Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just a Few Random Tricks & Treats

I can't resist the signs that say, "Antique Sale Today." lol. I picked up this lil gem today. The man said it was from the 1950's and OMG she was soo dirty. I was going to take a picture of how dirty she was but it just didn't come out good in the picture. All I did was just put some water on a cotton swab. The dirt came right off. I understand that people don't want to clean their antiques they want to sell because if the paint comes off who's going to want to buy it? But in all honesty the man could have gotten at least $15 out of me for her if she was all cleaned up. I only paid $6. Not bad. =)I like the lil fan in her hand.

I want to have a make-up table one day in my future bedroom, or when I'm married & have a master suite. This painting is the "The Lady at her Dressing Table" by Gerrit Dou. I think it's beautiful. Hopefully I can put this lil antique lady on my vanity table one day. Also I'm going to need a lot of book-shelves, china closets, and display stuff because Damn I have a lot of trinkets. hehe.

Ever feel like your week just flew? Just flew right by? I feel like I blinked and it was Saturday. It probably didn't help that I just slept all afternoon. But some days you need to just sit and reboot. Like charging your cell-phone. If you use your cell phone while it's charging it won't hold the charge. It's important to take a break from the auto-pilot that is your daily routine.

I'm stuck on a Halloween costume idea so I'm going to go see if I can get some ideas tonight by walking around the mall. I already helped someone make a Barbie costume, and someone make a Heman Skeletor costume. Last year I made my own Harley Quinn costume. I was inspired actually by Project Runway Season 5. I didn't do the typical Jester outfit I made mine out of a black corsette put together with a red corsette & altered a black skirt I had. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I think I'm going to a post about the process later in the week. I was in a whole Batman group too with 3 of my guy-friends.

Here's a picture from last Halloween:

How do you top that for this Halloween???

Well perhaps the Mall will give me some inspiration for Halloween...

Tomorrow I have the Williams-Sonoma demo of Knife Lessons. Dum Dun Dun.... I'll learn how to use knives to make garnishes. Oooo...I'm excited. It should be fun. I'll report back here tomorrow. =)

Oh Don't Forget to enter my Giveaway!! Here's the link to the post.

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S.Elisabeth said...

Ah I love love love your costume! It's amazing! and the antique is so beautiful =)
And I agree I totally want a dressing table!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Here I am wishing we lived in the same town again. Lol. You look like you have SO much fun on Halloween and get really into it. I wish I had someplace to do that for! (None of my friends here really care that much). Sigh. Your costume last year was amazing. I might dress up though anyway. I am thinking about being Pocahontas...
I love that glass figure you got at the antique store. It is so pretty and definitely a steal. You're right, I don't know why antique stores don't have cleaner stuff. I mean, they could probably up the prices if they did. Then again, maybe it's a good thing they don't. Lol.
And I totally can relate to the week going by in the blink of an eye thing. I was just thinking today that last Saturday seemed like yesterday. Kind of scary how fast time flies the older you get. Yikes!
Oh, and I have a little vanity in my room that sadly gets ignored. Sometimes I sit and look at myself for a minute and then get bored. So that's another reason I want to wear I have a reason to sit there. Hehe!
I hope you are having a great weekend!

Jack Daniel said...

I'd love to have a dressing table as well. Just to...check out myself in the mirror in the morning when checking e-mails on my laptop. :P

DesBisoux said...

knife lesson??? that sounds awesome!!!
can't help you with the halloween costuem but can't wait to see what you come up with!!


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