Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thanks for making me a...Fighter.

This post is a reminder to everyone to never give up on your dreams & be happy. Now I don't mean to fight physically, I mean within yourself make sure you don't forget who are you are, who you want to be & make sure your actions show it. If your tired of getting walked on, then say something about it. If your job is beating you up 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, go out and look for that next opportunity. If you want to wear those cute lil red shoes even tho it kinda doesn't match your shirt, Go for it, if it'll make you happy. If you want to go on that trip you've been dying to go to since you were little, start today saving up that money to go. If you can't stand to look at that painting you've had over your mantle-piece for years, go out and get a new painting; one that will make you smile. If you want to go to Space Camp like the guy in the movie, "Stranger than Fiction", get some brochures today...

My motivation for this piece is life. Sometimes it's really going to throw you a curve ball & there is no U-turn to look for. I found out I have to have my gall bladder removed. Once again I'm going to be back looking for surgeons, doing the prep work, & sitting back in recovery. Last year I had 3 fibroids (non-cancerous tumors) removed from my right breast so I know this drill. It's a hard thing for somebody to go through and this extra stress is not something I've been looking forward to. But for now, I'm okay with this. We'll find a good doctor, a good hospital, & maybe it'll make me feel better about things without a constant pain in my side (physically & mentally). Tomorrow I'm going to start calling doctors. I am upset but I'm trying to just stay calm because it means 2-3 weeks of recovery which means I will have to take off of work. However that is something I have to say I'm looking forward too because I'm hoping it'll give me time to do somethings I've been wanting to do. I used to do a craft a week, I have a few books I want to read ( esp. Lovely Bones), some DVDs I've bought that I haven't watched yet, and just some much needed sleep. But for's a waiting game til I know more information about when, what doctor, what hospital etc...Sigh. *Waiting once again*

"When life gives you apples, make a pie." Or is that saying about lemons??? I'm not sure. But life has definitely given me a few apples this week so I made an apple pie with my mom. I'm going to try and do things that make me happy all week & remind me that I will fight and that everything is going to be okay. I go to demos because I don't know how to cook, but now I can say I know how to make apple pie. =) It's uber easy. I just had a piece & I'm going to bed with a smile on my face.

So I hope all of you do at least one thing tomorrow that will make you happy & make you have happy thoughts & that you can go to bed with a smile. You can do it. "We can do it."- Rosie the Riveter. I know you have it in you to be happy, so make sure you remember that happiness is worth fighting for. <3

Title is a quote from Christina Aguilera's song, "Fighter". Love that song.

“The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.” - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra


OceanDreams said...

I am so proud of you for being a fighter lady and what an inspirational post! I hope you had a good weekend, thanks for entering into my giveaway!

DesBisoux said...

oh sweetie! what a beautiful and inspiring post!
i hope you're not too stressed.i'm sure it'll all be ok and that the recovery will go by very quickly!
you're def on the right track here to take your life and happiness in your own hands! nobody can do it for us.
lots and lots of hugs!

Jack Daniel said...

Nice post about life. I like the subject as I am thinking of it everyday. I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and try to realise 'm all. Make sure to have no regret when you're really old.

Susan R. Mills said...

Thanks for the inspiration. This is a great post. I wish you well during your surgery, and that pie looks yummy!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

This is such a lovely and inspiring post. You are such a strong woman and it shows throughout your blog.
I am sorry that you need to have your gall bladder removed. I am proud that you are staying positive throughout this though. (I'm not sure I would). I hope the recovery period lets you rest and catch up on all the books/activities you have wanted to do! Good luck!
Before you know it, you'll be back on your feet and this will simply be a memory. :)

carissajaded said...

You are so strong! Im so happy I came across this today because I have been needing a dash of inspiration! You're in my thoughts!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Oh girl, I am sorry you have to go though surgery for your gall bladder, however I see you very positive and strong which is very important. I hope everything is going to go smooth regarding finding doctor, hospital,etc. It is a very inspiring post, it is good to be reminded sometimes about how important is to get in charge of our own happiness and be active to achieve what we desire.
A Monday-hug to you! ;O)

Ice Queen said...

Awesome post. Your apple pie looks delicious by the way =)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Love this...very inspiring and you got me thinkin...

Fighter is my go to song when I need to remember I'm a tough cookie who needs to keep her chin up.


Dustjacket Attic said...

Hang in there babe, your a fighter, in a nice way :)


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