Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Will Somone PLEASE Address the Pink Elephant in the Room? Now?

I felt like screaming that today alllll day at work.You know that feeling right? When no one is talking about what has happened or what inevitably will happen soon. It's unsettling and makes it impossible to concentrate. Sigh. However I held my head up high and asked the questions I needed know about my impending termination. The answers weren't great ones but I'm less in the dark then I was on Friday. BUT there is a mini light in the tunnel. I can go back on my father's health insurance for a lil bit because I'm under 26. Whew. Thank God for small favors...So now what?

I stared at my resume & asked "What do you want in your future job?" A paycheck would be nice but what do I want to go for? Engineering? Something to do with Math? Or go back to school? Or become an Social Media Strategist? I don't know. Before I can really dive into the work force I have to come to agreements & terms within myself.

I think I'm going to take me out to lunch & have a lil chat.  Sleeping with Harrison Ford & magically having my new boss get in a skiing accident like in Working Girl isn't going to happen so maybe I'll start from square one & succeed. Yeahh. I'll do it. I got tons of great people(you!) in my corner too! I'll use my head for business & discreetly use my bod for sin. lol.

Now back to those silly elephants. My other pink elephants that are lingering are my book that I'm writing, decorating my apartment in the last few touches, some friendships that HAVE to go, the leftover Chinese food in the fridge I'm scared to even touch, my wardrobe (I realized I have to get out of junior's section), and realizing that certain people in my life are here for the long haul & it's okay to fight. Is there a spray to cure these pink elephants? Let me know!

Here goes nothing! 

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Jennifer said...

I'm praying for you! I'm sure you'll find something perfect for you. :D

Sammy V said...

Wow. great article. You've convinced me it's time to face a few of my own elephants...including the shared elephant of ancient Chinese food in the fridge.

haze said...

haha so cute! pink elephants!♥

The Shanner of Attention said...

Hang tough, little lady! I bet something even better is waiting for you in the horizon!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh I wish there was a spray! That would be so great!

Katy Mary said...

Is that pic from Dumbo?? I'm glad you got some answers at work, definitely sit down and think about what you want before sending out applications. You don't want to get stuck somewhere ya know? Good luck with the other pink elephants!!

Kindros said...

We have days like that here as well. Except no one knows who is getting laid off, just someone is. Scary times.

You'll do amazing. I have faith in you. :)

Scarlett.Adele said...

You have an amazing and unique blog. Check out my blog if you want x


Krystal said...

IT sounds like you are majorally cleaning house, I like it!


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