Friday, November 13, 2009

Let's All Go To The Movies.

One of my ultimate loves is Movies. At my job, where I am the only girl, the majority of conversations are sports-centered BUT they do switch it up to movies so I can at least be a little part of the guy talk sometimes. I can quote movies like no other. One of three favorite movies to quote are "Ghostbusters" & "Back to the future" & "Beetlejuice". The one-liners just crack me up. hehe. One of my best friend, Erin, well her mom gets a tickets for $7 bucks instead of the $11 so her and I try to go see movies as much as we can. I went to see "Precious" & "The Fourth Kind" I saw last week with my cousin.

In case any of you are interested in these two new movies here's a mini NON-SPOILER review of them for you to enjoy. =)

Movie #1: "Precious based on the novel by Sapphire."

This movie is so packed full of emotion that you can't help but cry, laugh, & clap. This girl is living in a world of just heart-aches & cruel unforgettable events & lies & a world not many people could even fathom. She has a dreams of being famous that are just so beautiful & you just want to reach out and help her. The lil dreams she has make her feel so real to the audience. The main actress that played Precious, Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe, was so strong in this role & Monique was a character you have never seen her do before. There is no glamour in Monique's role, not one once. Oprah said the movie left her, "Breathless". She's a 100% right. It is one of those movies where you may walk out of theater still holding that breath you didn't realize you were holding. I came home and I hugged my mom. This movie makes you cherish your life & realize how precious love & a caring family truly is. This movie is worth whatever amount you pay to see it.

Movie #2: The Fourth Kind

Hmmm...what to say about this movie. It's definitely not what I expected. From the trailer your thinking your going to be on this fast-paced ride through all these people who might be or have been abducted by aliens. Not really. In some parts, it's actually a wee bit boring. IT IS CREEPY don't get me wrong, but I expected a little more. I believe in things you can't explain, like ancient Sumarians wearing gas masks in drawings etched in stone but this movie kinda screams fake. The creepiest thing tho in the movie is the woman that apparently all of this in "Real Life" happened to her is in the movie. That's not a spoiler, trust me. She is in the whole movie. What's creepy is the look on her face. She is just a shell of a person & she doesn't blink the whole duration of the time you see her. Milla Jovovich of course was great for what she had to work with I guess. She is one of my favorite actresses. She was amazing in The Fifth Element. But in reference to "The Fourth Kind" I don't think her sheer talent was utilized enough. She is kinda bland in the movie compared to her usual kick ass self. I wish I hadn't paid $11 bucks to see it. Maybe worth $7 but not the $11. There are reasons why there is Matinee movie showings.

I'd recommend watching old episodes of "Unsolved Mysteries" if your looking for something about aliens to really creep you out.

That's it for my lil movie review tonight. "Precious" was a soul-searching movie that might claim an award for the ladies' powerful performances. "The Fourth Kind" hate to say it but will probably be on the $9.99 self in Target before ya know it.

It's raining. New York is getting the last bit of Hurricane Ida. I can deal with hurricanes & snow but other natural disasters scare the hell out of me. Rain at night makes me sleepy. It's my mom's birthday tomorrow & I'm going to a nutritionist to help me out with what I can eat while not having a gall bladder. Lil steps to feel better. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It should be a fun & helpful day. =)

Til Tomorrow


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Anonymous said...

I love movies too! Mostly horror.. and I LOVE Unsolved Mysteries! Happy Friday the 13th!

Susan R. Mills said...

Thanks for the reviews. I've heard the same thing from others abouth The Fourth Kind. I'll pass on seeing it, but Precious, that sounds great.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Good to know all that about the Fourth Kind. I was kind of wondering if it would be worth the movie ticket price. I really want to see Precious now more than EVER. I saw a documentary about it a while ago and it tugged at my heart. And then I read about it in a magazine (Elle?) and I wanted to see it even more. But now...I need to see it. :)
Great reviews!!

E.K. said...

Too bad about Milla's movie. I love her, but I kinda expected The Fourth Kind would not be good. Oh well, there's always Resident Evil part 4 in 2010!

Barry said...

Melanie, are you still planning to do a 'diner post'? I have some ideas, you can take or leave them.

-I'm thinking it would be better to do it on a Saturday or Sunday than a Monday; a discussion such as this would be more involved than the usual comments and people would probably have more time to join in.
-it's great that you screen your comments as they come in, that'll allow you to keep up with the conversation. I'd love it if you regularly responded with your points of view.
-you could also encourage your readers to discuss each other's viewpoints, with the understanding that if things got inflammatory those comments wouldn't be posted.
-it might be an idea to post two different topics of conversation, so that if one wasn't too appealing to someone the other one might be
-you could call it 'Melanie's Diner Discussion', or something like that

As you can tell I love this idea, I'm kinda thinking of starting one on my site as well. Please let me know what you think of my suggestions, either here or in the comments section on my blog.

Keep smiling,


DesBisoux said...

have you read the Host? i have almost finished it and i think it's real good.
thanks for the review. i'll def try to go see the first one and ...not the second one!!!


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