Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here, There, Everywhere this Holiday Season!! But First Year with a lil something special...

I love the holidays but the stress is starting to get to me. The holidays are never a relaxation time for me. Never has been. I’ve gotten used to living in a car basically on Thanksgiving & Christmas but this year it’s going to be very different indeed. I will have another person with me to join in on the madness & add another set of family members that need to be seen on these chosen days. CJ…my dear. The only saving grace is that my family & his family are all in the same vicinity. Sort of.

I’m lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents & they happen to all be in their 80’s so there is no NOT seeing them on the holidays. I have to. One grandpa in Connecticut is 88. There is no ifs, ands, or buts on making an appearance there. Then there is CJ’s family to see for dessert which will be about an hour from my grandparents but it’s back in NY so that’s cool. After that I will have to go see my other set of grandparents. Hopefully I’ll only have to eat 2 settings of Thankgiving dinners. I know I’m going to be turkeyed out tho soon after the first set. But the big thing is to see as many people as we can before it gets too late.

Okay so just writing this is making my head spin & my back hurt more. I think I threw out my back again. Ever since I turned 25 to the day even I’ve had back problems. It’s probably the changing weather or the stress is building up on me. I don’t know but I just took a vicodin so it might calm down.

Anyone else Stressed yet over the Holiday Madness?

I’m finding myself constantly clicking websites for the Black Friday Sales, making lists for gifts, checking travel plans & times for what part of meals, & trying to find an outfit appropriate to see both my family & CJ’s & I think I’m forgetting to enjoy it. This is the FIRST YEAR EVER I’m actually going to have somebody that wants to be with me on the holidays & I’m running around like a chicken without a head. I’ll never forget the Drummer Boy being mad at me when I bought him a X-mas present after we had dated a month. How sad. CJ is nothing like all the others & I want to spend Thanksgiving & Christmas with him without the extra hassels.

So much to do….2 more days of work too, thankfully. I just gotta breathe & take it slow. Remember to enjoy this time…I’m going to try. =)

Where are you going for your Holiday on Thursday? DO you have a whole bunch of people to see on Thanksgiving?

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Full Cup said...

I completely understand having a large family, with lots of people to see and speak to. It's a wonderful time of the year but also can be incredibly stressful. I always try and get a good night's sleep the night before and have some time to myself. Sometimes having all the relatives in one place asking you a million questions can be exhausting. But, I'm very thankful for them all. I hope you have a fabulous holiday!:)

Molly Jane

PS. Stop by and say hola!:)


Mo Pie, Please said...

I just finished my important Christmas shopping that had to be done by Thanksgiving. My nieces and nephews are the only people we're shopping for this year besides each other. It's just the result of a tight budget for everyone in my family. I'm kind of relieved though because it gets costly and is very stressful to shop for them all! We're headed to Kansas tomorrow and I can't freaking wait! Happy Thanksgiving, Melanie!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh I am sorry you are so stressed out but you would not be normal if you weren't.
Take it from one who use to be just like you that it will all get done and be just prefect regardless if you freak out or not. So relax and enjoy

ag. said...

The holidays are such a crazy time! I live across the country from my family so when it comes to Christmas time, it is always a struggle to juggle my mom, dad, grandmother...and my husbands side! It is always better though with someone to share it with ;)

Diana Mieczan said...

Sounds like you will be very busy,sweetie. We are spending this Thanksgiving with a group with friends...It should be really fun:) Wish you a lovely afternoon,darling
Hugs and kisses

Christina In Wonderland said...

This is the first year that I'm actually going to be *away* from all the craziness of large family dinners and gift-givings and such. I dread Christmas. And Thanksgiving is just, well, I have my problems with Turkey Day. Hm... But enjoy your holidays, sweetie, and love the one you're with! It's great to have someone to share the holiday stress with! :)

drollgirl said...

yup, the holidays can be stressful. ack! so much to do, so many people to see, and so much money to spend! i am trying to be CHILL about it, but it kind of feels like a mad race to get it all done in time for xmas. eee! oh well. we can do it. :)

koralee said...

What a busy girl you are!!!! But oh so sweet to visit your family and grandparents.

I am sending you blessing for your back my friend...not good...I know because I have one bad bad back myself...

Happy Thanksgiving. xoxoxoxo

Silver Strands said...

deep breath sweetie ... and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

btd. said...

I do hope you get to see all of your grandparents! Don't stress! :)


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