Sunday, September 27, 2009

Warning: Drinking Espresso will TOTALLY get you WIRED!!!!

It's Sunday so I went to this week's Free Demo at Williams Sonoma. If you click the collage i made it will appear bigger. All I can say is that the topic was Coffee...And I've been completely & utterly AWAKE THE WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!!!!! lol. I mean it. I actually cleaned my room!! I went shopping in the mall for hours, I actually cooked dinner, I made my bed which I rarely do, I folded clothes, I ranted at my mother of why I hate my job for about 3 hours, I actually cleaned out my unread emails, I ranted that I was talking in my sleep, I realized Omg I talk in my sleep?!?!?!, I realized Oh crap I didn't text back "Yeah lmk" cuz i was soo stressed, I watched "The Professional", I freaked out over what to do with The Mess, I put all my hair things into this box, I read...I did this....I did that...

Can you tell I had ALOT of coffee today???? I apologize for writing like a cracked out Road Runner. *Beep Beep*

The demo was the Technique Class called "Espresso, Cappuccino or Coffee, Anyone?" Surprisingly there are alot of different things about coffee. For example you can make coffee in a standard coffee maker or you can make coffee in a French Press. I had no idea what a French Press was!! It makes such a smoother cup of coffee. It's a different machine that presses the beans and the hot water together so the coffee separates from the beans. Anyone ever use it? Well you can brew the same coffee beans in a coffee maker & a french press and get two completely different tasting coffees. We also learned that it does matter how fine or coarse the coffee grinds are. What makes Espresso is the Fine Coffee Grinds. Normal Coffee is more coarser of a grind.

Then we got to see demonstrations on all the different Espresso machines. Espresso actually has less caffeine then coffee but espresso is such a small amount it does give you an extra kick in your step! I always wondered how they got the foam on top. I learned it's called Frothed Milk and you have to make it with either a Milk Frother or an insert that's on the Espresso Machne. Woa. The only thing about these beautiful machines is they are expensive. Like omg. I wish I was getting married so I could register and hope hope someone bought me one!! hehe.

Here's some info for you that I got off the Technique sheet in the top right of the collage up there. This info can also be found at Wlliams Sonoma. There are recipies for specialty drinks there too!

Here's some definitions:

Espresso: A single shot of rich, aromatic espresso

Espresso Macchiato: A shot of espresso "marked" with a dollop of whipped cream

Cappuccino: A shot of espresso crowned with a frothy cap of milk foam(thats the whole Milk Frothing thing)

Caffe Latte: A shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and a thin layer of milk foam.

Very cool. It looked so easy when the girl demoed it, but there are recipies for each of these yummy coffee goodness drinks. If I had the money I would buy one of the machines. I really can't make good coffee. lol. I'll honestly admit that. It's always too strong. One day I actually put coffee grinds in a cup of hot water and waited for it to brew. lol. (I didn't realize there was instant coffee. In my weak defense I was reallllly young when I did this. =P). But now I have a better understanding of coffee which is kinda cool. I really recommend going to these demos, I'm learning soo much!! If there's ever a Jeopardy question on Espresso Oh I'll so know the answer!! =)

I'm gunna try taking two aspirins to come down off this coffee binge because I need some sleep!! hehe. Espresso may have less caffeine but WOA depending on how much you drink of it you'll be ready to run a marathon. This week is going to be my put back together and repair things week. It's really set in that about 3 weeks ago I lost a good friend to drama, and am stuck in this wicked game with another. I need to straighten some stuff out. I'm lonely. I don't know if I can repair some any of it but I'm going to try. I'll start tomorrow.

"I like my coffee to say, 'Good Morning'" - my mom

This Road Runner is finally slowing down so Til Tomorrow!!! *BEEP BEEP*


Archana said...

I heart this post. I live for coffee, and it so totally gets me wired too! And I've always fantasized about this magnificent coffee maker that I will one day own in my fabulous kitchen once I marry sometime fantastic who understand the need for variety in coffee, hehe. I love everything about good coffee, from the aroma to the taste down to the hyper-active behavior. ;P

Glad I bumped into your blog! :)

OceanDreams said...

He he, hope your coffee buzz wore off sweetie and that you get some ZZZ's tonight! Thanks for letting me know about all of these fantastic drinks, too bad I don't drink coffee! Hope your week goes well.

Jowy said...

MMMMM, this espresso looks yummy ..sooo good!
feeling the need to have one this morning!

One Love,

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh that was SO funny ... beep beep lol.

Thanks for the definitions, I'm always getting mixed up.

Barry said...

I found this very interesting, and I don't even drink coffee. :)

Did they tell you that if you use a press to make coffee it gives it more flavour? The manager of our cafeteria also told me last week that the standard way of making coffee (letting water drip through) releases oils in the coffee beans that aren't that good for you.

We have an espresso machine, and have a shot of espresso every weekday morning and latte every Saturday and Sunday morning. If you check the Sunday, March 29th post on my blog you'll see a picture I took of Sandy's famous latte. Yummy!!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Haha I think this post just woke me up!! LOL. I don't normally drink coffee but I will occasionally have a latte. But yeah, one cup of coffee and I am wired. :P

Pixel Wild Child said...

:O) Hope you have been able to relax by now!!! although it has made you very productive as I see ;O)

Coffee is something we could do PHD's in!. It is an art in itself and also every country understands it in very different ways... for me Capuccino or Latte are my favourites... always!

Pixie July said...

I really love your blog, from the title to the way you weave these amazing works of art into your posts! I've never seen some of them before and they're gorgeous. You seem to have a life full of so many lovely things. xx

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Ive had about four espresso drinks today and I FEEL CRAZY.

Simply Colette said...

I love this post! I always love the WS ones, but you taught me today lots today. I think the Espresso Macchiato sounds delish! Beep beep!


Barry said...

I heart espresso.
I really heart latte.

Sometimes after inhaling copious quantities I feel like a neurotic Chihuahua (translation.. shaky and wired). :)

Shauna said...

I'm wired from just reading your post! I also learned something!!

Organic Meatbag said...

What's weird is that espresso or caffeine in general has little effect on me...doesn't even keep me awake!


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