Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneaky lil Enemies...

Now one would think that sitting home, doing nothing, and pretty much lying on your back would be fun? Right? Hell no! I'm bored very bored. However, a few sneaky lil enemies have surprisingly snuck up on me that, Omg I had to get out of the house!!!!

Here are my new found enemies:

1.) Fun-Sized Snack treats for future Halloween Trick or Treaters. Um yeah, I might have to go out and get MORE candy because you can't just eat one of those damn lil bagged treats of goodness. I'm addicted to the M&M Peanut ones. Who decided to call them, "Fun Sized" anyway?? It's not fun when I'm going to be on the treadmill when I'm better & spending more money to get more. lol.

2.) Lucky Charms Cereal. I ate a big box in 2 days. I have a bad habit of eating all the marshmallows in these sugary cereals and then kinda leaving the oat cereal behind. It just is too yummy.

3.) T.V. is a new found enemy of mine. I'm used to working from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, so the amount of T.V. I do watch is minimal except for a few favorite shows. Well, to let you guys know I just have basic cable, so there is no HBO & all the millions of channels to chose from, ergo I'm stuck. THERE IS NOTHING ON DAY-TIME TV!!! Thank God for AMC, showing some horror movies or I would have been climbing the walls 4 days ago. I find it funny that talk shows try to be original as well as soap operas but let's face it, it's been done already and yes the guy will wind up being your long lost brother or that girl will have a brain tumor even tho she is having your husband's ex's kid's baby. lol.

4.) The phone. Every time your just about drifting off to sleep, Bam. You get that text or that call from someone trying to sell you a mortgage. I give up.

5.) Last but not least. Me. I've been kinda trapped in my house with my mind. It's basically been a marathon of "Oh I could have done this instead", "Omg I can't believe I've done that", "Woa that mess didn't even ask me if I needed anything?", "What if I tried this, maybe that'll work???" In all truth I've just given myself a big headache with no solutions, except things cannot go on as are & I need to use these last few days home to get my act in gear.

From all the above stuff, my mom thought it best that I joined her Writer's Group. There is a small group of very talented authors who come to a local library to get their work critiqued by a real audience. You can write a story but if you fail to execute it properly to readers and your message doesn't come out right, unfortunately a great story might be lost. We met tonight, and thankfully there was an elevator in the place so I didn't have to make the stairs. The incredibly nice host made me some tea, and it did make me feel better. It was nice to see completely different people in different periods of their lives commenting on each other's work. I can't wait til the next meeting where I'll maybe read something I've written myself.

What's odd about the Writer's Group is that it's in the library I used to go to as a little girl for story-time. Remember those days?? When the lady read the book to a group of kids and then showed us the picture before she turned the page? I remember being read, "James & the Giant Peach". hehe. It's just funny to me that I'm in the same place but now doing adult things. It's lil things that make you see how much you have grown up.

I over did it a little today, so I'm looking forward to step stooling my way into bed. I want to get better as quick as possible, but I have to wait and not push it. Til Tomorrow

Ohh & a word of advice for today. Keep the Halloween candy OUT OF REACH! BEWARE OF THE FUN-SIZED TREATS!!!

Just kidding. A serving size is actually 2 lil baggies so that's not too too bad. =P


Susan R. Mills said...

Those fun-size treats get me every time. Especially the dang Snickers. I'm so, so, so glad to hear you got out today, and did something. The writer's group sounds great. Your mom must be the best!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I know honey, I try not to see peanut M&M's they are evil and I just want to eat more!

Hey take it easy girl, you rest up and don't push too hard.

The writers group sounds interesting, that's a good thing to be around creative people.

Barry said...

Oh oh, gotta watch out for the TV and snack foods, they'll drag you down every time. Better to spend more time writing if you're in the mood, I always look forward to what you have to say! :)

Great idea about the Writer's Group too, I think you have a lot to share Melanie.

Hope you're feeling well.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh lordy. I'm having problems with the fun size treats too. I think they're harmless b/c they're so small so I eat like ten in a row. Haha. Oops!
I'm sorry you're so bored at home. My parents just had basic cable too so when I stayed home sick it was almost torture. It's shame there is nothing decent on during the day. They could at least play reruns of funny sitcoms or 90210 or something. :P
I'm glad you got out of the house and joined that writing group. It sounds like a lot of fun. I wish there was something nearby to me like that...what kind of writing do you like to do? Short stories? Poems?

Simply Colette said...

Your so funny. :) Lucky charms are my favorite too. Your writing group sounds fun, but scary though to read in front of others. Glad to hear your doing a little better. :) xoxo

Scientific Housewife said...

I'm probably going to sit at my house and eat the candy in my bowl until the kids ring the doorbell. Sunday will be workout day for me :)

Ice Queen said...

Halloween candy is the devil! I've found myself falling into the same trap. Must. Get. To. Gym!!!!

Jay Ferris said...

You might want to sneak a few snack-sized carrots in there somewhere.

OceanDreams said...

Hang in there sweetie...I know being stuck at home must be maddening! Oh my goodness, I think i would be so tempted by those snacks too, beware of the snack attack. Glad you are going to write and are thinking of things to keep you busy...get better soon! XO!

Pixel Wild Child said...

he he he heeeeeeee!!! Be patient, your torture is almost over! ;O) The thing of TV being terrible during day time must be international... he he hee, everything is focused on grandparents and bored housewifes :O)

Alicia said...

seriously...i'm right there with you...as i'm blogging with an ENTIRE BAG of kit kats right next to me!! this dang halloween candy, its gonna be the death of me (especially because i'm allergic to it)...but i can't wait to see what happens at the next writer's group! i would love to go to something like that!


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