Thursday, November 12, 2009


Illusions. do I turn them into reality??

It may appear I'm near water in the above the picture but it's just a shower curtain. Often one thing carefully placed can create an illusion. One lie placed strategically can let you live in a sea of dreams. Oh but eventually the curtain falls & you see the ace up the sleeve that won the game.

I have some dreams that I want to make a reality. From watching Lady Gaga's video, "Bad Romance" a ridiculous amount of times I remembered how much I like to dance. I have all her dance moves memorized. hehe. Well I use to do ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe for about 10 years when I was younger. And yes I was the captain of my high school cheer leading squad BUT I was one of the least popular girls in the school. (I love breaking stereotypes.) For the half-time show we used to do a dance. I miss it so much. Unfortunately dance classes are really expensive & I can't stretch my belt too much lately. But it's something I'm going to consider picking up somewhere, anywhere.

Dancing was something that made me not think & just enjoy a few moments lost in space & time listening to the tune of the music....

However I was an extra in a music video for "The Birthday Massacre" there was no dancing. I was a school girl in a ceramic mask. The lil #3 doll in my header is actually me in the music video. But maybe the next music video will have dancing...

It was SERIOUSLY by chance that I wound up in that video because I just happened to see a post on myspace that the band was looking for extras. I would love the experience again. I do live about 20 minutes out of New York City, maybe I should look up some places that are looking for music video extras or movie extras. I've always had a real dream of being an actress. I might have my head in clouds but I got lucky once, maybe just maybe one day again??

There is a modelling agency that I've been watching for Open Calls. It's called the Keen Agency. I've really never seen myself as a model but who knows. It might lead to something.... You never know. One day I had never been more Angry in my whole life when I opened the newspaper and saw that the ad for the open call near my house was that Tuesday. I was reading the newspaper on the Sunday after. But they circulate New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & Connecticut so I might get another shot. It's a HUGE Dream...and I mean dream...but who knows??


Thankfully it's almost Friday. I want to see the movie, "Precious" badly tomorrow & "2012". Well I'm off to my dreams. Maybe I'll add just a lil bit of illusion tonight... Photos on top & below are photographed by me.

"I want your loving
And I want your revenge
You and me could write a bad romance
Caught in a bad romance..."

- Lady Gaga.


Miss Vintage Vixen said...

You're so awesome.

One day I wish I'm smart enough to create my own illusion... is that possible?

Susan R. Mills said...

My daughter's a dancer. She's on the drill team. She's not popular either. Who cares!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I am obsessed with that's amazing. And I know what you mean about dance, I've danced all my life and now it's like what do we do?! I found some hip hop classes at my gym though, have you tried that?

Happy Friday...almost!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Dancing is really the best for your body, soul and mind... nothing like 10-15 minutes of crazy dance-like-nobody-is- watching, can really make wonders!!! I do this "therapy" sometimes he he eh heeeeee.
And you look so pretty in the last photo, very arty and mysterious, I love that mood :O)
Happy weekend babe!!! :O)

Organic Meatbag said...

Neat-O! You look like a bad-ass bandit in the bottom picture!

Brent said...

yea that would be cool to be an extra. i did extra work as a kid on that terrible movie, "Leave it to Beaver". it bought me a gameboy as a kid so i was happy.

by the way, drop by my blog because i gave you the honest scrap award!

E.K. said...

Oh man, I want to see 2012 also. I love bad end-of-the-world films! You'll have to give a review.


Ciao, how are you? J'aime this style, thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!

"I've tried to find a new elegance. It's not easy because people want to be shocked. They want explosive fashion. But explosions don't last, they disappear immediately and leave nothing but ashes."- Giorgio Armani


DesBisoux said...

i haven't seen that Lady Gaga video...i think i need a little update!
and i can't dance in a class because i never know my left from my right which leads to accident! i used to when i was little though!
i love dancing in club. i'm unstoppable! i'm that girl that the bouncer kick off at 4am!!
i hope you have a lovely weekend lil cookie.

Jay Ferris said...

I had no idea that was you in the mask in the header, a picture which, to be honest, has always freaked me out a little!

Barry said...

Hey Melanieeeee! Have you looked into dance classes at a community centre? You may find something at a reasonable rate. Otherwise there's no reason you can't just dance your ass off anywhere, anytime you feel like it!

I like your latest pic with the mask, and that you've chosen it for your profile pic. I think it captures who you are; I've always said there's a mysterious side to you which I like.

Simply Colette said...

Definately follow your dreams hun! Who could resist those luscious lips?! :) Hope you have a fab weekend! :)


Toothfairy said...

follow your dreams! I wish I could dance too... too bad I've stopped ballet lessons after 1 year as a kid!


Melissa Blake said...

Oh, girl, you inspire ME!!! :)

OceanDreams said...

Dancing is great exercise, I love it but am super bad at it. You look so pretty in your new profile pic, I like it! :) Good luck with the modeling, you should reach for the stars. Enjoy your weekend love.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love these photos of you. You are so freaking pretty it kills me! Yes, please pursue modeling. You definitely have the look down. :)
I think its awesome you're a dancer and it's something you love. I used to dance (three to eighteen) but mainly b/c it was forced on me. (My mom was a big high school dancer and such). Blurg.

Tower Farm said...

Lady Gaga, huh?

I think that it is really cool that you were in a music video! I have to say, I am pretty impressed... a little jealous. But, I guess the bands that I like are not putting out too many videos these days, anyway.

Great pictures, too!


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I like your profile pic! Good luck with finding a dance class honey.

How cool to be in a music video, creepy cool mask!

Great weekend babe,

Blondie said...

I can't wait to see 2012! I just saw A Christmas Carol and loved it! Thanks for the sweet comments on my Johnny post doll. I always appreciate your feedback. I hope you have a marvelous night honey! Kori xoxo

Jack Daniel said...

Just follow your dreams.

Try not having regrets of the things you haven't done.
If it's not working least you've tried. And if you haven't TRIED at all...then you'll be a bigger loser. You know? :)

Best wishes,



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