Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ask and you will recieve....

Tonight I am open book to answer all your questions. Sorry this is a long post!!

Café Fashionista: How do you view the world - glass half full or glass half empty?
I’m one of those glass is half empty people. Always have been.

Wired Writer: Q: What is your idea of true joy (not mere happiness, which is fleeting)?
True Joy? Having a smile that won’t come down. Doing something that makes all your problems seem meaningless. Sitting around a dinner table with family you know loves you. Experiencing true love that is returned. Doing something that your proud of whole-heartedly

Celia: Q: How do you push forward when you are having bad times?
I know that the sun will rise of a new day & in that new day I have every opportunity to change things or get a little more over it. Also eventually there will be a good day…it might take a while but there will be a good day out there.

Cee: What do you do for a job now? What is your dream job? What's your favorite food (s)?
I currently work as a data entry clerk for an advertising company that deals with phone books & I do customer service for a vitamin website. My dream job would be to work on the Gibraltor Bridge in Spain that is supposed to be made starting in 2040. My favorite food is pizza & eggplant rolatini.

Tess: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Honestly I have no idea. All I know is that I won’t be such a mess that I am now. I plan to be more straightened out & at least have some direction in my life.

Bathwater: Did you know that I have a copy of your favorite painting in my downstairs bathroom?
No sweetie I didn’t know that. Great minds think alike!!!

Ocean Dreams: Q: What is your favorite place to shop at? Place you would love to travel to?
My favorite place to shop is Burlington Coat Factory & H&M. You can always find something. I would love to go to Paris or Italy. I really gotta get over my fear of flying.

Secretia: Do you have plans to someday get married and have children?
It is a dream of mine. I want to get married & have children so badly. I want to have a lil girl & maybe a lil boy & hopefully a husband to share the times with. It’s a dream that enters my head everyday.

Woodlandsblonde: Q: Ever thought of moving? Like across the country...
I actually think about it all the time. I hate the area I live in. All I’m finding are jerks & people that just don’t seem to care about anything. I wish I could just pack up and leave. The only problem is that I’d have to take my parents with me. It’s an only child thing. I couldn’t leave them behind. I don’t have the money to support us all yet. Maybe one day…

Audrey Allure: Q: If you could take a week vacation anywhere right now, where would you go?
Paris. Definitely Paris.

Simon: Who is God, and what's his problem?
I think he really is just a stranger on the bus trying to make his way home. I don’t know what his problem is, but then again who does?

Barry: From where/who do you get your strength? If you wanted people to know just one thing about you, what would it be? What's the strangest thing you've ever done? Describe your ideal man. What's your best physical/personality trait? What draws you to a person? How old were you when you first fell for a guy? When was your first kiss?
Strength? I don’t know. I keep going & going & going & just hope that everything will turn out okay. That I’ll land on my feet. One thing I’d like for you to know is that if you need me I’ll be there in an instant. I won’t let you down. The strangest thing? Went to a delorean convention with a guy dressed as Marty Mcfly. My ideal man is the guy who thinks I’m perfect just as I am & won’t try to fix me. The one who will pick me up when I fall, dust me off, & kiss me. My best physical trait is probably eyes & my boobs. Lol. My best personality trait is I’m understanding & I’m a good listener. What usually draws me to a person is that look & the energy. Sometimes you feel it sometimes you don’t with people but when you get that feeling I should know him or her I run with it. I was I think in 2nd grade when I first fell for a guy. He was so cute. Unfortunately now he’s gay. Oh well. My first play kiss was in 7th grade with one of those party games, but my first real kiss I was about 16.

Pixel Wild Child: My question is: who will you choose to be the actress in a movie about your life and why?
This question made me sad. I would have loved for Britanny Murphy to play me because for years people told me I looked like her. I’d have to pick Julia Stiles maybe if you dyed her hair brown. She was like the movie queen when I was younger.

Jennifer Fabulous: If you had to live in another time period, which would it be? Why? Here is another question: what is the craziest thing you have ever done?
I would love to live in the 1950’s. I loved the music & times just seemed a lil simpler. The craziest thing was hook up with a guy in a very open gazebo in a playground surrounded by houses. It was nuts. Everytime a car went by we stopped. Lol. Sadly we weren’t even drunk we were just random.

FireBolt: What is your favorite smell?
The smell after it rains. The smell of the ocean. My ex-bf’s boy smell. Some guys have this smell that actually makes you swoon & attracted to them. I liked his smell. The smell of roses too.

Tuesdai Noelle: Ok ha....if you could go back in time, to any age of your life, and tell yourself to DO or NOT TO DO something, which age would you go back to?
I would go back to being 20 years old & tell myself not to go meet the Mess off of myspace. The loss of him in my life is devatasting. It’s a heart ache I never knew possible. I would warn myself from meeting him.

Valerie: What is your favorite book?
Dracula by Bram Stoker. Also anything by Laurell K Hamilton.

Heather Taylor: My question is what were you like in high school? Did you like the experience?
I was the kid who just wanted out of high school. I went to class, did my homework, was in all the honors classes. I was the captain of the cheerleading squad but was so unpopular that I had about 3 friends. I tried to be the over-achiever but it didn’t work. I did manage to be #20 out of 154 kids but I hated the experience. I’ve never known such rude & obnoxious people. I wouldn’t go back to high school if you paid me.

P: What is your beauty routine?
I wish I had one. I don’t. I get ready in the morning in about 5 minutes. Eyeliner, roll-on eye shadow, & maybe cover-up if I remember. Sometimes I’ll use my Perricone MD cold plasma if I remember but I wish I spent more time on this stuff.

Whew…Okay that was a lot. Thank you everyone for cheering me up tho!!! =)


Ally said...

No offense, I hate when asked, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" on job interviews.

Love the smell of the ocean and after rain!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gahhhh!!! Best. Post. Ever. Seriously, Mel. I love learning more about you and this was a goldmine. You were given some great questions and I loved all your answers. It's fun for me to see where we are alike (which is a lot) and our differences (which are just as awesome!).

It's funny how refreshing it is to hear another girl my age have a similar beauty routine. I'm just like you. I pretty much hop out of bed, wash my hair, throw on eyeliner and lip gloss and I'm out. I just don't have time to spend two hours working on every detail like most girls!! :P

I totally need to copy this Q&A idea for my blog. Hope you don't mind? ;)


Susan R. Mills said...

Did I miss the post where I got to ask a question? I enjoyed getting to know you better, Melanie. I especially like your answer to favorite smell. The smell after it rains it my favorite too.

angel6033 said...

aww, I have missed you. I am glad I caught this post though I loved learning more about you! I missed the submission post though. I want to ask something too lol!!

P said...

I'm very jealous you're so pretty and yet have no beauty routine to speak of!

Bathwater said...

Dracula is a great book! Very scary and very readable for having been written 100 years ago!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I missed my opportunity to post, but was a bit sad reading your answers.

It sounds as though great things happen/happened to you, but not under the greatest circumstances. It also sounds as though you're in a rut.

My gf is in a rut and incredibly unhappy at the moment. We talked and I told her to tell me 8 things that put a smile on her face. I didn't give her the opportunity to think about it. Do it. Write down 8 things and email me them.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Mel :)

Ditto. And I would go back to the age 15, and give myself my fashion business ideas ahead of time :) Have a fab day :)

Sheri said...

Fun reading this to get to know your better!

PorkStar said...

Interesting answers...

I will catch up on your posts, since i was away from this medium for a while.


avant garde said...

wow, that was fun to read! great questions to ponder. i thought your god answer was clever beyond words. :) i was with you on a few of them too. i have a question, althoug a late one, "if you could have any super power, what would it be?" have a great day in your part of the world!

kimber doll said...

I LOVE sitting around the table with my family and just enjoying their company. I make a point once a week of meeting up with them for dinner. Great post.

Rex Venom said...

When we tell others of ourselves, we again learn who we are also.
Rock on!

tess said...

wow you got some hard hitting questions! this is like the Proust questionnaire haha. the fact you were able to answer so many of these, means you know yourself rather well. although you wish you could take back the mess, he was probably a valuable life experience, as ridiculous as that sounds. we all need to fall in order to learn who we are. I know that is corny and you're probably rolling your eyes, how do I know what I'm talking about? Well, in terms of men I don't, but the fiasco that happened with my roommate was probably my lowest low point ever. I turned into an absolute monster, I forgot what trust was, I forgot that other people have secrets and feelings and deserve privacy. The worst part, was when my old blog was found out, I wasn't guilty about what I had written, those malicious comments on my roommate's sex life and whatnot, but I was just upset that I was exposed. I was so whacked out that I didn't even think I had done wrong. When my mother told me on the phone that she was ashamed of me it was like a bullet to the chest, was I really that awful of a person? Up until I moved out I was having daily mental breakdowns. obviously since I've left my old room and never spoken to my exroommate since, things have improved. I am now more of MYSELF, she is no longer controlling me anymore. the funny thing is, as much as I wish I had never met her and turned into that demon child I was when we lived together, I think I needed that experience to become that person I am today. I did a lot of harsh, intense growing up in that period of time, and although I would've learned those life lessons at some point anyway, it was probably better that I learned everything so fast and in such a hard manner that I will never forget it. Sorry this seems like an annoyingly long tangent on ME ME ME, but what I'm getting at is, the mess taught you who you don't want and need in your life. and sometimes it is those colossal mistakes that really make us into a better person. sometimes I feel bad for those people who never experienced any hardship, because they've never grown.

sorry just wrote yet another novel...ugg haha said...

interesting answers!

Dannie said...

I hattte "where do you see yourself" questions. They make my head hurt.

Torie Jayne said...

Great post! Love the smell of the Ocean too! Have a sweet day!

drollgirl said...

fabulous! and isn't it nice to see how many people are CRAZY for you and FASCINATED by you?! your fans are legion! :)

Simon said...

Woo! Mentioned!

Cee said...

I love these kind of posts! It's fun reading more about you :)

Brian V. Laws said...

I can't believe you answered all those! I need to lock you in a room with my teenage son so he can play "100 Questions" with you! His fav time to play it with me is when I'm busy! Yaye for me!

Heather Taylor said...

High school can suck it hardcore. Horrible, horrible experience for me as well.
Your book choice is wonderful! Forgot how much I love that book.


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