Monday, October 26, 2009

You're home now, Peggy Sue.

Everytime I've come back from college, a long trip, a hard day at school, or the hospital my dad says to me, "You're home now Peggy Sue" like in the movie "Peggy Sue got Married". In the movie her mom says it to her because she looks she's gone through the hells of the earth to get back to her highschool years & home. I'm not sure why or when my dad started saying that line in my life but he did it on Friday when my parents took me home from the hospital.

Well I'm home from the hospital and I'm okay. =) Having any form of surgery is a hard thing to endeavor. It seems in the past 2 years I've done it all. I had 4 wisdom teeth removed Jan. 08', then 3 fibroids removed from my right boob in Aug. 08', and now my gall bladder removed in Oct. 09'. Whooosh. I'm tired from it all. It's an emotional tiredness that's really hard to expain. Perhaps it's more the weight of maturity that I'm mistaking as tiredness? But honestly because of the other ones, this one was a little easier. Easier in the sense that I knew the sequence of the events. You have to change into the gown, you have to meet the nurses, the anesthesologist comes in and OUCH that always will hurt when you get the IV, then you go into the surgery room. Also forget about all the ER shows you watch on TV. It's NOTHING like that in real life. While the nurse is checking your blood pressure they do not discuss their dates last night. It's all business. Business to the end.

The surgeon actually did something absolutely mind-blowing amazing that I have to share. From everything in my life I've learned that you need to be calm in these situations. The nurses treat you better, they don't treat you like a child, and they let you know exactly what's going on. I tried so hard to remain calm. Well right before the surgery they had to switch my IV from my left arm to my right and I guess I made a "I'm in pain" face and the surgeon held my other hand for the minute. I was balled-over. I had only met the guy once before this day and yes he did come highly recommended I still didn't exspect this lil moment of pure kindness. He held my hand for about a minute while they finished preparing me. He made me feel like, "Woa, this is going to be okay". I can't wait to tell him on Thrusday when I have my follow-up appointment how nice that was that he did that.

I can't wait to get back into the swing of my life. It sucks just laying in bed like an otter or a beached whale. I've felt like a Thanksgiving turkey for the past few days. My tummy is a lil swollen from everything but I do feel better. It never occured to me that I'd have problems getting in and out of my bed. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I have a Captain's Bed with drawers underneath so the top is about 3 feet off the ground. I've had to use a step stool to get in & out bed. It's laughable in a way. lol. The things you take for granted til your sick. For example, sitting up in a bed. It's ridicolously hard to sit up when you got a bandaged tummy. But it's getting better as the days go on. It's only been 3 days so it'll take a lil time.

Tomorrow I'm going to return to Blogging land, cuz I can finally sit. I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blog. I really from the bottom of my heart want to say Thank you for your comments on my last post & all the others before. I checked this today and read them all and I just felt so much care from you guys and really it means the world. Thank you once again. <3

I've been told I'm a fiesty lil cookie and Oh yes, I am. A gall bladder issue isn't going to let me down. But I just wanted to add, if any of you every feel like you just feel right physically...Go to the Doctor. Okay? =)

Stay Tuned for Normal Broadcasting Specials


OceanDreams said...

Hey sweetie so glad that your surgery went well and I hope you feel better soon! That would be hard having an elevated bed, but I am glad that you can use the stepping stool! Thanks also for your kind comments on my blog, I know it takes time to get over a haunt and if you need anything I am always here to chat! Keep your head held high, you will find a man who treats you well. :) Rest up love!

DesBisoux said...

glad you're back home and feeling better! geez, that's a lot of surgery in little time! i've never spent one night in hospital. apart from when i was born, but really...i can't remember!
take your time to heal properly but...welcome back feisty lil cookie...
big hug from a feisty older cookie!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hey there honey, I'm SO pleased everything went well and your on the road to recovery.

That was lovely of the Doctor to do that, it means so much when you are so vulnerable. Just little acts of kindness make the world of difference.

Rest up sweetheart,

Susan said...

Oh you poor thing! Sounds like it went as well as could have been expected. Get well soon. xx

Susan R. Mills said...

I'm glad it all went well. I hope your recovery continues to progress as it's supposed to. You sound like you are good spirits. Take care.

Valerie said...

Glad to hear your surgery went well!! Hope you have a great recovery. That's really touching about the doctor!!

Simply Colette said...

Glad you are doing better sweet Melanie. It's amazing how often we use our tummy muscles and don't realize it until we are sore. I had a similar experience with the doctor when I was in high school for a scary procedure and had to get anthestia, the doctor held my hand too. Not sure they realize how much that means.

Here's to a speedy recovery. :) xoxo

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I'm so happy everything went well, Peggy Sue (hehe). I love that movie. It's cute your dad calls you that every time you get back from something.
I loved that part about the doctor holding your hand. Now that is something you do NOT see every day! Amazing.
I hope you have a smooth recovery. :)

Jay Ferris said...

I'm not a big fan of sitting (or laying) still either. Maybe you can use this gift of time to catch up on some light reading, movie-watching, or fleshing out your plot to take over the world?

Oh, and hope you get to feeling better immediately!

Barry said...

I'm glad you've pulled through honey.

Although I loved this line, "Perhaps it's more the weight of maturity that I'm mistaking as tiredness?", honestly things like this can be emotionally very draining and I think (?) that may be what you've been experiencing. Not that you're not mature. lol

I wish you a speedy recovery. :)


Oh, and what's wrong with feeling like an otter? Otters rock! (I want to come back as one in my next life. No kidding).

Elizabeth Marie said...

From one fiesty little cookie to another, Im SO glad you're feeling ok!!! I hope you heal super fast love! XO

Pixel Wild Child said...

Nice to see you back Peggy Sue! ;O) I am so happy everything went well and it is over and you are slowly coming back to routine, and as I see you are feeling quite energetic, oh yeah! that's the way it should be...
Myself I am still a bit dizzy, it is strange, but I blame the weather, from storm o storm is terrible... :OP
Kisses babe!!!


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