Wednesday, October 6, 2010

“She puts her make-up on like graffiti on the walls of the heartland…”

In my process of getting to the bottom of things with the condo has left me speechless & a lil all over the place so I’m going to be doing the 30 Day Journal & Truths. I will be still regularly posting as well off & on.

I’ve always loved watching the HGTV shows like House Hunters, My First Place, Property Virgins & usually in the episodes it’s clear cut & to the point. Show the people 3 houses or condos…they pick one. BUT sometimes on My First Place there is some form of drama that is resolved in a commercial break. Your heart will skip a mini beat tho. In reality it’s not as easy as it seems on TV. Soon I will be enjoying the comforts of owning my own home & entertaining & decorating, but alas not yet. I apologize that I’m starting to sound like a broken record with this but you can’t build the world in a day.

I think I need to go back to that wishing tree & make another wish! Tonight I will be posting about my Cake Decorating Class so be sure to stop in later. =) Now for the goodies:

“30 Day Blog Journal”

Day #2: Your Favorite Movie

Ah yes another question that I can’t just name one. I’m going to have to list them because there is too many I love. Just to name a few of my faves.

1. Beetlejuice
2. Heathers
3. Ghostbusters
4. Labyrinth
5. Bladerunner
6. 50 First Dates
7. Gone with the Wind
8. Bringing up Baby
9. Independence Day
10. The Hangover
11. Legend
12. The Dark Knight
13. The Shinning
14. The Skeleton Key
15. Interview with the Vampire

“30 Days of Truths”
          Day #2: Something you love about yourself.

I love that I like so many random things. I realized that I like a lil bit of everything but not solely devoted to one thing. I love movies, traveling, crafts, drawing, football, music, collecting antiques, dreaming, writing (Yes, I’m still writing my novel), painting, putting together furniture, my love for garter belts, geocaching, taking pictures, playing video games, reading &… yeah. One of the things that CJ tells me drew him towards me even more was that our conversations seem endless. There is never a dull moment. He’s like me, a man of all trades so we always can find something we can do or talk about.

I love I can still dream. Sometimes I’m too planted in reality. I see things too literally, but I can still see that fluffy elephant in the clouds & make beautiful cupcakes with different colors & imagine myself somewhere else.

Come back later for some cake decorating Fun! =)


Cafe Fashionista said...

Randomness is always a good quality - that's something I've always loved about myself, as well. Also, it's fun to see the reaction people have when you tell them that you love something, like fashion, but you're also a bookworm - people rarely seem to see the two together!! :P

Diana Mieczan said...

I love Dark Knight and Legend....Both are such a good movies...I hope you will get the condo soon,sweetie


ps: Thanks for taking part in my Giveaway!
I will be back for the cake post:)

PorkStar said...

Owning a new home is one of the best feelings ever. The process of getting there can be a lot of hard work but it pays off in the end.


DAYUM MA! You might be my "movie" sista from another mista!!

Dancing Branflake said...

I just love your movies! They really reveal a lot about someone's personality.

The Shanner of Attention said...

Beetlejuice is in my top 10 movies too! So random! Great minds, right?

Oh, and I cry every single time I watch 50 first dates.


Susan R. Mills said...

All great movies! I love that you can still dream, too. That's so important. Don't ever lose that.

Andaje said...

WOW you just named a lot of movies, that I have on DVD :o)

Kristin said...

The Skeleton Key scared the crap outta me!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

All those things you love about yourself are the exact same things I love about YOU too. Lol. Your blog is NEVER boring and the topics are endless. ;)

And you have GREAT taste in movies! xo

Dani said...

The process of buying a condo can suck- I went through it 5 years ago. I still remember all of it- and that was back it in the day when it was easy to get a's gotta be such a bitch these day. Best of luck!

Brent said...

I LOVED 50 first dates!

By the way Mel, thanks for commenting and keeping up with my sparse blog. I appreciate it and it's awesome that I can count on you to read and let me know it!

A condo huh?! Sounds like things are going a-okay for ya. I'll be sure to keep track too :)

Wild and Precious said...

i have something sad to tell you -- house hunters is fake! my boss was on it with her best friend. she had already lived in her house for 3 months... they took all the furniture out and then she "picked" her own house... the one she had already painted and moved into. :(

dont forget to grab your wiggled badge & add it to side bar or your cute awards marquee!


tess said...

Heathers is always good :)

Anonymous said...

I love 50 first dates! so funny and not your typical love story movie.:)


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

The Lambrynth is def one of my favs - although David Bowie used to scare the crap out of me haha! The Skeleton Key is also one fo my all time favs!

And those three shows on HGTV have had me hooked for the past several years. They are addicting.

Can't wait 'til it's all worked outfor you and you're in your new place :)

*Simply Colette* said...

You sure have your hands full! :) xoxo

Lady Grey said...

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

(Aw, I love that movie!)

The Zhush said...

Love your movie picks...and cake decorating class sound so fun!

Keith said...

Great post. I loved all those movie picks.

Michelle said...

Independence Day is definitely one of my faves too! I met Bill Pullman, the guy who plays the president, a few years ago at a movie festival in my town. It was amazing.

Angie said...

LOVE your fave movie list!


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