Monday, August 24, 2009

This is me surrending.

On the way to grandma's house we go! My grandpa's birthday went really nice. I was glad because something happened that put me in such a good mood!! I noticed my lil cousin weaving this string together and I was like, "Hey Ri, whatcha making?" She was like, "Oh I'm making an ankelet. Wanna make one with me Mel?" I was like sure!!...Now I use to LOVE making alphabet letter bracelets with lil beads when I was little. I still do in fact. I adored putting on my lil plastic jewelry and thinking I was a princess and pretending to put on the fake plastic make-up. For a while I made alot of lil things. Ohhh I'm so addicted again right now, I can't wait to go buy string.

So its a weaving technique, with knots to make this bracelet in my hand. I'm gunna ask Marina for any more information she has on this technique. Its mostly you pick 5 colors, fold them in half so there is 10 strands, and then you knot it at the top of the middle of them. You then separate the strings so one side has 5 colors and then the other side is the other 5 in the same color order. Then you pick the outside string and then start knotting 2 knots with the outside string around the base string whatever color that might be. You proceed to do these 2 knots for each color strand. When you reach the end of the 5 colors, you switch to the other side and repeat. It's really easy and really fun. Im really gunna try and find better directions if anyone wants to learn something to get their mind's off of things. Or Ill try to do a photo blog of EXACTLY what i did in steps. Yeah I think Ill do that when I make the next one so you can see how the knot is made. =) Its easier to show what i did with pictures.

Its all about knots and separating colors.

I cant wait to wear it tomorrow and buy some string to make new ones.

Yes, I'm trying to get my mind off things and its working so I'm running with it. I surrender. I loved and did not get that love back but a ridicolous mean boot out the door. I feel like I was window shopping off and on for 3 years and then never got into the store(aka my Mr. Big's heart). People can be soo cruel that it would make your head spin. I don't get it...but then again, who does?

On a mini last positive side note I thought I would share a pic of my lil Nightmare before Christmas snow globe I bought the other day. It's in some Disney stores, but its a lil Jack Skeleton - Jack in the box snow globe with the duck. hehe. I think its adorable. Well, Carrie in Sex and the City bought shoes, I buy toys. lol. You gotta have an outlet somewhere....Nighty.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I used to love making those, i should do it again

ambiguous_angel said...

nice bracelet..
I wish i can make cute stuff like that but im to0 impatient, i tried it and its kinda complicated..i end up paying my niece to make me

Adela said...

cute friendship bracelet!

daisy kate said...

Ohhh I can make these, they make the best presents :)
Oooh I'm gonna have to google pictures of Kelly O on that tv show, I doubt I can get it over here in the UK, but I'm interested too to see what she wears :)
thank you for your comment sweet :)

Simply Colette said...

Very cute bracelet! I never knew how to make those. Thanks for the step-by-step :)


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