Monday, May 9, 2011

Stolen Moments...

(Some Mother's Day Homemade Cupcakes)

This weekend was jammed packed and YES I fit it all in...It was awesome going from a communion, to a Kentucky derby party New York Style, then a Graduation Party, and some Mother's Day celebrating! There's alot so here are my Stolen Moments of the Weekend:

~My Mom told me she was so happy to be my mother and so proud of me. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a huge hug and told her she was the best! I got to wish my aunt and my two grandmother's happy mother's day too. I really am lucky to have these wonderful ladies in my life! <3~


~CJ's cousin's Communion was so pretty and elegant. There was mimosas on the tables, karaoke, a breakfast/dinner buffet and all the kids were exceedingly well behaved. Cj's cousin looked like a lil princess. I remember my Communion and just loving the dress and the crown. My crown was my mother's from her wedding. Maybe I'll wear it for my wedding...~

 (This was my Communion picture back in 1992.)

~The ladies of CJ's family sat me down with their planners and told me all the important dates I need to know. They can be so welcoming of me sometimes and I really like that about them. I think I might have a new friend in one of his cousins...She's only a year younger than me and she lives where we work. I told her we have to get lunch one day soon! She agreed!~

~In other news...I'm really starting to love my new job. I was so happy it was the weekend but when I came home on Friday I had the moment where I was like "Wow this week was awesome at work because I got everything perfect that they need me to do. Hell yeah!"

~Last but not least I went to friend Erin's Graduation party. It was so nice to see all her family and it's amazing how time flies. One of her lil cousins is now 10 years old & I remember being there the day the lady announced she was pregnant. How time flies...!~

~I made a wish on a dandelion...I know it seems silly but you never know. I blew it all over my grandmother's grass and then sneezed repeatedly for about 5 minutes after. lol.

The new week is starting...I wonder what new things it will bring....I will be making Cake Pops this week so Stay Tuned for the post! 

All the Mother's in the world... 
Happy Mother's Day!!

What were your Stolen Moments this Weekend?


Lady Grey said...

glad to hear you're loving your new job!
Those cupcakes look great : )
Happy Monday!

Shannon said...

Looks like a super fun weekend. Glad you are loving your new job. It'll only get easier and better!!

just call me jo said...

You were quite the social butterfly this weekend. Glad you like your new job. I love your positive attitude.

Dionne said...

How cute are those cupcakes?!!

SOunds like a lovely mothers day, and communions are always so special.

Ooooh, cake pops! I LOVE cake pops!!!

Audrey Allure said...

Definitely sounded like an eventful weekend; great photos! Look forward to seeing the Cake Pops post!

Dancing Branflake said...

Yay for happiness! So glad you got to spend time celebrating. Knowing you love your job is such a blessing.

Bathwater said...

I think the most adorable part of the weekend was the wish on the dandelion and the sneezing fit after.


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