Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I couldn't have asked for a better time. new favorite band is called Dommin. OH MY GOD I had a FANTASTIC Time yesterday!! It was Geek Fan Girl Moments the whole entire night! hehehe. The above picture is me with the band members. I think we got the "Dress all in Black" Memo huh? =) Here is the link to their website if you want to check them out: Dommin

It just so happened that when we were trying to figure out where the concert hall we saw the band talking to a crowd and Bam! the guys started chatting with us, and I explained how I had the biggest crushes on them & that I loved your music and they were so cute about it. They smiled, gave me hugs, the one on my right gave me a kiss on the cheek(Yes I really didn't wanna wash my face for like ever after that!!!), and the band was just so calm & cool. They thanked us for coming back to see them & Just Woa. Ironically this was before the actual concert!!!

My face was so beat red from blushing about them. (I'll admit I got a guilty pleasure of liking hot musician goth guys). The concert set they did was absolutely amazing. They did a rock cover of, "Died in Your Arms tonight"(Ya know that 80's song) that I can't stop listening to the audio file the Mess made me. I grooved and jammed and even the Mess(who doesn't really dance) he even was bopping along. Some people don't like live music shows but there's nothing like seeing a band you like and your right up front and seeing along with them. <3. Honestly my ears are still ringing tho, but it was worth it.

After the rest of the bands played, Dommin came back out and chatted with us some more. They signed me and the Mess's CD's & our posters. See I love bands that love their fans!! What's the point of liking a band if they don't respect their fans ya know? It makes the experience just so much better and I just left the concert with a huge smile on my face.

I needed this. I needed this so much. The gall bladder issue really just creeped up out of no where and I just needed to relax. Sometimes everything just falls on ya all at once and I'm just so grateful I had this lil chance to come up for some air.

I had the Mess with me too, and last night he was the Rocking Awesome guy that I love to go with to concerts, conventions, & all the lil random things him and I sometimes go do. We had our lil Geek-Out moments, he loves the band too btw, and we walked back to the train station like in states of shock because the night was so amazing. It seems every time him and I go do something like this something spectacular happens and it just rules. I can't get over the fact that we chilled with the band before & after the concert!!! I have such a cute picture of him and I and I would absolutely Omg love to post it, but I'm sorry I gotta keep some secrecy here because he knows too many people. Things are a roller-coaster with him and I but as long as I got this guy that will go do these amazing things with me...I still love him.

I'm exhausted tho. I had to go to Pre-Op this morning at 8:30am when I had gotten in at 2:00am. Yeah, I'm not running on much sleep and they took blood this morning. I think I'm not really giving myself time to process things about the surgery but I think it's a good thing. I cleaned my room tonight so people can easily get in and out of my bedroom on Friday. I'm going to be okay. I just gotta keep telling myself that and thank you all of you for giving me some extra strength. =) You're friends and that's beautiful. Just Beautiful. Times like this you need a shoulder and even if it's a *Cyber* one it still there, and that means the world. So nighty night everyone. Sweet Dreams

This is the lead singer Kris Dommin & me! I <3 them!

Does anyone have any cool band/concert stories that you will never forget? I would love to hear them.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had the Best Time Ever. I love that photo of you and the band. They are so cute and you kind of look like their hot girl lead singer or something, since you're all dressed similar, hehe. ;)
It sounds like a night you will never forget. And I'm really happy Mess didn't screw it up for you, haha. I'm happy to hear he was cool.
Oh gosh, I don't even know where to begin on concert stories. I'm in love with Morrissey and one time my friend Kerrie and I hung out all night with his lecherous roadies in their tour bus b/c we thought they would introduce us to him. They never did! LOL! Good times...

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, dear! I will be thinking about you and crossing my fingers that you recover quickly. I just hope you aren't too bored during your recovery. I think that will probably be your biggest pain. ;) Don't worry about it too much!! Hugs!

Melanie's Randomness said...

LOL My mom said the same thing about that picture. She was like You kinda look like the girl singer! lol. Thank you hun so much for your luck. <3 Thank you.

Ice Queen said...

Hot picks! It's obviously meant to be. =)

Susan R. Mills said...

Sounds like you had an incredible time! Good for you.

Pixel Wild Child said...

Im so happy all these wonderful things happened to you, you lucky girl! you are so lucky!!! it is just unbelievable how everything happened, good that you have photos to prove it! (joking! hehehee) If it would happen to me I would froze and I wouldn't be able to say a thing, I am terrible ;O)
And... I like how you two look together... your body language from both parts says... positive things I believe... :O))))
My best wishes for everything to go easy and smooth babe! ;O)

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh the last pic is not the Mess but the lead singer from the band. Omg I wish Kris Dommin was single but he probably has a gf and I'd be WAY Too jealous of the groupies. hehe. Thanks for the wishes hun! <3

Elizabeth Marie said...

How fun! You are a lucky girl! The pictures are so cute.

thinking of you!

DesBisoux said...

you look gorgeous on that last pic!! i'm soooo happy you had a great time! and with the Mess as well. i know i shouldn't say that because well we both know that you're gonna get hurt but sometimes it just feels so good to be happy!and then who cares! EN-JOY!!

good luck for...well today!xxx


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