home. This is not always the easiest thing to do because sometimes you wake up late *Cough* like me *Cough* and gotta go to Dunkin Doughnuts but if you get a minute make a cup of coffee and sit at your table and relax while you drink a cup. I did that this morning. I actually sat for a minute and just enjoyed my cup of coffee and it calmed me a bit from the ridiculousness that was yesterday.

Okay well I hope maybe one of those tips will strike you and go hmm maybe I can do that. It's not much to save, but it's something and it does add up!! I'm saving up some mad money for maybe a pair of designer shoes or boots, maybe to go on a trip next spring perhaps to Quebec City in Canada ( I love it up there), or maybe to buy that extra nice piece of furniture one day. Ohhh...One day........

September was a better month for me then August. But I feel sick physically & mentally. That's typical for me. I'm sick at least once in the Fall. *Knock on wood*. The leaves are falling everywhere so my allergies act up. It was like Summer then I turned around and BAM! it was fall. October tho, is my favorite month out of the year. It means Halloween is right around the corner. I don't know what I want to be yet....hmmmm...It's also going to be my Return to Diet Land month too. But the fall goodies everybody is posting is making me sooooo hungry!! First things first, switch to diet soda and no candy at my desk.

I'm tired, but emotional tired. My dad's test went great today and we got the good results back. I'm so relieved. I did text the Mess and he answered one text but when I asked if he wanted to chill he didn't respond til it was too late and apologized for standing me up all night waiting for an answer. Figures. I just want the week to be over, because I have a concert and a Greek Festival to go too. Maybe that'll help me feel better. Yeah I think it will!! Til Tomorrow

It's 11:11. Make a wish! Maybe if I write my blog everyday at 11:11 my wishes will come true. Hmmmmm...Maybe.

"He bit my lip and drank my war from years before..." - "Love like winter" -AFI


rhaindropz said...

hi hun.. join my giveaway here


OceanDreams said...

I hope you feel better emotionally sweetie, I know how life can wear you down and I hope you hang in there. You know, another way to save money is to put your change in a penny bank. I recently saved up mine and I had $25, yippee! Your pointers were great, coupons are everywhere right now and also making your own lunch is a great idea as well. :) I have a hard time not making a lunch too! Hope you save up for your shoes, I think you can do it! :)

DesBisoux said...

nice post girlie!
i soo try to save but i'm really bad at it. the new plan is to mmove in with 2 friends a little further from the city center but save about £150 on the rent. that would really really rock!
agree on the coffee maker, however, i try Dunkin doughnuts coffee this summer for the first time and i have to say, it's THE best!!
you're giving some great tips here...
can i give you one? don't text the mess for few days. plan some stuff to do, whatever it is so you won't think about him too much.
give yourself a little mental break. time to breath deeply.

Ice Queen said...

I took my debit card to the bar once and lost it. Luckily no one found it but it was still a nightmare. I went completely overboard. Now when I go, I go with a twenty and that's it! Good advice.

Brent said...

hey, thanks for commenting on my blog the other day. gave yours a thorough read-thru and i really enjoyed it. it's very honest. i like how in your "realization" post you wrote: "The purpose of this blog was for me to figure out who I am as a person. As I've said I sorta feel like I'm standing in the middle of a 4 way intersection..." i liked that, because that's exactly how I feel. I guess were in that generation -- right out of college, mid-20's and still figuring out how to start our "real" lives and grow at the same time. hope things get better for u soon. by the way, i've lost my debit card twice at the same bar. haha. now i take a set amount of cash which also prevents me from over-doing it too. take care.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I adore you! You are so smart and honest and have such amazing common sense. I love all your money-saving tips because they are SO true. I get movies at the library too and always cut out coupons. Whenever I do major grocery shopping, those pieces of paper save me at least 20 bucks!
And I'm sorry you're feeling sick. I know how that goes. Sigh. Hopefully your allergies will go away soon and you can enjoy the rest of fall. :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh yeah, and I do the 11:11 thing too sometimes! Not blog, but make a wish. A little part of me hopes fervently that magic WILL happen. LOL

Jack Daniel said...

Nice post. And cool to know you have a bachelor in Math....?? Wow, that's really something!

Jay Ferris said...

I saved money by switching my car insurance to Geico!

And by "switching my car insurance to Geico" I really mean "illegally downloading movies.

Simply Colette said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. I literally laughed out loud about the JoAnn's coupon. I go every week and try to buy an item a week with the coupon. And I will wait til next week to get another item at half price. I've been doing this since my cake decorating class this past winter.

I love this idea for a post too! I love savings tips. Have you ever read any of Dave Ramsey's books?



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