Saturday, January 30, 2010

Omg thank you for all these Awards

Hey everyone, I feel so bad that I have not addressed the awards I've recieved lately, so I must do this now. Oh btw, please feel free to call me Mel, all my friends do. This week has just been crazy random. Bacon challenges, the Lacie incident, unnecessary drama that whatever I don't care anymore, & missing some things that I haven't really written about. Life in your 20's is hard, is all I can say, finding your place in this world & kickin and screamin your way through it. But thankfully I have the weekends to get a lil sleep. lol. I love blogging. I enjoy getting that "light bulb" sensation of Ooo I could toally post about this. Also the days where I just let my thoughts wander & hope the words make some form of point. One day at a time....

Now for the fun part. I've been given several awards, so bear with me with the length of this post =). Thank u, all of you! *Hugs*

#1: My Second Sugar Doll Award from Sheri @ Sheri's World.

And now to list 10 things about myself:
1.)I'm addicted to the show, The Closer on TNT. It's awesome!
2.)I burned my left arm cooking last week. Oops! I'm still learning. =P
3.)I got complimented on my make-up last night by a Drag Queen. It made my day!
4.)I'm hoping & wishing the Mess will come back, but I don't know how he can.
5.)I still have stuffed animals in my bedroom. One is still wearing The Lacie.
6.)I've never broken a bone. *Knock on Wood*
7.)I'm addicted to cheese. Especially Brie cheese. Yum!
8.)I used to take a class to draw fashion models & designs. I miss it.
9.)I have big feet. Size 10 sneakers
10.)I love candy sprinkles. I have to sprinkles on my ice cream.

And pass this on to 10 bloggers:
1. The Green in Me
2. A Thought is a Blossom
3. City of Dionne
4. Better Late than Never
5. Ciao Chessa
6. *Insert My Blog Name Here*
7. A Little Blog about Nothing
8. Inspiration in Italy
9. Minute by Minute
10. Pink Bow

#2: This is a new one. I received the Gorgeous Ladies of Blogging Award from Miss Angel6033 @ "In Joy and Sorrow".

I would like to give this blog to the following ladies:

Confessions of a + Sized Girl
I know, right?
Getting Fit & Loving it
What a Nerd would wear

#3: I have been award the Happy Award by a few lovely bloggers. Barry@ Life in Quotations, Aquiles Damiron @ Minute by Minute, & Tony @ Nut in a Lifeshell. If I forgot anyone else who've given me this award please do tell me.

Now 10 things that make me Happy:
1. Clearance signs that say, "Take an additional 50% off."
2. Paying my credit cards on time.
3. Sleeping, yea i know that's boring, but sleeping makes me happy.
4. When I see deer in the backyard of my office building
5. Finding shoes that don't hurt my feet.
6. Hugs. Hugs make me so happy.
7. Learning something new.
8. Dessert
9. Having underwear that actually fits. =P
10. Good times, there seems to be a lack of them. I hope that changes.

Now I would love to give this to 10 blogs that make me happy.
1. Droll Girl
2. Little Mrs Domestic
3. Simply Colette
4. Secret Office Confessions
5. Three Hundred Sixty Five Loves
6. Sheri's World
7. Quintessential Quirkiness
8. "In Joy & Sorrow
9. Pizza Box
10. Secret Story Time

#5: I also received an award from the lovely ladies over at Symphonic Discord.

Now I gotta write 5 random things about myself & tag two other bloggers for this award.
1. I have a fear of flying.
2. I'm very anemic.
3. I love corset tops.
4. I want to own the carnival ride, "The Gravitron" one day.
5. I've never owned a pet.

I'd like to pass this award to:
1. Curiousity
2. The Owl's Closet

#5: Last but not least, I was awarded "The Best blog Award" by Jennifer@I know, right.

I would like to pass this award to the following 5 blogs. =)
1. Symphonic Discord
2. A Clockwork Door Hinge
3. Dustjacket Attic
4. A Daily Dose of Dieting
5. Memento Mori

I have once last tag from Ms. Angel @ angel's little secret too. I will be doing that later in the week. I think I've said enough random things for now. I gotta think of some more. hehe.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Thank you Thank you for all the awards!! I'm going to try & make the most of today. Good luck!


Angie Muresan said...

Congratulations on your awesome awards! From what I hear from a fellow friend, you are an inspiration. Nice to meet you, Melanie. Blessings!

Blondie said...

Congratulations on your awards honey! You deserve them all! Thanks for the comments on my JFK post. I tried to comment back right away, but for some reason I can't get on your blog at school. Hope you are doing well! Kori xoxo

Constructive Attitude said...

Awww thanks for the award :) :) :)

The Owl's Closet said...

oh wow, congrats on all ur awards, melanie! u're one popular blogger;) they're all well deserved:) thank u so much for passing one to me!:) i love blogging for the same reasons u mentioned. u summed it up well!

Barry said...

Sandy and I watched "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith. It's a great movie but we both bawled our eyes out. So thanks for making me smile with this. Congrats on your awards Mel (yay, I called you Mel for the first time!) you deserve them.

adi said...

Congrats on all the awards; your blog definitely deserves them!

"Life in your 20's is hard, is all I can say, finding your place in this world & kickin and screamin your way through it."

So true.

heart charlie said...

Congrats on all your awards!! I am addicted to cheese as well ;)

Heather Rose said...

You don't know how many times I've typed "Mel", moved on, and then came back and added "anie" cause I was afraid you might loathe it. Yay!

Leah said...

Congrats on all those awards Mel... you truly deserve them. You are so special and I always admire your sincerity. xoxo

Thanks for sharing the GLOB award with me. That is a new one and I'm now a proud recipient because of you. :-)

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

Hey Mel,

Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!

We all know what people say about guys with big feet. Then I ask, what does it mean when girls have big

I am just being random.


Steph said...

Oh wow, you're quite popular and admireed in the blog word- congrats, girlie! :D

Secretia said...

Thanks, Melanie! I appreciate it.
I have one thing I love and you said you love it too, "Underwear that actually fits"
I like my loose, but that's always a cjallenge, I can't eat a damn thing-ha!

Have a beautiful Sunday.


P said...

Wow, that is a LOT of awards!

Thanks for mine! :)

I've never broken a bone either, by the way! (I'm also knocking on wood!)

Sheri said...

You're welcome for the award and thanks for giving me one too. :) ::hugs::

Kate said...

Congratulations on the wards - very much derserved and thanks for passong on. I am going to check out some of the recommendations now

Kate xx

Audrey Allure said...

congrats on all the awards, so well deserved! <3

PinkBow said...

wow, congratulations! and thanks!

Pink Flower said...

Congrats on ALL your awards!

Eternal Blast said...

Now I know we can share something in common besides blogging!!!
I have fear of flying as well!!!
And is a constructive fight for me to overcome it ;-)

MODG said...

I wish these awards were real. LIke a trophy or something. I'd buy a case and brag.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Congrats on all these fabulous awards, Mel! You really deserve them. You are such a dedicated blogger and a lovely friend. :) Thanks for passing one along to me!!

Nitin said...

'light bulb sensation'.. i wonder how that feels.. congratulations on the awards. you are famoooouse.. some time i wish there was an internet chip transplanted into my brain. would beat having to type down your thoughts down every single time.. :P..given the number of mind-blasting awards .. the only thing left is the academy awards for the best blogger of the year.. i shall recommend the jury your name.. :D

Pixel Wild Child said...

oh babe! How much I understand you, my feet are rather big too and it is so difficult to find real-confortable shoes! :O)
Have a lovely monday! :O)

Little Mrs Domestic said...

Congratulations on all your awards! And I am so honored that you nominated me for one! My first award! I will be sure to mention it on the blog this week and give you a shout out... Still in awe... thanks so much!

btw... I too Love candy sprinkles on my ice cream. They are a staple in my cabinet.

Friend in Fashion said...

Congratulations on the awards - i enjoyed reading your answers :)

Cee said...

Thank you!!! It's funny that you gave me the one about the gravitron...I went on one of those once and got SOOOOO sick.

Valerie said...

Whoa! Congrats on all your awards lady!


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