Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guys Move Along...This is a "LADY" Post....

Birth Control…Yeah it’s THAT post…Sometimes you gotta have that “Girl” post & need some honest feedback. Sorry guys! 

Currently I am not on birth control because I’ve had some issues with it. I used to be on LoEstrimin 24 and it worked great for about 2 years. My boobs got bigger, I actually thinned out a bit, and my ridiculous period schedule became a reliable routine. Then suddenly it didn’t. I would be on my “ACTIVE” pills and have spotting mid second week and it would continue on up until I eventually got that damn period.  Once I think I had my period for like 20 days straight and I was like huh???? What the hell is going on here?? I was discouraged because this happened for a few months, so I stopped taking it.

I tried taking it again during the last bout of holidays and it made me an emotional mess. I have PMDD and it actually amplified it. I was sweating constantly in 20 degree weather, crying a lot, and felt like I was in a daze. I was like “This isn’t me” what is going on here and once again during the “active” pills I was spotting after a week. I would take the pill at the time I was supposed to and it would stop but a few hours later it would return almost like the active pill ran out of my system. Who the hell knows, I’m not a doctor.

Well…I want to go on the pill again because it would make my life so much easier now but I’m a lil cautious due to my past history. I’m terrified of YAZ because of all the cautions I’ve heard and a friend of mine had severe blood clots from it. I can’t fathom how the NuvaRing works and frankly the annoying constant commercials drove me utterly insane for it that I don’t want to use it. But, how would it stay in? I imagine it would be like a game of ring toss and if your bf won your in trouble. I know there is a shot you can get for six months or something but I don’t know much about it. I’m looking for a pill that will work for me and the chances of spotting after a week is feasible. 

Now ladies…I have to ask and it’s okay if you answer anonymously because I know this is a sensitive subject for people…What birth control do you use? Have you ever had a response like mine or know someone who has? Has anyone tried that Seasonique where there is I think 4 periods a year? I would really appreciate the feedback here. Any suggestions? 

Thank you in advance!!!! =)


Wendy said...

I used ortho novum (the pill) for about a year when I was younger with no issues what so ever. Stopped taking it for a while and went back on after I had my first child. All kinds of odd complications started popping up (like paralyzing leg cramps). I went off of it immediately. As far as all of the rings, inserts, etc - they weird me out. I stick with condoms, mostly because I feel everything else is a potential health hazard.

Hollie said...

I went through exactly the same things when I went on the pill after having a baby. I tried the patch too, and it was worse. I stayed off of birth control for almost two years, and then decided to give it another try.

I went through a couple of different brands (still with the same symptoms you mentioned and BAD anxiety attacks) but I finally found one that worked. It's called Sprintec. I've been on it for a year now, and I havent had any issues with it. In fact, my periods now only last 5 days, and they're not bad at all. I hope you find something that works for you! I know how frustrating it is.

k. mead said...

hey there. ok so feel free to email me directly on this if you want - kimberlyemead(at)

so - I was on a regular bc, then moved to a progesterone only pill bc of how it was affecting my blood pressure (makes it higher). Those were so stressful bc you had to take the pill within a 2 hour time frame at the same time every day or else you were not protected. That didn't last long before I wanted something new.

My sister suggested Implanon cause she was on it. Basically it is this little stick in your arm ( you don't feel it there at all) that does the job of the pills - without the worry of human error. They put it in and its good for 2 years.

the only thing - everyone reacts differently. My sister took it out bc it was making her bleed more often than not. However, the most common effect is you wont have your period more often than not. I get some spotting around the time I 'should' have it, but not always . I have gotten an actual period 1x in 4 mos, and it works well for me. I guess it is similar to Depro shots, but I never tried them. When I'm not on the pill, I'm like clockwork, with horrible cramps. this is a really great fit for me.

again, email w/ questions!


Jocelyn said...

I know what you mean about problems! I was on a Loestrin when I was first married and it took us a full year to figure out why I suddenly became such a witch!

I've heard good things about the Nuvaring though. It doesn't come out easily, even when you're, ahem, having some fun. :) It just fits at the top but is still simple enough to take out when needed. And if it does fall out, it's no problem to put back in place.

I've personally been on a generic for Seasonique for 3 years and I love it! The first few cycles (each cycle was a little over 3 months long) I would have some breakthrough bleeding a week or so before my placebo pill, but once my body got used to it, I've had no problems. It did make my period a little heavier, but totally worth it for not having one every month! I have had almost no cramps on it, and not one bit of moodiness.

Good luck, hope this helps, and that you'll be able to find what works for you!

Sunshine Sarah said...

I took Yasmin for about 2 years and it went great, then I stopped because I didn't need it anymore. I was using it for both birth control but as a treatment for my hormones as well.
I paused for about a year, then I started taking YAZ (Yasmin's "sister"). I'm taking it again for both problems.
What I can tell you is that YAZ is a better version of Yasmin and that it's considered one of the best low hormones (I donno how to say it :) ) birth control pill here, in Romania. It's considered the youngsters pill, because it's "healthier" than the rest.
Plus, my mom is a emergency doctor (they kinda know a lot about anything) and if YAZ was bad for me, she wouldn't let me take them for sure. Oh, and I started taking it about a year ago and it's a-ok.

Lots of love,

Shannon said...

Before getting pregnant, I used ortho-tricyclen lo and it was amazing. Not only did I have very reliable cycles, but it cleared up all my acne issues too.

CAPow! said...

I was on the pill for over 8 years, then I had the same issue as you: mystery spotting practically EVERY day of the month. It was HELL. My doctor switched me to another pill, didn't fix the situation. Put me on NuvaRing, didn't fix the situation. I went off EVERYTHING, and I've never been more like clockwork. No more spotting, exactly 28 days. I'm glad my body told me to get off the hormones.

cooking for kids is crap said...

I know I'm kinda late with this and I wonder if you have made a decision yet.
I would recommend NOT using the injection. It is loosely linked with breast cancer at the moment.
Side effects are different for everyone but all the people i have know to have the implant have put on excessive amounts of weight.
I was on Yaz for a couple of years. I have a reproductive issue and because it doesn't have enough oestrogen in it I was still having painful and seriously heavy bleeding.
My Gyno put me on Loette. It is a really old brand and alot of Drs look over it because of all the new fancy ones out. it is cheap and has great oestrogen and the progesterone is not high and super manufactured.
Depends on your problems but I have been on a bunch of pills and found reverting back tot he simple has pretty much fixed me.
Also my Gyno recommended that I take the pill 3 months at a time without taking the "rest". She said it is totally safe to run the box together then take a 1 week break. Revolutionised my life :)


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