Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A lil story of a stressed out girl & throw in some match books.

Hmm I wish I could fly like in a Peter Pan by thinking lovely thoughts. Hmmm...Maybe I'll be Tinkerbell for Halloween??? But make it so she's wearing a green corsette with a skirt?? hmmm... Flying, That'd be fun. I think I'd fly to Paris cuz Everyone has been talking about Paris...I'd love to go there one day. Tink photo via Imdb.

Okay, so once upon a time, or perhaps today, a very stressed out girl went to the bank & took her lil piggie to the Penny machine. She was ever soo happy that the pennies actually added up to something. Maybe one day I will get those shoes I want. BUT!! She didn't put the cash in her wallet but just in her purse. (Insert the "dum dun dun" sound in your head) That's where the story took a turn. So she went to the library to get a movie out or 2, took out her library card from her wallet, paid her overdue fines(I always lose the "When it's due" list, so I never know) and then proceeded the few blocks home. Well when she went to take the money out of her purse, she noticed wasn't there. Therefore began...Sheer & Utter Panic Mode!!!! (Omg Omg!! I was absolutely devatasted.) If she was a parrot she'd have no feathers. She fumbled around the purse & ceased to find the money, so she put on her sneakers without socks & ran out of her door like a mad woman to her car. Then BAM!! (It's gunna haunt me a bit just how in fact I hit my head getting into my car.) She hit her forehead straight on to the door jam while entering her car. She raced back to the library with a now throbbing head & when she started looking around the floor where the book checkout was she looked one last time in the purse & *sigh* she found the money with an absolute throbbing headache.
The End

I can't beleive I did this. This was right after work, so I was a lil frazzled, but geez. It was an eye-opener & a slap of reality. And I mean a car slap. Oh btw, objects (not people or animals) plain objects like to fight me. But I'm glad the car won. I needed to wake up mentally and I will. Oh I will.

On the positive side on the 2nd time around at the library, I did find out that there is a resume workshop at the library and im soo going to it. I need a new job too!!!! Can't Wait!!

I'll admit I'm one of those girls that has the HUGE purse. I can't deal with the small purses. In all honesty I could probably live about a week out of my purse if I had too without going home. Kinda like Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club. lol. I got the big one so maybe I could open it and see what was inside it better. uhh nope. =P.

Well see for yourself. It's very easy to lose money in this purse. It's a Liz Clabourne purse that I got on sale in a Century 21 outlet. I love the lil flower design on it. I just wished it had a zipper closure instead of a magnetic button.

At least I found the money. lol. I think I need to lay off the caffeine a bit too. I'm jumpier than a rabbit lately.

In other news...I've decided my crafty project for the week is to do something with these match booklets. My mom & I over the weekend went to the new thrift store in town and they had match books for a penny each. We bought alot of them. So here's a pic of some that I really liked. I think maybe a collage of the covers? Or I have these black boxes that could use some color that are pretty cool cuz they have a silver lining. My story will have a silver lining & this is fight to the finish. Not a fight to regain but to start anew.

Match booklets artwork is actually so cute & great for collage cuz it's a mini image. Maybe it'll inspire you. It's hard to find things to decorate & craft with, & when you do you gotta snatch them up, & hopefully they'll cost a penny each again.

Okay...Im going to go take an aspirin & watch The Strangers & think of some more ideas for these booklets!!

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