Friday, August 27, 2010

Omg I thought I called him the wrong name.

So my sweet boyfriend Cj that I’m starting to really fall for has one big problem. The ironic part is that he can’t help it because it was given to him at birth. His name. His name happens to be the same name as my last monster of an ex-boyfriend, the Mess, my brown-eyed Mr. Big who lead me on for about 4 years whom I still hate. Now in a relationship I’ve transgressed to calling him the typical, “Hun, Hunny, Sweetie, Babe, etc…” so it hasn’t really been an issue for me. It’s a lil weird I’ll admit but so what I’m liking this healthy relationship.

Well we were at the park last night where we spent our first date & we were laughing & I blurted out “Omg ______ your so cute”. I guess tiredness is really taking a toll on me. I forgot that they share the same name. I freaked out & was like “Omg hunny I’m sorry I didn’t mean to call you that.” Then he looked at me like I had 5 heads & was like “Huh?!?!? What’s matter??? You can call me cute, I don’t mind.” Then reality came back from its ridiculous brain fart. My heart went back in my chest & I took a breath. Sigh. I guess I’m not over the Mess as much as I think I am. Sometimes my brain will have the ex in my dream instead of the current one. Ahhhh!! I really need to work on that. It’s so over that it’s been almost a year since he stopped calling me. How do you forget someone completely when your new guy has the same name?

Hopefully this weekend I’ll learn to forget a lil more. CJ & I actually don’t have any plans this weekend so we’re hoping to chill & relax together. We run around wayyyy too much. Next weekend for Labor Day we’re heading down to Ocean City Maryland!! Should be pretty cool! I’ve never been there before! Well I’ll try to keep my names in order & I hope you all have a great weekend!! =)


Rachel said...

The same name thing has to be difficult. But I think with time, it will stop being an issue for you. So don't worry. :)

I hope you have fun in Ocean City next weekend! I live a couple hours away so I used to go there a lot. Always a good time!

Lulu said...

Loving the pics you chose for this post! Sometimes its hard to forget a past that wasn't so great. Sounds like your new guy is pretty special, yay you!!! :)

Café Bellini said...

Oh no that is a bit unfortunate! I remember dating three Williams and I didn't like the name of another serious ex. I hope that it will get better for you with time. Happy weekend!

Katy Mary said...

omg that's kind of funny but I can see how him having the same name can be tough. I think it will get better over time hun! Enjoy your weekend!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh no...Its hard with all those names...I've done something like that too a long time ago...I know the feeling...I bet it will get all better with time. Have a relaxing weekend my dear:)
Its so sweet that you really love him...awww..Love romance:)


tess said...

oops interesting "slip" of the tongue, glad its all okay

have a nice laid back weekend!

Bathwater said...

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad, you called him the wrong name even though it was the right name?

Or you didn't call him the wrong name until you thought you did.

Shibby said...

It's lucky he has the same name ha! I wouldn't worry I think the more you worry the more you're likely to make mistakes, it's only a name it's not the same person :)

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend! =)

Meghan said...

Oh wow! The same name??? That's crazy! Luckily you have the guy who wears it better:)


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