Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Every Generation There is Born a Slayer...

Did everyone enjoy my Cake Decorating Class Post? In case you missed it here’s the link: Cupcakes Galore! Cake Decorating!. It was such a fun post to write! I can’t wait until next week’s class.  I just got back from seeing the movie You Again! I LOVED IT! Total chick flick but seeing the lead woman of Alien fight the lead woman of the original Halloween movies was Cinema Priceless!  I recommend a matinee of it!  

Tonight I’m going to continue my 30 Days of Awesomeness!! =)  I’m liking doing this because I feel everyone is getting to learn more about me personally. I write about my randomness & the drama I tackle but it doesn’t show who I am as a person as much as I’d like. This way you know a lot more about me. =) Enjoy!

“30 Day Blog Journal”

Day #3: Your Favorite TV Show!

Definitely Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From 6th grade to my first year in college this show ruled one night a week for me. Angel (David Boreanaz) was my teenage crush, I was shocked when Dawn showed up, laughed at the singing episode, was SHOCKED when Faith & Kendra the other slayers showed up, cried when Bufy died & then was like wtf when she came back, loved Spike & Druscilla, followed Willow through the witchcraft, had a secret crush on OZ & Xander, & then HAD to buy all the seasons on DVD. =) I loved this show. I even have the Evil Willow doll & a stake like Buffy. I know I’m a total fan girl, but I love it!

 “30 Days of Truth”

Day #3: Something you have to forgive yourself for.

Falling for the lies of my ex, the Mess. I was so devoted & thought that if I was just there one more time if I did one more thing with him maybe he would turn around and love me & ask me to be with him. Even if he cheated on his girlfriend I was stupid & didn't care. I realized now I was a fool but one of the steps I need to do is forgive him for being an asshole & be thankful I’m not the idiot that’s on his arm now. Yeah I’m bitter & angry but I have to forgive myself because I know better now. I'm grown up on the matters of this ridiculous friendship/relationship I had with that guy. I saw the sign basically & my eyes are wide open. Forgiveness is the path to moving on. I have a new boyfriend who means the world to me & I can't be more grateful.

I also felt bad also for letting a certain friend get out of my life around this time last year because I couldn’t forgive her for belitting a serious situation & not driving me home in a time I felt like I was in danger. I thought I blew it out of proportion but you know what I didn’t. If a friend ever doesn’t listen to you about taking you home when you feel sick or in harms way…you take them home & make sure they are safe. You don’t laugh it off & pick the boyfriend  side whom his friend almost harmed your friend. I have to forgive myself for letting her go & keeping it that way.  

Okay! YEAH It’s pretty much Friday! One day of work left! Whew! =) Til tomorrow….


Poised & Pretty said...

I'm LOVING this 30 day process you're doing. It sounds amazing & lets you get to know yourself better. Keep the posts coming :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh man! Such great writing and I love the photos you got for each thought. And seriously, those cupcakes look fantastic! So talented!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I watched Buffy for a little bit but then fell out of love with it. Maybe I should try again.

Amanda said...

I love this 30 days of awesomeness! I too am a HUGE Buffy fan! I own all the seasons on DVD, I watched all through high school and part of college and totally cried when she died. Every once in a while I pull my DVDs out and have a marathon :)

Madeleine said...

This 30 day thing is so fun! Also Buffy is awesome!! xx


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