Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let me hear you scream...

I’m back & ready to blog! I wish I had answers about my last post but I just have a closed door in the face. Time will tell with my job. I did start sending out resumes on career builder because that’s all I can do. I can hope I keep my job for just a lil bit longer while the whole condo deal happens but maybe it’ll push me to do something new? Maybe I’ll get that shove to pursue a more meaningful position? I don’t know. I’m calmer about it but who know? What else is on the agenda…ah yes.

This summer has been the busiest time for me in the past year but I’m back for the long haul. I love to blog oh so much & tomorrow is MY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!! I never imagined blogging would be such a great & important part of my life! I get asked this question all the time now I will answer it…

So why did you start blogging?

I watched the movie, “Julie & Julia” & it opened my eyes to blogging. I really honestly had never heard of it much. I had a livejournal that was sort of a diary so I was used to writing everyday but I didn’t expect to have this year of experiences. The connection to the outside world outside my lil county in New York has been so cool & amazing & I just had to say, “THANK YOU!!” for making this all possible. This past year I’ve changed so much & made some good life choices that whew I’m so relieved I’m not where I was when I first started this blog. So LET’S PARTY!!!

Grab a virtual cupcake & have a good time here while you visit!!

Hmmm I’m trying to remember my favorite post & it would have to be the one about the Lacie. Hehe. Remember that? I put to the challenge the whole “One Size Fits all” fiasco in Victoria Secret. Well I got news for ya!! It does NOT fit all. Big shocker there. Lol. It was so small it fit my stuffed animal bear. Here’s the link in case you missed it: Does One Size Fit All? The Review of the Lacie.

This week is going to be a busy a week. I got to go to my new condo & measure, pick a color scheme, & start looking at furniture. It’s so exciting! Today I went to the New York Mets baseball game with CJ. I got him tickets through a friend of mine who’s dad could get a great deal. He was so happy to go. My new favorite hobby is making him smile. Here’s us at the game!

Okay I’m exhausted! My actually birthday is on Saturday too. I’m turning 25! I can’t wait for it all!! Goodnight!!


drollgirl said...

i hope the job thing is going to be ok! ack! will keep my fingers crossed for you!

and thank god for blogging. it helps, right? SO MUCH!!!

and you are a leo, too?! whee! leos are the best. at least that is what i think! ha!

hope you have a good week! may it be busy, but good and fun!

tess said...

happy blogiversary! yay!

I think you're handling the whole job fiasco as best as you can. You're being smart about it, not taking anything for granted, and insuring you have a future somewhere at least.

Sandy said...

Hey Mel!
First and foremost - HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! YAY! I'm so glad we've met.

I've been away from blogging for far too long. I only today read about all the good, and not so good, stuff that's been going on.

I'm so happy to hear about you and CJ. Just enjoy it. He seems like a great guy from what you've said and you guys are just so damned cute together!

I'm sorry to hear about the upheaval at work. I've gone through that recently and I totally understand ... when you ahve a mortgage ... OMG it causes stress. So hopefully your situation will work out as well as mine did (kept my job that is).

I'm looking forward to hearing Part 2 of Chicago. Loved Part 1. Take care sweetie!

Diana Mieczan said...

Sweet dreams..darling:)

I hope everything will be ok with your job and I am so happy that you are not too worried about it all...It will be fine for sure!!!!

How fun that you are going to see your place..Yuppiee!!!

That is such a sweet photo of you two:)

Kisses and see you soon,sweetie

Katy Mary said...

Just keep your head up about the job & send out lots of applications! I'm happy to hear that your life has improved so much since blogging. Can't wait to see pics of the condo too.

Bathwater said...

I remember that controversial post where some other blogger accused me of being a blog lecher out for a quick thrill. Well now its been proven I'm a lech looking for a committed thrill.

Scientific Housewife said...

I love that movie and I am having a giveaway for my blog birthday!

Tayebug said...

I'm glad the job thing isn't stressing you out too much. I like your attitude towards it. And wow, your one year blog birthday tomorrow! Isn't it weird how fast a year can go.

Couture Carrie said...

Happy Blogiversary and early Birthday, darling!
Fabulous pics and post!


Jennifer said...

I'm so glad everything is going good for you! :D I hope it continues to be amazing. :)

Meghan said...

Congrats on your blog birthday! I am so glad to have found your corner of the internet! You are a sweetheart and I enjoy reading your posts daily!

Sera Pie said...

Good luck with the job situation, I feel you there. It can be so rough, but it's fantastic to blog and have that creative outlet. :)

PS: LOVE Julie & Julia!

bananas. said...

i'm hoping the best for you with your job and new home, but from what i read you already have the positive vibes thing going on and that is fantabulous!

happy blogiversary and early birthday ladycakes!!! here's to blogging!!!

Iva said...

happy early birthday!!!!

Kristin said...

J&J was life changing for me too! Sending happy vibes your way!


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