Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a few lil things...

A few things happened on the way to the forum today & one made me understand why I feel lost in my life.

The first thing is that I went to a tag sale and actually found a Rainbow Bright doll!! It made my day. Yes, a Rainbow Bright doll for only 50 cents. I was jumping for joy. I kinda remember the TV Show but I was a bit young. Here it is:

Yeah, the hair is a she put her hand in a socket, but for a 26 year old doll she's not in bad condition at all. I'll see if I can put a comb through it & straighten her out a bit more. But she's still smiling all the way.

Secondly I went at got my nails done at my lunch hour. That is my one girly luxury I will never give up. I don't go all out with the gel nails I just get a normal French Manicure & honestly I think I do it for the 30 second hand massage. I go to a place that knows me and ALWAYS TIP YOUR MANICURIST cuz then they are extra nice to you the next time and will sometimes add a lil glitter to the nails for free.

I think honestly just get it done at lunch time because I can ask one of the guys I work with the open the can of soda for me in the girliest lil voice.

Next, (Now this is Ridiculous.) I went to Fashion Figure to get check out the "Take an additional 50 off Clearance" racks. Well I found a pair of jeans and then the cashier said to me, "I wouldn't think you'd fit in this store.".......Now Fashion Figure is one of those stores with the bigger sizes. I'll admit, I'm a 155 pounds & wear a 36D bra & have about a 38 inch waist. I got curves too. I'm sorry I am not squeezing myself into a medium or a large in the teenie bopper stores. I need real clothes that I can breath in. I probably took her comment the wrong way, but it confused me. Soo the store I fit in, I'm questioned for going in there....That makes no sense to me.

Also for example the other day I was in this new lingere store and this kid came up to me that worked there and told me, "Just to let you know, we have Double D in the back of the store if you want." Now, at first I was kinda flattered that she thought I was bigger than I was but then I was like So how come you don't just put them out for people to see?? I'm not understanding how this new retail world is designed or who is training the employees & yes I've worked retail.

So I'm basically being told in the smaller stores dont worry we have the bigger stuff and in the bigger stores I'm told, "Shouldn't you be shopping in the smaller stores?". It just...What the hell? I think this is one of the reasons why I feel lost in my lil world. I worked retail for 10 years pretty much and never told someone we have bigger sizes unless they asked and NEVER told someone that I didn't think they should shop here.

So where do I shop now? huh? I dunno. I'm at a loss for words.

Finally I went to see the movie "All about Steve". It's quirky and its funny, but I'm glad I only paid $7 dollars to see it. There are absolutely hysterical parts but meh...she's better in other things. I enjoy Sandra Bullock alot more when she's not acting like she's on crack. "Miss Congenality" is like one of my absolute favorite movies & "Forces of Nature" & "Crash" and she's just always a very believable character in her movies. This one.... It kinda made me wanna watch "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" alot.

I actually got invited to go to the beach tomorrow with my other shopping owl so I gotta head to bed. The song tho of the night is, "I fall to Pieces" by Patsy Cline. That song is ever soo powerful.

Reminder for myself: Work on Self-Esteem. Okay. Later.

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Simply Colette said...

Good find on Rainbow Bright. I used to have one! I don't understand why retail clerks can't keep their opinions or suggestions quiet unless the customer asks for it. I saw All About Steve too. Your right, it was ok. Not her best, but still cute. :)


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