Friday, October 16, 2009

If you don't have a Halloween Costume...Here's Some Last Minute Tips!!

In case this above picture happens or if you don't want to be a Bee for Halloween or a Nurse or a Alice In Wonderland....What is there left to be??? Simple Answer: Anything you want to be.

There is the beauty of something called Creativity, where you can take an idea and spin it exactly the way you want it. Especially on Halloween night. For example Last Halloween I got commissioned to be Harley Quinn to help out a Batman & a Joker.

Well, I knew that due to "Dark Knight" I was going to see a lot of lil girl jester outfits. I was not going to wear the jester outfit. I didn't have the money or the body. So I took the basic principles of her costume and used it to my advantage. I knew I had to have red & black fabric, a black mask, & a clown collar. With those 4ingredients I looked around my closet & examined what I had. In my closet I found:
1.)A Black Corset from Charlotte Russe
2.)A Red Corset from Charlotte Russe
3.)A black skirt with netting on it from Hot Topic
4.)A Renaissance Faire Mask
5.)White fabric from my mom's fabric stash

Using these items I had I created this using an inspiration from "Project Runway":

I unlaced each corset & then combined the two halves. It made this:

Then I put red tool over the black netting in the skirt.

My mom made the collar, I painted my face white, I sprayed my hair red, & then added the mask. I was now a dark realistic creative version of Harley Quinn.

So What can you do to have a great Halloween costume that is Creative & Totally Diffferent!!

1.) Look at what you have in your own closet!! You maybe able to use some pieces like I did!
2.) Think of your favorite movie, or your favorite character from a show & look up some pictures of scenes or outfits they wore.
3.) Actually go to the Costume shops and look at the store bought costume & say, "Oh I could do much better than that!!!" Then go somewhere else & buy some pieces of that you could manipulate. (I'm sry if any of you work in a costume store, I'm not trying to take away your business.)
4.) Think of a historical figure that inspires you....perhaps Mare Antionette?
5.) A wig can make allllllll the difference & they are cheap.
6.) Group costumes are so UNDER-rated. They can be alot of fun, original, & people will go "Omg I can't believe you guys did that!!!"

Now here are some ideas I thought of & have seen in the past.

1.) Audrey Hepburn: Get that black dress you know you have out of your dusty closet, buy some white gloves, get a white belt, maybe some white pearls, get some eye-liner, put your hair in a bun, & buy a cigarette holder. There ya go.

2.)Barbie Get out that old prom dress you might still have, Tease up your hair, put on tons of make-up, & some pink heels. You now have Whatever theme Barbie you want. If it's an elegant prom dress be Holiday Edition Barbie. lol. If you want to really spice it up make a cardboard box to be the Barbie Box around you??

3.)Resvoir Dogs If you know a group of guys that are stuck on an idea, mention this. Guys usually have that one suit they never wear. Well in the Resvoir Dogs they were Mr. Black, Mr. Pink, Mr. White....etc. The guys can wear the suits & can put the a piece of fabric in the pocket so you can see what character they are. Or they can be the agents from the Matrix.

4.)Your Alter-Ego: I got this idea from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" TV Show. Dress up as your alter-ego. If you are a straight-laced person, well get a leather jacket & be a punk-rock princess. If you are a lawyer, be a sexy judge (Do something with your graduation gown maybe if you still have it). If your a doctor, be a cany-striper. If your a teacher be a school girl. This is where you can be really creative & your friends will be like, "Woa, Kudos on that costume."

Even if you buy a store costume, make sure it's something you will enjoy. That's the point of Halloween: Enjoy Yourself & Your Friends. Good luck with your costume hunting! I'm going to be a dark lil red riding hood. Mwahahahaha. I plan on putting extra ghoulish goodies in the basket I'm going to carry. Can't Wait!!

I hope maybe one of those tips may help ya! =)


Susan R. Mills said...

You are so creative! Your costume turned out great. I don't have to dress up this year but my son does. I'm starting a brainstorming session now, and then, I'm checking all of our closets. Thanks for the inspiration.

Pixel Wild Child said...

Very nice post girl. My auntie tauhgt me about the pleasure and fun of creating my own fancy dresses and never ever allowed my mother to buy me one! I agree that the ready to be worn costumes for sale are so poor and look so cheap (although they are not!) and they are also extremely boring. I really like your Harley Quinn costume, everything, skirt, hair, boots, corset, mask... really well done! Thanks for sharing some creative tips with us, I loved that! ;O)

Constructive Attitude said...


DesBisoux said...

very creative!! i can tell you are SSOOOO looking forward to Halloween!
can't wait to see what you and ohter blogals come up with!!
hope you're having a great weekend. guess's Sat night and i.m in bed, like a good girl!!
so have a blast for me!

S.Elisabeth said...

This is so clever! ha I don't know what I'm going to be yet, but this definitely helps!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I think you're so right about using things we already have in our closets, etc!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

For some reason, I thought I commented on this yesterday but it's not showing up. Eep!
Thank you for all these tips. You make the Audrey Hepburn one sound so EASY, so I am definitely considering that!! (I already have the little black dress and pearls!). A historical figure sounds fun too.

Stephanie said...

Just found your blog, it is great. Love the Halloween outfit you made!!! Also, I love Reservoir Dogs (my brother Keith over at the Dino Lounge suggested that I watch it and I found it to be so intriguing). :) Love Quentin Tarantino and Michael Madsen. :)


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