Monday, May 9, 2011

Messed-up Love Triangle Zombie Novel on the Horizon…Watch out for it one day…

(One of my cherry notebooks circa last year)

Ah writing…I miss you. I know I’m writing right now but I see my blog as more of a Pg-13 diary I have that showcases my randomness each day with a few R-rated twists. What I’m really missing is writing my novel and short stories. When I began this blog I had a lil cherry notebook I wrote EVERYTHING down in, including my back-seated zombie novel. I’m not blaming CJ, my job, my last health-reason surgery or the condo ordeal but there were a lot of factors that took higher priority to me than a quirky messed up love triangle zombie novel. I even had to give up my Writers’ Group because I was just too busy and too tired.

But I found one of the cherry books the other day and brushed the dust softly off of it. It was details of the ending months dealing with the Mess, my Williams-Sonoma demo notes, my blog post ideas, my dreams, and the novel. Finding the last sentence in a chapter barely finished hit me hard. The zombies were attacking and then empty space. I have a problem finishing things and this too fell by the waist line. I can barely finish a song on the radio without changing it…but all the work that was done should not be just lines in a notebook no one will read but me.

Later in the month I will be returning to my Writer’s Group. It has been almost a year since I stopped going. Yikes! I sound like I’m in a confession here, lol. I’ll admit that I’ve been a lil hesitate to even set foot in that library where the meetings were because I was embarrassed for ditching it. What if I ran into the director of the club and she was upset at me for leaving or the answer I gave for leaving wasn’t believable enough or what if they wouldn’t let me rejoin? But the fear was for nothing. My mom spoke to the lady and she said they would love to have me back. 

Of course there is tons of zombie/vampire/monster stories now but why not have one more with an attempt of an original twist? I’m staying away from the vampire deal tho…that has just been completely overdone. But zombies? Well, I think it’s worth a shot.  The Writer’s Club will hopefully give me a bit of a boost of motivation with small deadlines and some feedback from an array of different people. It should be an interesting experience this summer.

Any Writers Out There? Any Advice on how to Keep up with a Writer’s Group? 


Novelista Barista said...

so awesome... follow that dream girl!! i have always had this dream too... and i just have always claimed to be too busy to write down everything i wanted to write. i guess its really about just making time and continuing with ur dream.. thats really all the advice i can give since i havent been able to figure it out on my own either.
typing usually helps more bc its faster then writing, but i get the whole wanting to write it on paper :)

Christopher said...

I have about six unfinished novels so I can relate. I'll just get back to that later because with summer coming I know I won't be getting much writing down. It's hard!

Also, I personally can never get enough of zombies, and neither can America.

Dancing Branflake said...

Do it! And what is a writer's group? Is it like a book club where you have to keep up all the time? That would be both very motivating and also infuriating. For me at least.

Sheri said...

First, you should really start writing again. :)

Second... I should take said advice too :)

I wish I had a writer's group I could join around here. I've looked before a few years ago but never saw any. :(

Sara Bee said...

I just discovered your blog and it is so refreshing to meet another person who not only uses the word "randomness", but truly understands its meaning. I am also a fellow writer. I have written my whole life in random places and started many stories. A few years ago, I actually started a novel, but my ADHD mind of course, started 5. Similar to you, my job, infertility problems, financial issues, etc. exhausted me to the extent that I just didn't feel like being creative. I also just recently stopped going to my writing group. I am super stoked though because I have decided to the next year off from work (I'm a teacher) so that I can focus on my writing. So any advice or tips you have about writing groups, etc. I'd love for you to share. Great post! I can't wait to explore some of your older posts.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Basically the Writer's Group is every 2-3 weeks for one night where we review people's submissions for the week. It can be sections of their novels, a short story, review some ideas, workshops about character & Plot development, and sometimes authors lecture about how they succeeded. It's alot work that is involved but I would only have to prepare a selection once a month so in that sense it's not that bad but I have to keep current with other people's submissions and make comments. It is motivating but it does have some homework! =)

Krystal said...

that is so awesome that you are going back, i'm sure they will be happy, don't worry!

OneCraftyFox said...

That would be totally awesome if you actually finished a novel!! I started two... never finished one :(

Perhaps I shall have to log back onto my laptop after reading this post :)


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