Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where have I been?! Updates! =)

Absolutely. Cj was right next to me giving me my FIRST New Year’s Kiss. Somehow the New Year’s Eve kiss always ran from me years before. For 24 years I never got it at midnight. But ringing in 2011 I did get one & it was the perfect way to kick start the New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE!

 Where the hell have I been you ask?

Well when your life drastically changes in the end of the year you’re going to feel mini spouts of panic, you might cry, you could become a frazzled disaster area, and it sorta will feel like you’ve awaken from a brief coma where the whole world is different. BUT moving out of your parents’ house & having your own place is priceless. Needless to say I’ve had a few awkward days in the new place.

I was lying on my new bed(pictures are too come later this week) and I couldn’t catch my breath for a few moments. I have gotten panic attacks so I’m assuming this was one. I went into my bathroom & splashed water on my face & drank a bottle of water & eventually calmed down. The refrigerator that I thought would be a rockin blew out when I plugged it in so I had to buy a new one. An extra expense I didn’t want to pay. 
There will be 6 months Free Interest on it tho so that’s awesome. I need to buy a new kitchen faucet. It spurts water everywhere when you first turn it on. I accidentally stepped in Dog Shit on New Years Eve however I realized it before I walked into the condo. I have a bit of a keeping pointless stuff when I should be throwing it out problem that hmmm…uhhh that needs  a whole post. The complete submission to how tired I am has become my master. I’ve drank so much coffee in the past few days that it’s a lil sickening. After all of this I really needed some help.

I don’t know what I would do right now if it wasn’t for my family & CJ. My mom is going to stay home for me tomorrow to get the refrigerator. Thank God! CJ is going to help me move the rest of my stuff over from my parents & my mom is also making sure I remember to breathe. It’s all so different & the weight of all the responsibility has hit me. I even paid my first common charges tonight. It’s real. I just gotta take it tho one day at a time. 

Big changes but I need to take small steps. I’m all ready for this New Year & I want it to kick start it! I’m actually looking forward to a normal work week. Some normalcy I think would do us all some good. I’m going to post some pictures of what I’ve done soon. It somehow happened that my color scheme is cherry red. I like it very much. I’m going to need your guys help with a toss/keep post & other things I’m looking forward to in the New Year! So much to come! I'm taking the bull by the horns & pushing forward!! =)

Hello 2011! Nice to meet ya! 

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Hollie said...

happy new year, Melanie! I'm so ready for normalcy as well. The hustle & bustle of the holidays is always a bit stressful, so I'm glad to see it coming to an end.

The Shanner of Attention said...

Happy New Year!! I'm very glad you got to kiss your man at midnight. It's a big deal, yo! ;)

Lady Grey said...

Good for you, hun!
Change is good, but certainly not easy.
Happy 2011!

tess said...

Since this is the first time you've really lived away from home I can see how it would be a challenge, coupled with the normal new apartment drama (sinks, fridges, ugg). Just remember to take it as it comes, try and establish some routine (you're right, returning to work will be helpful), and take advantage of the love and kindness of your friends and family. I'm glad you have people to help you out with this transition. Soon enough it will feel like home.

Celia said...

Happy New Year Melanie! The Love and I know exactly how you are feeling. Our first weekend in our new condo... BOTH of the toilets overflowed, and we found a leaky sink like yours... AND it was leaking under the counter as well! Talk about anxiety!!!

Soon you will be able to sit back for a bit and truly enjoy your place. We try to take one evening a week to just sit on our bums and not do ANYTHING related to fixing up the place. :) Can't wait to see all of your updates and photos!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

You'll get through it! You're going through some big changes right now!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Yikes! It seems like you're being pulled in several different directions with everything going on! But I'm glad it is the "good" kind of stress and not the bad kind. Once you're all settled in, life will get much calmer and sweeter, I'm sure. ;)

Congrats on your first midnight of the new year kiss! <3

And I love that last photo. I think 2011 is going to be an awesome year for you. I can feel it! xoxo

Ashley said...

love your blog!! <3 xoxo Follow me Via blogroll.. Add my blog in your list..i will add yours!!! kisses!
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Dancing Branflake said...

I am loving this can-do attitude! Bad days come but they do not phase you!

Simply Mel said...

congrats on your new condo! So wonderful to have a place to call your own!

Wishing you the best in 2011!

Madeleine said...

Happy New Year!! xx


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