Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yes! I cant cook, guilty, therefore I go to Demos.

I cant cook. I'll admit it. I can boil water and make cups of soup, I can make simple pasta, um...i can make instant coffee, and I can make killer chocolate-dipped strawberries. My mother almost fell over one day when i started dipping the strawberries and it came out really good. She was like uhh when did you learn that? I told her about an ex-boyfriend who is now a host for parties taught me. Its my favorite thing to do. Whenever someone comes to visit me when i have an apartment, that will be the dessert. Sorry in advance =P.

But its a lil talent that I keep secret to those who know me so i can suprise them one day.

To try to change this, me and my mom have been going to these free demos at Williams Sonoma. It's that gourmet cooking store that omg they have those most gorgeous cookware. I'm in love with this mini cupcake holder.

Here it is it can be found here: Cupcakes!!

I wanna learn how to make those mini cupcakes. Watch I'll then turn into Nicole Kidman from Stepford Wives the remake with a million cupcakes in the house when I learn.

Well my mom and I went to the demo this morning and it was on Olive Oil. That sounds boring but the lady made this fresh pesto that Omg I asked for a second helping of the sample and it was soooo delicious. I went to the class on Vinegar last week and I've been living on Balsmic Vinegar from Modena brand and Olive OIl mixed together on cucumbers all week. It's something to do ya know? But they gave us little booklets with recipies and hey it was all free and it was fun. I'm not sure if every Williams Sonoma does this but the one in the Palisades Mall in New York does it.

In 2 weeks Im learning how to make crepes. I love crepes. I love french cooking. One day when I somehow get over my fear of flying I'll go to France.

I realized today Im doing the typical single girl thing. Find things to pass the time. I feel like Carrie when she was in between her flings with Mr. Big (Yes I have my own Mr. Big, but he has brown eyes instead of green). I dont have to prepare for school so yeah. Not having to buy school supplies for a fall semester is fucking weird. I feel like I'm forgetting something all the time but I dont know what it is.

Maybe I'm Rapunzel trapped in the tower But I accidentally cut my long hair and Im waiting for it grow back and Im trying to find things to do to pass the time til the prince comes or the time traveler shows up again or I can get down out of the tower and not worry about them.....



S.Elisabeth said...

Ahaha I love your writing, it makes me laugh. And the cooking demos sound fun! I can't cook either, though I try! Good luck with your Mr. Big too, btw, and the cooking classes!

PS chocolate cover strawberries are AMAZING.

KAELA said...




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