Saturday, September 19, 2009

A lil bit of this & a lil bit of that...Just a Tick & just a Tac

I wonder when the ice cream truck will stop coming around? I heard the lil chime just a lil while ago... It gave me a perfect idea for my zombie novel I'm writing. (There is wayyyyyy toooo many vampire & vampire slaying novels, ergo I want to write a zombie one.) The story is still in my head but it's slowly leaking onto paper. *Cough* (Blur is on purpose, sry) *Cough* =)

Well today my mom and I went Tag Sale hunting. It's one of my favorite past-times in the spring-fall. The weather was gorgeous, and the tease of the ice cream truck music was playin in the background. The thing tho that's really annoying at tag sales is that everyone always has old drinking glasses. Yes one day when I have an apartment of my very own I will need to buy glasses but right now, nope. Watch when I will need them no one will try to sale them. lol.

Anywho I did find some interesting things. I found these old pins, i love the one that is a lil clock and the lil birdie. Each pin was a whopping 25 cents each!!!! That is why I go to sales cuz ya never know when your going to get a deal. I also found this uber cute carousel horse trinket. That is my guilty expense. Silly lil trinkets. Hey, for a dollar, it'll get a cute home. Here they are:

I don't need any more new stuff because my bedroom is a serious catastrophe, but I was hooked by the low price. (Oh, btw, I literally outgrew my bedroom about 6 years ago so it's jam packed of trinkets.)

So I'm a pack rat that collects things. Well everyone has got to have hobby. =)

Maybe I'll use the pins for a collage? I think I might wear the lil clock pin some day.

Tomorrow I got my Williams Sonoma Demo on Bistro Cooking & French spices. Can't Wait. I hope everyone is having a fun weekend.

"Your memory's fading, I'll love you forever, I'll try to remember, I'll try to hold on..." - The Birthday Massacre


Anonymous said...

oh, i love all the trinkets. but it will cost a huge deal to ship them even though i pay a dollar for each. :(

Barry said...

Hey Melanie,

I was going to say I got the impression that you're a pack rat but you beat me to it. lol

Is this something you wrote yourself?: "Your memory's fading, I'll love you forever, I'll try to remember, I'll try to hold on."

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ooo no it's not mine. Aaahh I forgot to credit. I will do that right now!! Yup TOTAL pack rat! =)

Barry said...

Hey Melanie, I just checked out Birthday Massacre on You Tube. Some of their stuff is a little dark (yeah go figure, it's 'goth'/alternative metal/whatever).

Just finished listening to "Looking Glass". You won't hear a lot of guys in their mid-forties say this, but OMG, what an effing kick-ass tune! I had it cranked!


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