Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Show it? How to show how him how much he means to me? How?

There is an upcoming date that is beautifully dangling on the horizon. CJ and I’s first year anniversary as a couple is next Thursday. Btw, Craig is CJ. ;) A year? Really? Wow. In some ways it feels like just a year but sometimes not at all. When we told his friend Dave our anniversary was coming up he was like, “You guys have only been together a year? Wow it seems so much longer.” So much has happened and honestly I don’t think CJ and I are even the same people we were a year ago. Jobs have changed, responsibilities increased, likes and dislikes have done a 360, and one of the biggest differences is that we both now have someone special in our lives that we deeply care for.

BUT, Cj has had long relationships before that have surpassed the year mark and then some; I have not been that lucky. I’m not speculating that he would be jaded or anything about the 1-year mark but I think he might not have as much grand luster about it like I do. I think it’s a Big Friggin Deal and I want to show him how truly happy I am with him. He didn’t catch on how important I thought our 6-month anniversary was and it turned into a mini fight because he just didn’t see it as a big deal because 6 months didn’t mean as much to him in the past. He said “Happy Anniversary” and brushed it off and said he’d celebrate on our Year anniversary. Well it’s a year now….

I know guys aren’t usually into that mushiness romanticism can bring, so I’m happy that he even realizes & acknowledges that it’s our year anniversary. I dropped an extremely subtle hint and he was like, “ I know hun, don’t worry.” I want to make next Thursday special for the both of us. This is my first time where I’m actually in a successful real relationship and I‘m not some secret or  friend with benefits, or a in a relationship out of convenience or a girlfriend to a guy who can never love anyone because they don’t love themselves so I want to Celebrate! But How? I have NO idea what to get him either…

I’m thinking of getting us concert tickets to one of his favorite bands or Warp Tour or something along those lines and his favorite cologne. The tradition for first year of dating is something fun that reflects his personality. Damn, well concert tickets are perfect. He’s a music guy above all else too. Is that special enough? I’m completely freaking out but that’s natural right? It’s normal to spaz on the ‘first time’ things right? Okay…*Just breathe* 

What do you guys think? What were some of your “Dating” Anniversary Gift Ideas?


Hollie said...

I'm a terrible gifter. In fact, BJ's birthday is coming up and he emailed me a link to his Amazon wishlist. LOL! I think concert tickets would be a fun idea! Good luck and congrats. :]

lil desiqua said...

A Year IS a big deal! I'm glad CJ realizes that it's important to you too!

I have been with my guy for 2 1/2 years now (longest relationship for both of us). While it seems you are focusing on him, I like to focus on doing something we both enjoy...because a relationship takes two people to work!

I think the concert would be an awesome idea! We've also gone to sporting events, Cirque du Soleil shows, comedy club, jazz clubs-- just a chance to go out, have fun, and enjoy each other's company. You can also find tons of deals and stuff on sites like Groupon and Living Social.

Good luck in whatever you choose! I'm sure it will be special!

Katy Mary said...

I like the concert ticket idea! Honestly for our 1 year we went out to our favorite expensive restaurant and had an awesome meal. I think cooking him a meal at home would be super romantic too!

Audrey Allure said...

Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! :) I think the concert tickets is a great idea too!

Shannon said...

I like the concert idea. I am a big believer that an anniversary gift should be an event the two of you can share together. Way better than just and object or a physical gift! :)

Happy almost one year anniversary!!

Rachel said...

That's so exciting! Congrats! :)
I think concert tickets would be a great idea. I used to go to Warped Tour every year. That would be a fun time for both of you!

Sara Bee said...

I think concert tickets would be perfect! Especially if it is for a band that he really loves. Not only is it something special for him, but it will be yet another special event for the 2 of you to share together.


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