Thursday, September 3, 2009

I keep up with the racing rats...And do my best to win....

It's amazing how when things are over, and I mean truly over, you start to realize what those moments in the past meant. Now it could mean great things like Oh I wish I could have another serving of that, but it also can be the Oh *Beep* how did I not see this??? I'm having the, "It all makes sense now" feeling. Its kinda feel like I'm having a movie trailer of events in my head and it's finally in high definition. Or maybe from hitting my head yesterday that it snapped me into reality. I'm always asking Why this or Why that? But I guess Time does tell, and you eventually figure out the answers to some of these queries. And, yes, they are not answers one hopeful lost girl would want to hear, but alas it's better to see those answers then not. And let it just fade out. (Well I just have to keep telling myself that, over and over til I get it in my head.)

It doesn't help that I'm a data entry clerk at my current job to pay my bills, so through the typing my mind wanders every second it's off its leash. For example, I went on a mini walk today around my office building & walked next door to the bowling alley to get some sun. (Yes, when the bosses are away, the mice will play & secretly go play a quick bowling game at lunch time.SHHHH!!!) Well at the bowling alley I saw 3 sinks just laying on the ground. Yeah, don't ask...I have no idea why they didn't put them near the dumpster but they were just laying there. So I took a picture.

"Three of a kind, Let's do this!" - Joker, Dark Knight

It's random. I know. But when ya see 3 sinks just hanging out ya gotta laugh.

lol. It's kinda like case of "Nancy Drew and the Missing Sinks." lol. It should be, "Melanie and the case of Missing her mind."

In other news, I did manage to get to the gym today. I was happy that I didnt go to Taco Bell for lunch. I work around the corner from one and it's always a haunting reminder. At the gym I actually switched it up and did alot machines. Okay so from here on in Im gunna try to get the gym at least 3 times a week. If not, it's just a waste of money for the membership. It's hard to diet. I gotta stick to it.

The title of this blog is actually from a song called, "The Racing Rats" by The Editors. I really like that song. It's one of those songs you'd see in like an Indie movie, that doesn't get the credit it deserves.

"Let's pretend we never met
Let's pretend we're on our own
We live different lives
Until our covers blown"
- "Racing Rats"

With all relationship horrors with him aside, could you just let your best guy friend just walk away from you? Would you let him leave? Perhaps I'll send him some sinks.


OceanDreams said...

I am sorry about you losing your friend, hope you feel better soon or work things out between you two! That is random about the sinks, how funny! Yes, maybe a sink is exactly what he needs, lol. Thanks for the visit love, have a wonderful weekend!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Apprently I'm not letting him go and trying one more time. Sigh.


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